negotiation: Home must Appraise at or Above Agreed Price or ....................... - 07/13/17 08:45 AM
Most markets across the country are plagued with a drought of listings and flooded with competitive multiple offers. Not all offers are created equal, the listing agent job is to guide the sellers in making the right choice.
Recently, I’ve received offers with the following clause on the financing addendum: “Home to appraise at or above agreed purchase price. Buyers and sellers agrees to renegotiate terms if home doesn’t appraise at agreed value. If no agreement is made, Buyers or Sellers can cancel contract with buyer receiving all earnest money back.”
The first time it happened, both my seller and I were surprised. The … (2 comments)

negotiation: What does a Real Estate agent actually do for you? - 08/11/16 07:09 AM
I'm so glad you asked.  Of course, you know the part where we say, "And here's the kitchen!'  because you can't find it on your own.
Most of what you see a Realtor doing is opening doors and pointing out details of what's great or not with a home.  That's 10% of it, here's the low down.
1. Give you an orientation of the process, what to expect and who does what. Explain that we have a fiduciary responsibility to you, your interests are in first place and always confidential. 
2. Search, select, and determine what works for your needs. You can ask me if I like … (0 comments)