new construction: New Construction One Level Living Isn’t Aunt Suzie’s 1950s Rambler - 02/05/19 08:07 AM
Most advertising for new homes are big, gorgeous two story homes with tons of space. What happened to one level living? Where are they, and who builds them?
There’s a new wave of builders who know that not everyone wants a two story, 4 bedroom home. One level doesn’t mean tiny house. Throughout the Twin City area are new developments in the works that include single story plans with up to 3800 finished square feet. The key is to get in early because they sell out as soon after the basement is excavated. What to expect depends on the builder. There are … (2 comments)

new construction: 400 Hours of Watching HGTV Does Not Make You a Designer - 02/27/18 07:20 AM
Our eyes are fixated on the screen, our blood rushes, and we hold our breath. Are you ready? Are you ready to see your dump of house transformed? YES, YES, YES!!!! The buyers scream, Ohhhh, we can’t believe it!!!” We cheer with them, our hearts are pounding, and we can’t wait to see the surprises inside.
Room by room they swoon, it gets better and better. The designer squeezed in every desire, it's almost a psychic dream come true. Sunlight pours in through enormous windows casting a cozy glow across sparkly granite countertops. Walls were opened up creating expansive airy rooms, clever … (8 comments)

new construction: Good News for Sellers in SW Minneapolis - 01/30/18 09:42 AM
Southwest Minneapolis has lots of advantages, and is always a good investment. Even during the Recession values held, and foreclosures were few and far between. What makes SW so popular is that it feels like a suburban walking neighborhood around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet, yet minutes from down town. There were 26 new construction homes sold in 2017, ranging in price $582K to $1.2 million. Most of the new homes took out an older home, and rebuilt. Even those tiny older homes are in demand to either be rehabbed, or completely rebuilt. Prices are inching up due not only to … (0 comments)

new construction: What’s Happening Downtown Minneapolis? - 01/29/18 07:53 AM
How would you like to wake up to panoramic views of the skyline as the sun begins to peek through your bedroom windows? How about a quick trot to a Pilates studio, and then a hop into a craft coffee shop? How about checking out a charming new restaurant with great reviews just a block away? Or, if you’re too pooped to pop, give Bite Squad a jingle to bring it to you.
Baby Boomers are flocking back to the city. It’s a surprise to see couples with a big 4 bedroom house, and acreage in the suburbs downsizing to1300 square feet … (3 comments)

new construction: Where is There Affordable New Construction in Minneapolis??? - 01/17/18 08:20 AM
First, let’s define affordable. Housing affordability means that an index of 120 means the median household income was 120% of what is needed to qualify for the median-priced home. The higher number, the more affordable. The average price for 2017 was $271,900, with an index of 170. Translated, $271,900 is a comfortable purchase for average incomes.
It seems impossible, but yes, there is new construction in Minneapolis under $330,000. Your first thought is that it might be shoddy, or in the middle of gangland. Not so.   Here’s what’s happening;      the City of Minneapolis designated 100 lots for Green Homes North Project … (4 comments)

new construction: HERS and Yours - 11/09/17 07:08 AM
When you walk into a new home, you’ll fall in love with the design, the decor, the open floor plan and giant windows. You won’t immediately fall in love with Energy Ratings, NFRC, BTUs, or engineered materials. But without those, you would be buying grandma’s house.
The Jetson’s are back. The Jetson’s debuted as the first color program on ABC in 1962. Their world was filled with robots, holograms, and exotic inventions that they imagined for 2062. Many of those imaginings were precursors to the smart homes and appliances we have this minute. You are buying is a beautifully designed home … (1 comments)

new construction: Financing a New Construction Home - 11/03/17 08:01 AM
How are you going to pay for this baby?
New construction is different than buying a traditional home. Before you get too excited shopping for a home you want interview a lender. You might not know that you have options, or how far your hard earned dollars go.
If you go through a national builder who has a preferred lender and title company, they’ll urge you to use that lender, and include some perks. With a new construction loan you give the builder an initial down payment towards construction when you sign contracts, and another one or two payments that total about 20% … (1 comments)

new construction: What could Possibly Go Wrong in New Construction? - 10/31/17 08:23 AM
Bumps can happen.
Anyone planning home is expecting their dream house to be perfect. They imagine that everything happens just like HGTV without the pauses for commercial breaks. What could possibly go wrong?
The truth is a number of things could go off the rails. I'm writing this series precisely because I represented three clients, each of whom had different problems with their new homes. Builders hire subcontractors, some are better than others. A shortage of materials, bad weather, or scheduling labor can affect the timeline. Building a home takes a village, the builder has to make sure that all the villagers are … (0 comments)

new construction: Being Totally Transparent - 10/26/17 07:26 AM
A window to the world of the miracle of new windows.
I have an older home, a Tudor built in 1941. It needs new windows. When the thermostat says 72 degrees, it feels like 65. I’m cold all winter long, and wear layers of sweaters. For a long time I thought it was charming, true to the architectural detail until I got a notice from Centerpoint Energy illustrating the fact that I was using 40% more energy than my neighbors.
First I thought, “How is that possible? I keep it cool.” Not so much, it keeps itself cool.
While visiting a new construction home, … (3 comments)

new construction: Why is New Construction so Expensive? - 10/24/17 08:09 AM
This is always a buyer’s first question. You need to know what you are buying for your dollars. Pricing is based on list of upgrades and codes different than existing homes.  
First is the land. New construction is scarce in urban neighborhoods because there aren’t many vacant lots, builders buy an old home, raise it, and start over. In suburban areas or farm country the land has to be developed. Roads installed, utilities, water, and sewage before building starts.
The way we live has changed dramatically since 2006. Yes, that’s right, 2006. Homes built today are more than 40% more energy efficient … (0 comments)

new construction: Sticks and Stones Build Your Home - 10/17/17 07:52 AM
When you’re looking at a new home most buyers are mesmerized by cosmetic charm. Homes are staged, lights sparkle, and builders want you to be dazzled. Beyond a gorgeous kitchen, generous open spaces, there is a lot of what you don’t see. Energy ratings and Green Building are major components of your new home. You’ll want to spend some time to understand the process, and why it is so special to build right now.
While you’re dreaming over the kitchen, the bonus room, and the massive family room, the builder has a set of plans, a list of features, contractors, and a … (0 comments)

new construction: Ready, Set, Move! - 10/12/17 08:39 AM
If you’re thinking about new construction, but don’t want to go through a long wait and the gazillion choices that you have to make, now is the time to strike. The Fall Parade of Homes just ended, and most builders have some extra homes to sell.
What most people don’t know is that there are pre finished homes from builders across the Twin Cities, move in ready. Instead of having to start excavation, and working all the way through a six month building process, the home is move in ready with lots upgrades from the basic model, the latest design trends, and … (1 comments)

new construction: The Dream Starts Here - 10/05/17 08:05 AM
I’m writing the Raise Ur Roof blog because about three years ago I had several clients buying new construction. Each experience was terrible. I realized that post-recession and Boom new construction were very different. One of my client’s put down $15K in earnest money in April 2014 couldn’t move into her home until March 2015. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. The lot was different than was what was described her, spring rain stalled construction for months, she didn't have access to the design team, had to do her selections twice, and the contractor installed wrong floors.
Another client was purchasing … (0 comments)

new construction: This Could be you, Keith and Angela - 04/18/17 07:39 AM
They moved to the Twin Cities for job relocation from the East not knowing if they would stay, or even like it. Soon they were nestled into a cozy rental home in Minnetonka, their jobs were running on track. Their rental was an older home, charming, but begged fixing. That's when they began thinking about what they really wanted.
It started with, "If we want to stay in Minnesota, let's put down roots." Keith and Angela began to think about starting a family, building community, making friends. After looking at a few older homes, they explored some new construction communities. The … (1 comments)

new construction: They Don’t Build them Like they Used to - 03/23/17 10:54 AM
No, they don’t. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.
As much as I adore historical homes for their character and craftsmanship, they do need maintenance and upgrades to keep them in shape. Old homes, for all their charm and detail, had few of the essentials of how we live today. They had no insulation, drafty chimneys, leaky windows, and dank basements. 
What you probably don’t know is that energy efficient homes are in two categories; 1. Pre 2006 and 2. Post 2006 built. You might be surprised that in 2012 there was a 30% energy efficiency improvement over 2006, and another … (5 comments)

new construction: 3 Real Estate Practices for New Construction - 11/10/16 06:10 AM
New home construction involves variables different from the traditional home buying. Though making the location a top priority is still one of the most important real estate practices, there are other critical factors. When hiring a real estate specialist in Minneapolis, MN, who can educate clients on what they need to know about building and designing a new home from the ground up.  There’s no better choice than Mary Jo Quay with RE/MAX Advisors.
With  20 years of real estate experience, and Certification as New Home Specialist she explains that it’s vital for buyers to learn 4 points before diving into a … (1 comments)