online evaluation: Online Evaluations Lie - 02/07/19 08:11 AM
Online evaluations don't mean to lie, but they are limited to the past tense. Data can tell you what happened, but can't predict the future or why it happened. All the real estate data takes location, square feet, number of bedrooms, and a few more criteria into consideration to come up with an average number. The key word there is average. The problem is that every home is different. Online evaluations are a starting point, but there is no one magic number. There is a price range.
Three homes in a neighborhood all built the same year, same layout, same number bedrooms, … (0 comments)

online evaluation: Minneapolis Winter Real Estate Forecast - 01/24/18 09:12 AM
Its cold outside, but the real estate market is still hot. Not all the numbers are in for an end of year report, but we have through the end of November showing indicators. Listings in Lynhurst were down year over year 13%. Last year were at a 30 year low, we’re now lower yet. Sales have to be lower if there was less to sell, down 7.4%. The average sale price is up from $282,829 to $302,517, a whopping 7% increase!!
One thing data never addresses is WHY? Other neighborhoods experienced strong gains in price in 2018, overall pricing was up 6.5%, … (3 comments)