real estate agent: 22 Things That I Learned in 22 Years Selling Real Estate - 02/22/18 10:26 AM
Between 1996 when I first started selling real estate, and today, the world has changed a lot. Technology has made us more capable, faster and smarter. My job description is the same, it's how we practice the craft that it is different. What doesn’t change is that real estate is a people business. Like an insurance ad that claims to have seen a thing or two, I’ve learned a thing or two.
Stocks and bonds can disappear, real estate goes up-and-down, but it's always there. That’s why they call it R E A L estate. It is always about the client … (54 comments)

real estate agent: What I Learned from Gwen Banta - 01/23/18 07:50 AM
Before Gwen became a Realtor, she had a past. Realtors come from all walks of life. Gwen strode in from the cat walk, as an actress/model, and creative writer to a career real estate. After she moved to L.A she found that actresses were considered old by the time they hit puberty. She was over it, so she turned to creative writing, and was hooked on real estate investing.
Friends began to ask for advice on investing, and they weren’t making great decisions. As she went through divorce, she decided that she could better serve her friends if she had a license. … (2 comments)

real estate agent: What does a Real Estate agent actually do for you? - 08/11/16 07:09 AM
I'm so glad you asked.  Of course, you know the part where we say, "And here's the kitchen!'  because you can't find it on your own.
Most of what you see a Realtor doing is opening doors and pointing out details of what's great or not with a home.  That's 10% of it, here's the low down.
1. Give you an orientation of the process, what to expect and who does what. Explain that we have a fiduciary responsibility to you, your interests are in first place and always confidential. 
2. Search, select, and determine what works for your needs. You can ask me if I like … (0 comments)