seller: Temperatures are Soaring, the Real Estate Market is Cooling - 08/14/18 08:16 AM
The spring market was frantic as usual, with multiple offers on almost every home, or so it seemed. The media was waving “It’s a Seller’s Market!” flags, and there was very low inventory of homes. Buyers were frustrated, and it was common to write at least three to six offers for a buyer before landing them a home.
In Minnesota, we have seasons, and real estate rolls with the season. If Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t see his shadow on February 2, we can hope for an early spring market. The high point of sales for real estate is usually April, with a robust … (4 comments)

seller: They Don’t Build them Like they Used to - 03/23/17 10:54 AM
No, they don’t. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.
As much as I adore historical homes for their character and craftsmanship, they do need maintenance and upgrades to keep them in shape. Old homes, for all their charm and detail, had few of the essentials of how we live today. They had no insulation, drafty chimneys, leaky windows, and dank basements. 
What you probably don’t know is that energy efficient homes are in two categories; 1. Pre 2006 and 2. Post 2006 built. You might be surprised that in 2012 there was a 30% energy efficiency improvement over 2006, and another … (5 comments)

seller: 5 Things to Know About Selling Your Home in a Divorce - 11/07/16 11:07 PM
Everyone is raw during a divorce, your lives have just been emotionally upended. Both of you have a lot to lose, and just want it to be over. Even if you are just considering a divorce, there are a few points to know about separating assets that will affect you for years to come. Your home is your largest asset, and you need to make wise decisions before the decree is finalized. In Minnesota, the law is one to buy, two to sell. Both spouses need to sign documents regarding the sale, or refinancing of your home.
Uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce, … (3 comments)