sellers: 10 Tips to know about the Minneapolis Truth in Housing Report - 02/12/19 08:12 AM
What is a Truth in Housing report, and why is it important? TIH is designed for the safety of ‘other people,’ and focuses on code items. Most home owners know that all single family and duplexes are required to provide a TIH report to buyers to review. Condos and triplexes, 4plexes are exempt.
I sat down with Luis Alcaraz of Inspectucasa who is a 15+ year veteran inspector of city required inspections in Minneapolis, St Paul, and most other surrounding suburbs. Here’s Luis’ heads up for homeowners on what inspectors look for, and homeowners overlook.
Smoke and carbon detectors have to be … (0 comments)

sellers: My Life as a TV Real Estate Reality Show Star (imagined) - 03/16/18 07:50 AM
Every morning I wake up with my head exploding with brilliant Instagram images on rehabbing houses. It's not an easy work, it takes a village. There are project plans, the decor has to be gorgeous, crew lined up, and buyers vetted. Hair and wardrobe make or break the image. What should I wear swinging a sledgehammer or showing a dingy basement? The look has to be professional and glamorous, yet with homey relatable images.
At 10 AM I meet the new couple at my office. They've been vetted by the casting team, contracts are signed, budget is set, and they’ve already bought … (24 comments)

sellers: Is It Really a Seller’s Market? - 02/21/18 07:32 AM
There were 235 new listings on the market in the Northstar MLS, Feb. 19. Total single family listings throughout the Twin Cities is over 5000, so 235 might not sound like a lot for one day. There is snow on the ground, and we’re still shoveling out, but we’re in a spring market.
During the fall I watched as new listings came on, and sold in a heartbeat. Because we have a shortage of listings we assume that everything sells in multiple offers, and within hours. We prepare buyers to write strong offers and counsel them that they might have to write … (1 comments)

sellers: The Spring Real Estate Weather Report for Minneapolis - 03/24/17 12:27 PM
January acted like March, February behaved like April (unseasonably warm, as in 30 degrees above normal), and March is bi polar. We have 60 degrees one day, and 6 above zero the next morning. The weather is still chilly, but the market is SIZZLING in Minneapolis!!!
Usually the spring market in Minnesota starts in March, but this year is started in January. No one told sellers. We’re in a drought of listings. The Mpls Association of Realtors shows that we are in a 25% decline in homes for sale year over year. And last year was a 30 year low. There is … (3 comments)

sellers: 7 Tips to Win in Multiple Offers - 03/13/17 12:31 PM
A couple weeks ago I showed a home in NE Minneapolis whose owners had spent months preparing for the sale. The photos were from last summer. That means that they meticulously planned every corner and cranny since then. There was a constant stream of buyers. That evening I received an email from the listing agent, “Thank you for your patience while we comb through 28 offers.”
The next weekend I showed a similar smaller home, and the 27 who weren’t the winner last week showed up on a Saturday morning to try again. There were 14 offers on that home.  Last week … (6 comments)

sellers: A Sellers Market isn't a Magic Lantern - 02/15/17 11:04 AM
During the real estate boom from 2000-2006, sellers got a little lazy. Put a sign in the yard, and they will come. They weren’t too worried about how the house looked, or fixing minor repairs because they expected multiple offers and could choose from the pile.
When the recession hit, even great houses sold below price and buyers seemed to triple repair estimates demanding price reductions. There was a period in 2008-2010 when every buyer wanted an $80,000 house. Their expectation was that it was worth $250,000, and they wound up buying $160,000 thinking that there was something better was waiting.
Fast forward … (4 comments)

sellers: Thank You for your Patience While we Comb through 28 Offers……… - 02/06/17 01:00 PM
Last week I showed a home that just came on the market to a buyer who has been waiting for some new options in South Minneapolis.  This home was well priced, excellent condition, and had everything a first time buyer could want. 
Of course, he loved it, but his wife was out of town, so he hesitated to write an offer.
 That evening an email came in from the listing agent.  “Thank you for showing our new listing and your patience while we are combing through 28 offers…..”
It’s no accident that this home had multiple offers. There are reasons why it happened:

sellers: 5 Things we Need to be Telling our Clients about 2017 - 12/12/16 01:34 PM
Last week I had the privilege of attending two real estate forecasts for 2017. One was with Ted Jones, chief economist for Stewart Title and Steve Harney, CEO of KCM. During the Recession I poured over economist’s forecasts and found most of them less accurate or entertaining than the weatherman. The opposite is true of both Ted Jones and Steve Harney. Though their points of view are different, each echoed the direction of the other, and it’s all backed by data. There may be some thunderclouds, but we’re in for a sunny real estate market. 
Millennials surpassed Boomers as the largest generation, … (6 comments)

sellers: MOMMY TO MOMMY MOVING GUIDE - 08/31/16 08:35 AM
What Your Realtor is Afraid to Tell You 
This guide is for you, to help you get your house ready for sale so at the end of the ordeal you still have a head of hair, and your hubby won't be convince that you're bat shit crazy.  Look at the big picture, all the work is worth it to sell your home at the right price.
Any seller can use the guide, but I have 4 kids. Three of them were under the age of 3, and I could barley catch a breath when hubby came home from a long day announcing, "Laura, WE'RE … (2 comments)