sellinginminneapolis: When Is The Best Time to Sell? - 02/14/19 09:24 AM
Minnesota has a particular rhythm unlike other parts of the country because of our weather. It used to be that late spring, May and June were the busiest months. Because of low inventory of homes to sell, buyers are getting a jump on the spring market by starting earlier. Usually, the Super Bowl signals that we’re starting a spring market. We are already in multiple offers on well-priced and homes in market condition for spring 2019.
Although sales happen all year long, we have peaks and valleys. From the chart provided by the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors you can see that … (2 comments)

sellinginminneapolis: Should I Stay or Should I Sell? - 01/29/19 10:48 AM
Elliot Eisenberg, The Bow Tie Economist, told me that 40% of homes in the US are free and clear of the mortgage. If not totally free and clear there is a whopping 45% who have over 50% equity.  Who would those people be?  They're probably Baby Boomers who've lived in their home 15+ years or investors. 
Every homeowner considers selling at some point. The question is why would they sell?  The National Association of Realtors says 80% of homeowners considered remodeling. There are lots of questions in deciding to stay or to sell.
Most people who have been in the home for 10+ … (1 comments)