trulia: How Many Houses Do You Need to See? - 03/01/18 09:34 AM
First time buyers are used to scrolling through hundreds of options on Zillow, Trulia and Some think that they need to see every home on the market to make a decision. They form a wish list from houses online, and by visiting a few open houses. There is a better way.
Searching for homes has gotten easier, but still requires a little due diligence. In the late 1990s, buyers were sure that they knew everything about a house from a 1” square photo online. After seeing a few homes in person, they quickly discovered that one small photo didn’t tell them … (7 comments)

trulia: 5 Tips to Search Homes Faster - 09/22/16 07:30 AM

It is always frustrating to find a home online, then get there to find that it isn’t at all what you expected. Worse, it isn’t even on the market because it was sold 3 years ago. The market is like the ocean, tides come and go, you want to ride the wave that gets you home.
 Use a reliable source. There are lots of options, Zillow is #1, Trulia #2, and #3. I can also set up an auto update where you can search on your own, save, and get auto updates. Public sites don’t always update a listing when it has … (2 comments)