Forbes Magazine Ranks Missoula as One of North America's Top 10 Trout Towns! Forbes just released its list of the Top 10 Trout Towns in North America - Missoula, Montana is on that list. According to government statistics, some 11 million anglers in the U.S. and Canada search for that moment of b...
Photo By Kelsey Ray: a.k.a. Krayphish - Not our dog by the way
Considering a Montana Real Estate Trade? It May be possible with the Montana Association of Real Estate Exchangers and the Agricultural and Commercial Exchangers Depending on your goals and other factors, such as debt service and income, with your investment property, ranch, bare land, or primary...
Still Think Social Media Is Just A Fad? Think Again. This video shows the undeniable revolution that is happening with social media. Welcome to the world of "Socialnomics" : Thanks to David Gibbons for sharing this link on Facebook.
Missoula Montana Free Wi-Fi  Wireless Internet Locations in the Garden City Missoula MT has many locations with free public Wi-Fi Wireless Internet access points around the city. Local businesses are starting to realize that Missoulians want their internet and they want it Free! Here is a list of...
8 Ways To Use Photos To Promote Your Business - and best of all, most of them are FREE or LOW COST! I didn't start out as a photographer, and I still wouldn't consider my photos "professional quality" although I see marked improvement each day. Since I've been in real estate, and especially since...
  Great information for Missoula & Western Montana Real Estate Buyers and Prospective Homeowners:   Dear Procrastinating First Time Home Buyers:   I know you.  I've seen you in the mall on December 23rd. I've watched you race through town en route to the airport; screeching up to the terminal jus...
All You Can Eat Fish & Chips - Fridays at O-Aces in Deborgia, Montana Looking for a place to eat while traveling on I-90 to Missoula? Or if you're hungry after skiing at Lookout Pass, or from riding the Hiawatha Trail, in any case, a great place to stop is O-Aces in Deborgia, Montana. They've got...
Has the Missoula Montana Real Estate Market Stabilized? So What's Up with the Missoula Real Estate Market? National reports show that the real estate market is improving. The National Association of Realtors just reported that home sales rose in 3.6% June, marking five consecutive months of impro...
This is an excellent post from one of the buyers we worked with recently. If you've ever wanted honest feedback on your home from actual buyers, here it is, as honest as you'll get - with a bit of humor thrown in for fun. Enjoy!  Many of you know that I recently bought a home.  And, for those of ...

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