inspection: What Are the Risks in Buying a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Home? - 02/17/09 01:06 PM
You're driving down the street and notice a For Sale By Owner sign on a house that looks great from the outside. You write down the number from the sign and plan on calling to schedule a showing as soon as possible.
Before you call the owner, you ask are there any risks involved in a FSBO transaction? The answer is yes, depending on the situation. Some of the things to be aware of include and some of the reasons that FSBO transactions often do not close include:
1.) The homeowner is often the one showing you the property. While most sellers … (6 comments)

inspection: My Dream Home Has Radon!! Tips for Buyers & Sellers - 02/21/08 07:35 AM
We have seen several dream homes with high levels of radon and have worked with both buyers and sellers through this process.
It can be frightening to have your home inspector tell you that your dream home has high levels of radon. Before you put your dream on hold, learn about radon and radon remediation.
According to the EPA, Radon is an invisible radioactive gas that seeps into homes undetected through foundation cracks, and can reach harmful levels if trapped indoors. It travels up from underground sources of uranium in the earth's crust. EPA estimates that one in 15 homes will … (4 comments)

inspection: 5 Surefire Ways To Lose Your Buyer - Common Seller Mistakes - 01/16/08 04:07 PM
In today's real estate market, buyers can be few and far between. Once you get a buyer who is interested in your home, don't risk losing the opportunity to sell by making some of these common seller mistakes:
1. Get Insulted By an Offer: You may receive an offer that is below your asking price, or may be even significantly below your asking price. Don't take offense. The buyer liked your home enough to put in an offer, so take that as a compliment. An offer is just that, an offer. It is not set in stone. It is however a … (12 comments)

inspection: Contingency Tracking Letter for Buyers - Great for First Time Home Buyers - 05/09/07 04:49 PM
 Here's a letter that I always put together for my buyers when we go under contract. This is especially helpful for first-time homebuyers who are new to the process but experienced buyers also love it. I print a copy of the letter for myself and post it to my bulletin board to track the dates also.
We Did It! Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. Now that we have an accepted contract, there is a flurry of activity that will take place over the next 30 days to ensure that everything moves smoothly. The following list provides the deadlines … (0 comments)

inspection: Tips for Home Buyers - When Buying a Home, Always.... - 05/03/07 02:44 PM
Home Buying Tips
When Buying a Home, Always..
Get a home inspection report Get pre-approved for a loan before finding a home Obtain a copy of the Seller's Disclosure form Review the preliminary title report for liens, encumbrances, or zoning which may adversely affect ownership Have a Comparative Market Analysis performed on the home, followed up by an appraisal in escrow, … (0 comments)