longandfoster: I'm Finally Storming... - 11/28/08 09:03 AM
Here's a quick review of the new Verizon Storm.  A full and detailed one is coming early next week.  Thanks for reading and posting...
I just got my Storm Wednesday late in the afternoon.  Basically it’s very good.  It does take some getting used to.  About an hour of real usage is what I found I needed.  The keyboard is a little better than the iPhone but the interface is not as smooth or as fast as the iPhone.  The Storm is a little sluggish but after a short while I really didn't notice it anymore.  It is a Blackberry and it … (1 comments)

longandfoster: Teaching about Blogs - 11/07/08 03:34 AM
I'm doing a class right now via a Webinar on Blogging.  I think its going very well.  Has anyone else done this via a Webinar or do you think you have to be face to face.  Please comment or post. 

longandfoster: Fall Back Folks - 11/01/08 01:18 PM
Just a friendly reminder to all my friends on ActiveRain that you need to turn you clocks back tonight.  Enjoy the extra hour of sleep.  
Hay Long & Foster Silver Team.  See you on Monday.  Make sure if you see me you say hi.  I look forward to seeing all of you.
Now its time for a PSA.
Please do your civic duty and get out and vote on Tuesday.  This message brought to you by your friendly folks at Mike's Blog Site.  

longandfoster: It's not Storming Yet... - 10/31/08 02:41 PM
Sorry folks but my new Verizon Blackberry Storm did not arrive today.  Ok, so how would I get one so early?  I'd ask the same question.  I can't really say other than I know some folks at Verizon Wireless.  Now I have to plan for next week.  I also have a new Aluminum MacBook Pro coming so I might write about that depending on which makes it to me first.  So what am I going to write about this week?  How about mobile device thats still fairly new.  Apple's new iPhone 3G running Software 2.1.
I received my iPhone 3G on July 15th so I've … (1 comments)

longandfoster: Audio Books on the Go... - 10/31/08 09:07 AM
Just a quick tip before I start writing my formal Technology Post for the week.  I wanted to recommend Audible.com.  I listen to audio books just about everyday.  I have a long drive to and from work and find that audio books fill a void.  I simply do not have the time at home to read books and while I see some folks in their cars at 75 MPH tying, that I won't do.  For me, I just plug my iPod into my car and listen to my favorite audio book.  I have about 200 at this point.  Most of them … (7 comments)

longandfoster: Have you read a really good book lately? - 10/28/08 04:50 AM
I  have.  I'm a huge fan of Seth Godin.  For those of you not familiar with him, you can visit his site at www.sethgodin.com.  He has written several really interesting books.  His main focus is on Marketing, the Customer and the Paradigm.  His favorite word is Remarkable.  
My favorite book, at least to this point, isThe Big Moo:  Stop Trying To Be Perfect and Start Being Remarkable.   You have to get this and listen or read.  I have a long drive so I elect to listen on my iPod.   My favorite story of the 33 is "They Say".  The other books … (9 comments)

longandfoster: Blogging Away about Technology - 10/25/08 06:58 PM
So what's an agent to use in technology these days.  I'm asked this question all the time.  There are hundreds if not thousands of vendors who will try to convince you to buy what ever they are selling.  This is not one of those situations. My goal is to give you my opinion and a little analysis of the devices I use. At the end of the day if I can help Long & Foster and other agents get the best technology, then the industry is that much better.  
Since this is the first blog (on ActiveRain) let me just tell you a … (15 comments)


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