door county listings: Getting Ready for some SNOW in Door County - 12/14/22 01:31 PM
Door County (especially northern Door County) is scheduled to get its first major winter storm of the 2022/2023 season overnight--with 4-8 inches of snow predicted and up to 50 mph winds!  We spent the day reviewing our new construction and are hoping that the crews and new buildings stay safe overnight.
Turning the calendar over to 2023 is going to happen in just a few short weeks. If you need or want to list in 2023, please contact me!  And in the event you want to buy a Door County property in 2023, we can help.  We tend to get busy again … (4 comments)

door county listings: It's still a Seller's Market in Door County, Wisconsin - 11/03/21 01:16 PM
It's still a Seller's  Market in Door County, Wisconsin as I write this post.  As we end the "typical" tourism season of late April through the first weekend in November and enter the upcoming, festive winter and holiday season, we wonder if it will mirror that past two years, where real estate activity remained brisk throughout the holidays and even throughout winter in most of the Door County market....before it rushed back to abnormal levels in spring.  Will this year be similar?  
Homes are still getting multiple Offers here, and cash is still king!  We still have some exceptional inventory, from our … (2 comments)

door county listings: 4 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Door County, Wisconsin - 08/15/21 11:01 AM
4 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Door County, Wisconsin
It's still truly a Seller's market in Door County as of this mid-August, 2021 writing, but we have GREAT news for you--we're seeing more inventory.  And did any of you see the fabulous New York Times article in the past week featuring Door County and Door County housing?  It's a must-see!!  Door County, Wisconsin is an incredibly popular year-round destination, known for our natural beauty, the arts, year-round silent sports, great dining and SO much more.  Knowing that if you live in Door County, either year-round or seasonally, you WILL have guests (who … (4 comments)

door county listings: 13 Ways To Revive A Stale Listing - 03/18/20 08:04 AM
It happens to the best of us, and to some great homes.....timing is off, or price, or maybe just a global pandemic.  But like bread and jokes, listings CAN get stale.  This is a great article showing 13 ways to revive a "stale" listing and is as valuable for the Seller as it is for their agent.
Please read the original entry below and enjoy!
Every agent has been there. You fight tooth and nail to snag a listing, spend a bunch of time and money assembling the marketing materials and excitedly publish it to the MLS with fantasies of how you … (1 comments)

door county listings: Door County Real Estate Market Update: Housing Supply vs. Demand - 02/17/19 02:47 PM
Housing Supply vs. Housing Demand
What an interesting dilemma....Door County's residential housing market has stabilized to an area that I haven't seen since 2006/2007.....demand is actually exceeding supply!
Residential homes, residential condominiums and waterfront/water view residences are in high demand.  
If 2019 is the year that you decide to stop taking vacations here and start creating traditions here....we can help.  This market update is to assist you in analyzing the spring 2019 real estate market for northern Door County, Wisconsin.
Listings below $300,000 are quite rare at this point, regardless if you're in Ellison Bay or in Egg Harbor.  Our listing at … (2 comments)

door county listings: How to Buy a Home in Door County, Wisconsin---Or Anywhere, USA - 12/29/17 12:08 PM
This may sound like a rather simple headline---but in the past month, I've had two couples approach me that haven't purchased a home since they bought their primary residences several DECADES ago.  I also had a lovely couple SELLING their first home (and they were both in their 80s, it was their first sales experience) last summer (and we sold it quickly).  Now these new Buyer families (that haven't purchased in decades) want to purchase second home properties in Door County.  This post is about how to buy a home in Door County, Wisconsin.  Our steps here will be different from … (0 comments)

door county listings: Door County Real Estate Market Update Third Quarter 2017 - 11/08/17 11:17 AM
Door County Real Estate Market Update
Third Quarter 2017  
Northern Door County 2017
We recently received approved numbers for home, condominium and vacant land sales for northern Door County for the third quarter of 2017, and that data was enlightening as we move end the fourth quarter and move into 2018.
Traditionally, October is one of our busiests months, and that falls into the 4th quarter, so expect strong 4th quarter statistics for 2017, also.
This is the data as provided and approved by the Door County Board of Realtors for northern Door County (north of Sturgeon Bay).  The data shown is the total number of MLS … (0 comments)

door county listings: How and Why We Price your Door County Property For a Sale - 10/12/17 06:40 AM
 How and Why
We Price your Door County Property For a Sale
 Door County property Sellers, I’m not pricing your property to LIST, I’m pricing your property to SELL.  This post is about pricing your Door County property to sell quickly—and why we do it—to get you the most money in the least amount of time possible.
One of my biggest fears is the Seller that comes with unrealistic expectations based on market conditions from “before” or the “expert knowledge” they have gleaned from other sources, including the dreaded Zestimate (which can be so horrifically inaccurate).  That’s the … (2 comments)

door county listings: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Door County Real Estate Market listings - 07/31/17 02:40 PM
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Door County Real Estate
Market Listings
How do you price your Door County property to sell?  One of my team members, and I found ourselves in an unfortunate position last week, and it's something we all see in the real estate market.  We all have the occasional "ugly" home in our inventory--something that is very dated or simply neglected---and if it is priced correctly, it does sell (and may sell very quickly at the right price).  
Recently I received a call from an elderly gentleman who had decided, with his wife, that it has become time to sell … (0 comments)

door county listings: New Door County listings and price reductions coming SOON - 10/27/16 09:06 AM
New Door County listings and price reductions coming SOON.  See much more and begin your search today at
Door County Real Estate Listing and Price Reductions

door county listings: Ten Reasons to use me as your LOCAL Door County Real Estate Broker - 02/01/16 05:15 AM
Real estate is all about introducing homes to buyers and sellers, and it's important that you use a local brokerage and a local real estate expert.  There is nowhere that it is more important to use a local, experienced and professional agent than in a niche market like Door County, which is divided into specific territories (Lake side and Bay side, Northern Door, Sturgeon Bay and Southern Door).  
What are the ten best reasons to use ME as
your LOCAL Door County real estate broker?  
1.  LOCAL MEANS EXCEPTIONAL MARKET KNOWLEDGE.  I've represented properties from Nasawaupee to Northport, … (0 comments)

door county listings: This Week in Door County: New Listings, Price Reductions and More - 08/16/15 03:19 AM
This Week in Door County:  
New Listings, Price Reductions and More.
Welcome to a revised edition of our newsletter, as we fight to get our Door County MLS "un-blacklisted" from a major corporation stating that our usual MLS link content (not our own web content) is spam.  This is a war on the small searches that are overrun by the large corporations that most people use to search for real estate.  Excuse this format while we work with our producer to bring back the format for that you have grown to know and use regularly.  Because of the new format, … (0 comments)

door county listings: Search the Door County MLS for Free: search - 07/12/15 04:19 AM
Search the Door County MLS for Free: It's quick, safe, easy and FREE with the search.
You'll enjoy working with MaryKay Shumway, Door County CRS/ABR and CTA (that's a Certified Tourism Ambassador). Find out about new Door County listings, price reductions, and so much more.
What's the easiest and quickest way to get NEW Door County listings, NEW price reductions and the BEST Door County information?  Log on to
On the home page, choose, homes, condominiums, vacant land or any other category.  Pick your Door County towns and villages for a condominium or home search.
Choose your property search by PRICE.  Choose waterfront or … (0 comments)

door county listings: New Door County Listing? I've got some DOOR COUNTY SELLER TIPS to help - 04/25/14 12:16 AM
Do you have a new Door County listing? Are you getting ready to place your home on the market?  Based on the most frequently asked questions about how to get a home ready for the Door County market, I've got a few suggestions for new Door County property sellers. These tips aren't earth-shattering (mostly common sense), but they are tried and true reminders of what we can do TOGETHER to help get a home ready for market, staging and waiting for the sale.
1. Selling an Older home? I'm probably going to suggest a home inspection so we don't have any … (1 comments)

door county listings: Door County Real Estate for Sale: Search the Door County MLS - 04/10/14 11:26 PM
Greetings from Door County, where the real estate market has turned quite busy with the snow melt-off.  Is the ice melting on the Bay?  Significant progress has been made.  That being said, temperatures next week are predicted to go below the freezing point again at night, with a chance of snow.
This Week in Door County Real Estate:  
FEEDING FRENZY.  That is the word we have used to describe the re-listing of an affordable vacation home on Beach Road in Sister Bay.  Several of you that read or subscribe to the website noticed it right away....and the listing broker accepted an Offer within 48 hours of … (1 comments)

door county listings: Door County Real Estate for Sale: What's that home REALLY worth? - 05/08/13 11:56 PM
Door County Real Estate for Sale:  What's that home REALLY worth? 
Our Door County market has been all over the board lately.  The majority of sales have been well under $300,000 so far this year, although we've had some nice transactions that remind us of the time-held advice:  "What's my home worth"?  Answer:  What someone is willing to pay for it.
I had a discussion with a local appraiser the other day who was bemoaning the lack of comparable sales from last spring (that will strengthen as we go into the 3rd quarter of 2013).  An agent/broker reminder, though, … (0 comments)

door county listings: SOLD in Door County, Wisconsin--2012 Door County Real Estate Review - 01/20/13 05:12 AM
SOLD in Door County, Wisconsin--2012 Door County Real Estate Review.
2012 marked what many will feel is a new beginning in Door County real estate sales.  We watched our market absolutely topple in 2008/2009 and, other than some unrelated activity, 2012 really marked what was the beginning of what we hope is a sustained real estate market recovery in Door County.
FACT:  Total sales as recorded via the Door County Multiple Listing Service topped $300,000,000.00 for recorded transactions sides for the first time since 2007.  Our Door County Properties via MLS data went from a peak high of approximately $477,000,000 in 2005 to

door county listings: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - 01/01/13 01:28 AM
Well, it's a new year, and a fresh beginning for many of us...including a few of my clients who think the grass may be greener elsewhere.  Breaking up is hard to do.  However, when clients won't listen to suggestions about pricing to stay competitive in a changing market, when five people in a trust think that a "majority vote" should be a sales price, when I can't get the money back on a vacant land investment purchased in peak market---I understand the frustration. 
In our market, a listing is a long-term relationship, with ups and downs.  Properties can and have been … (6 comments)

door county listings: Ephraim Celebrates Fyr Bal This Weekend - 06/12/12 01:28 AM
Ephraim Celebrates Fyr Bal This Weekend--and we have a GREAT condominium opportunity in the heart of Ephraim, in the heart of the action, for $249,900!
Ephraim explodes with summer excitement as the 48th annual Fyr Bal Festival (pronounced fear ball) re-creates traditions of early Norwegians celebrating Midsummer’s Eve. Artists, food, musical entertainment and family activities along the picturesque shoreline of Eagle Harbor welcome the arrival of summer. Hop on the trolley or stroll through the village and visit the many historic landmarks, shops, galleries and restaurants for which Ephraim is well-known. A signature Fyr Bal event, evening bonfires represent the burning … (0 comments)

door county listings: Selling? Frequently Asked Questions on How I will Market Your Home. - 05/29/12 02:17 AM
Selling?  Here are the most frequently asked questions I will get regarding the marketing of your home.
1.  How do I feel about print media?  Print Media:  I will do this occasionally, in high season, but I am very careful to tally the number of calls I actually get off of print media marketing.  In my opinion, my dollars are far better spent on online marketing.
2.  Do I have a website?  Several, actually---all pointed toward bringing buyers to my listings with Search Engine Optimization.
3.  Does your listing need a sign?  ABSOLUTELY.  Even in this day of electronic media, an actual … (0 comments)

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