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Michael Mahoney is Boston Realtor. He blogs about real estate in Greater Boston. You can reach him at 617-615-9435. You can email mike@mmahoney.com



  This morning I was teaching some agents about how to develop the referral and repeat customer business. One of the ways to develop this type of business is to constantly stay in touch war two creative we reach out to clients and past clients so that you develop top of mind awareness with them....
By Mike Mahoney of Remax in Boston | http://www.HomesinBostonMass.com Today I spend a couple of minutes in a short video showing what the Greater Boston Real Estate Market is doing now. If you are planning to sell, now is the time.  Carpe Diem. Watch the video.  Click the video below to watch or ...
by Mike Mahoney of http://www.sendoutcards.com/mikemahoney Send out an Expired Postcard that will truly blow the prospects mind. Thanks to Seth Godin for inspiring me with his Purple Cow book. Please watch my video below. If you end liking what you see below, I can get you up an running on this i...
by Mike MahoneyA short video on how you spend $9.80 month on SendoutCards and Crush it I did a short video for a home inspector to learn about Sendoutcards and how the could use it to blow the top of their business. The application of this technique is universal and could be used for mortgage bro...
By Mike MahoneyThis morning a woman from my kids school and I were speaking and she mentioned that a family member of hers may be considering selling a house. How many times have you heard that and not followed up on it? Perhaps you thought to yourself, "oh they will call me when they are ready"....
By Mike Mahoney   Michael,   Today I want to show you how quickly I am able to get a new card out to a first time home buyer after their purchase. I will also show you how I will be sending them an anniversary card on the date of their purchase. This will send them a card every year on the date o...
This is todays story of how I turned 1 postcard that cost me 63 cents into a 5k commission. This was a listing that was originally expired and I picked it up. Then it was taken off the market due to personal matters. Then I lost contact which we all do and then usually end up regretting it. I the...
https://www.sendoutcards.com/mikemahoney A great way to make sure that your referrals keep coming is to ensure that you are encouraging and rewarding the people who refer business opportunities to you. Entrepreneurs know that they must create raving fans in order to keep the referrals coming. I l...

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