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Sat the open house on Bravo in Rancho El Dorado. It was a nice quiet day with a only about 6 visitors. Not bad for a Thursday. Definitely met some people who were serious about buying and not just kicking the tires. Kicking the tires, so to speak, is not a bad thing. It’s a good thing, but at th...
Alright Stop! Collaborate and Listen~! Fantastic Day! Why do you say that Marc? Because guess what I did? I hung out with my daughter Marissa Dardania Montgomery. Dardania what!? Yup that’s right, after my mother. Dardania is the name of the most beautiful flower that secretly nestles in the jun...
  Top 5 Casa Grande HUD Homes!  Casa Grande Homes for Sale List         Dan O’Malley is a face I have not seen for maybe 5 and a half years that showed up at our doorstep today on his black Harley; really, he is a close friend to Karen and I did not get to know him at that time in Korea mainly be...
  Top 5 Casa Grande HUD Homes!  Casa Grande Homes for Sale List         The day was great, namely because our work that we have performed for our clients in the last few days have panned out nicely. All three of our offers that Carey and I put in on homes for our clients won. They all did the bes...
      Chip and I found this great HUD home for sale in Peoria, Arizona. This home is over 2100 square feet with a spectacular diving pool in the back, listed at $110,000 and with a little bit of an overage on the bid, Chip won himself a heck of a deal in Peoria. No HOA in a nice well kept neighbo...
Top 5 Casa Grande HUD Homes!  Casa Grande Homes for Sale List         A major debate occurred as Karen and I stood outside the ticket window for the AMC movie theater in Tempe. We could not decide what to see. I tried to avoid any chick flicks, but the ticket girl had me convinced that Bridesmai...
The Francisco Grande dates back to 1959 when San Francisco Giants owner Horace Stoneham developed the property as a spring training camp for his popular Major League Baseball team. Then Arizona Governor Paul Fannin attended the dedication before the first exhibition game in 1961, as did National...
Casa Grande BANK OWNED HOME LIST click here! Casa Grande HUD HOME LIST click here! www.casagrandehudhomes.com HOME BARGAIN PLANET! If you would like to gain access to great home bargain deals, please take a look at the above links and or contact me personally at 1(800) 545-2849. My name is Marc ...
Top 5 Casa Grande HUD Homes!  Casa Grande Homes for Sale List         It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine…. Sounds like a lyric. It is. REM wrote that and it was playing in my head throughout the day. But I didn’t believe it. I think we like to be entertained by calamity, des...
Top 5 Casa Grande HUD Homes!  Casa Grande Homes for Sale List         Brandon Montgomery achieved the next belt which is white/orange. This belt’s color means,"The sun is beginning to rise. As with the morning's dawn, only the beauty of the sunrise is seen rather than the immense power." Brandon...

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