business tips: The Even Bigger Losers!!!! - 03/16/11 05:29 PM
You will be amazed to learn the number of salespeople who do not follow up. They get a lead, send one e-mail or make one call and then report that the prospect didn't get back to them. Some will try again, but after the second attempt they give up. People are busy and they may not necessarily need your service this minute, but you need to be in their eyes when they need you. Don't be a pest, but be persistent and provide valuable information they can use as means to stay in front of them so they remember you. Many … (9 comments)

business tips: How to be a Successful Realtor? - 02/17/11 05:38 PM
 Streamline your work and get on the fast track of your profession this Spring.
Every Realtor in our small world is a small business. Real estate agents work for a broker, but are independent, commissioned sales people. This means that you are a small business and must run your practice as a full core business. Again, remember we are a small business owner. Adopt a Planning Attitude. If you don't have a plan, then you are on someone else's plan - usually the successful real estate agent's. During the last 11 years, what I have learned is that most people place … (6 comments)

business tips: Golden Quotes! - 02/07/11 11:36 AM
I read these famous quotes about business and wanted to share with all fellows; I hope you all enjoy it and pass it on!!!!!!!
"A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large." - Henry Ford
"By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day." - Robert Frost
"Never burn bridges. Today's junior jerk, tomorrow's senior partner." - Sigourney Weaver
"The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows." - Aristotle Onassis
"It is difficult, but not … (0 comments)

business tips: What would you call it? frustration? - 02/04/11 05:13 PM
I am working with a friend for almost two years to find him a house. I gave up on him a couple of times due to his penny-pinching nature but his wife always pushed him to buy a house and I had no options but to keep looking for their dream house. Recently I found a newer and beautiful Victorian style colonial REO property for a price $100K less than they were looking for. The offered bank $20,000 below the asking price. Bank countered that with $5,000 over the offer. The Buyer refused to pay $5,000 and preferred to walk out of the deal.
Muhammad Mushtaq … (11 comments)

business tips: What, A Reverse Offer? - 02/03/11 11:19 AM
This is an offer from the Seller to Sell and a Buyer to buy with a lower then market price and added incentives like paying some or all of the buyer's closing costs, buying down the buyer's interest rate by paying for points, paying for HOA dues or fees or even throwing personal property like flat-screen TVs, cars or other valuables to sweeten the deal.
 Are these styles of activities happening in your market and if yes, are they legal?

 Muhammad Mushtaq Principal Broker and Realtor (MA & RI) REO Default Certified Professional (RDCPro) Loss Mitigation Certified Professional (LMCPro)
S.B & … (0 comments)

business tips: A new dawn for already booming industry. - 01/30/11 02:09 AM
With the latest innovations and gadgets credit cards may soon be as outdated as vinyl records. 2011 is the year that a slow, steady march to oblivion begins.
You can already use your iPhone, Droid or BlackBerry to buy a hotdog at the ballgame, buy your Starbucks latté, or give a friend a few bucks by Bumping phones and by the end of the year you may not even think twice about reaching for your phone to pay at the register instead of fumbling for your credit card.
Companies including Visa, MasterCard, Google, Bank of America, Citi and U.S. Bank are … (0 comments)

business tips: 2011’s Top New Cars - 01/28/11 04:07 PM
Want a quick peek at this year's hottest new cars? Here's some of the best 2011 has to offer.
Hybrid VehiclesIn a year full of surprises in the automotive world, Motor Trend declared the all-new Chevrolet Volt "Car of the Year." The highly anticipated hybrid starts at $40,280 and offers technologically advanced features and amenities with style, comfort and safety to spare. It operates in either full-electric or gas/electric modes so efficiently that conventional mileage ratings go out the window, though preliminary testing has generated a 70-plus MPG range. Other hot hybrids include the sporty new Lexus CT, 206-horsepower Hyundai Sonata … (7 comments)

business tips: First Time Homebuyers' Common Mistakes - 01/26/11 04:57 PM
First-Time Homebuyer Common Mistakes. There are many but top of the list are; They don't ask enough questions of their lender and miss out on the best mortgage deal. They don't act quickly enough to make a decision and someone else buys the house they loved. They don't find the right agent whose willing to help them through the homebuying process. They don't know enough to make their offer look good to a seller. They don't think about resale before they buy. The average first-time buyer only stays in a home for four years. As their Realtor, it is your responsibility to … (4 comments)

business tips: Importance of an Open house for Realtors - 01/24/11 01:32 PM
When someone hire a real estate broker to sell their home, one of the first things he'll likely suggest is hosting open houses so potential buyers can casually check out property on a weekend afternoon. While open houses are promoted as a great way of finding buyers, a National Association of Realtors study found that their success rate is a mere 2%.
Having an open house serves an important purpose for brokers, it gives them a database of clients. Open houses are source for cheering new potential clients want to buy and/or sell something. All are perfect pickings for a broker … (0 comments)

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