the market: I Will NOT Work Foreclosures - Ever Again! - 11/05/10 10:03 AM
I made a big decision this week - and I wanted to share it with my friends on The Rain that perhaps share the same character flaw as I do: confusing 'busy' with 'productive'. I know - I know... I have been doing this way too long to make that mistake - but I made it in SPADES these past 12 - 18 months or so.
Instead of focusing 100% of my activities on my core business - which got really meager these past couple of years - I decided to 'supplement' with other activities. I began chasing around on all … (5 comments)

the market: Work By Referral? What They Won't Tell You! - 09/19/10 03:49 AM
I'm wondering if you are where I was at the end of 2008:
Are you finding that your ‘sphere of influence' is no longer able to provide you with all the leads that you need?  Do you feel like you've been beating your head against the wall just trying to put SOMETHING together?   Do you feel like you are struggling with old, worn-out strategies that have simply lost their effectiveness in today's economy?  Are you ready to make some dramatic changes in how you do business? If you said yes to any of those questions, then you must join us on our next free webinar: 
Attract … (3 comments)

the market: Stop Buying Back Your Leads From 3rd Party Vendors! - 05/20/10 06:56 AM
Did you know that there are companies that aren't even IN the real estate business capturing real estate leads off the internet - and then selling them back to you? Companies like Angie's List, Sawbuck, Red Fin, Zip Realty - just to name a few - and many, many others,
And since these companies aren't even IN real estate...
Our industry has known for a long time that most consumers begin their search on-line - not just for real estate, but for … (5 comments)

the market: If The Day You Stop Selling Is The Day Your Income Stops, You MUST Read This... NOW! - 03/24/10 01:41 AM
I have been on a rant lately. I'm sure those of you who have been following me are wondering, "What the #!%$ is she on about?"
Well - here's the thing: I have been selling real estate for 30 years. THIRTY YEARS!! And the reason I have been on such a rant is because...
...the day I stop selling real estate is the day I stop making money!
As much as I love selling real estate, I am fast approaching an age and a point where I can see that I won't be able to keep doing this forever- certainly not for another … (5 comments)

the market: Prospecting: It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore - 03/17/10 09:50 AM
I was at a Top Producer Panel breakfast this morning. You've been to these kinds of things, right? The organizers pick a couple of high profile 'top producers' and put them on the hot seat to answer questions about what they have done to be successful, how they got there, etc.
One panelist talked about the primacy of prospecting - and though I don't think most people in the room wanted to hear that - it was probably the single most important thing that was said the entire morning.
When times were good, we could spend our days hand-holding the transactions and the … (77 comments)

the market: 6 Things You MUST Do To Survive This Market - 04/15/09 03:34 PM
Whether or not you realize it, as a licensed real estate agent, YOU are an entrepreneur. An excellent resource for entrepreneurs is Inc. Magazine. My latest copy arrived in my mailbox last week. 
The cover article is an interview of Jim Collins - author of Good To Great and Built To Last. What's fascinating is that he is passionate about entrepreneurs and views those two books as being about entrepreneurship - even though the subject matter is huge, publicly traded companies. 
The interview outlines some key evolutions through which entrepreneurship has progressed since 1979 - the year of Inc. Magazine's first … (7 comments)

the market: Is There An MLS For Buyers? - 03/11/09 10:37 AM
One of the first things we learn as a REALTOR is how to use the MLS, no? And I'm sure you will agree it is a huge resource for us. The challenge is that, even though it gives us all sorts of great information about sellers and their properties, it doesn't give us a lot of direct information about buyers. And in today's market, we need to know about buyers more than ever!So what is a "super ninja" tool we can use to research what buyers are doing and what buyers want? Previously, when the market was hot, attracting buyers was … (11 comments)

the market: Facebook For Business - 3 Leads In 15 Minutes! - 03/01/09 01:43 AM
Put Social Media to work for you NOW. Ramona S., a Chicago REALTOR, noticed a significant buzz around the homebuyer tax credit. She decided to post a short comment on her Facebook wall about the tax credit inviting any questions be sent her way. She was shocked when, in less than 15 minutes she received 10 requests for more information and 3 leads. One was from someone she didn't even know who was out-of-area and which resulted in a referral.
"I can't remember the last time I got 3 leads in one day - let alone 15 minutes!" Ramona said.The number one rule in … (13 comments)

the market: Defeated By The Market? Take A Tip From Wayne Gretzky - 02/27/09 05:05 PM
Despite his unimpressive stature, strength and speed, hockey hall of fame great Wayne Gretzky was unrivaled in his execution of the game. He was most famously known for consistently being able to anticipate where the puck was going.  As a result, he was able to execute the right move at the right time. 
Similarly, today's top achievers do five things to "skate" to where the market is going. 
1)      Top Achievers adjust who their "ideal prospect" is:
Much of the traditional real estate market segment  - the move up or move down buyer - is not active in today's market. The … (9 comments)

the market: 5 Reasons You Will LOVE Social Media Marketing - 02/22/09 10:49 AM
If you're having fun in the Social Media playground and effectively using it to promote your business, then you probably love it for as many reasons as I do. If not, you are really missing out. Social Media Marketing is hands down the best thing that has happened to my business in a long time. Check out 5 of my reasons I absolutely love it and see if you don't agree with me.
1) I love Social Media Marketing because of Instant Distribution:
I can share information with hundreds even THOUSANDS of people INSTANTLY - while it's still news! By … (6 comments)

the market: “Three Leads in 15 Minutes!” Social Media Marketing Can Really Help Your Business. - 02/10/09 11:57 PM
New Market Leaders is already making a difference to the businesses of our club members! 
After listening to our tele-class "Content is King", Ramona Sivulich., a Chicago REALTOR with Prudential Preferred, posted a short comment on her FaceBook wall about the proposed $15,000 tax credit before Congress right now. She was shocked when, in less than 15 minutes, she received 10 requests for more information and 3 leads - one of which needed to be referred to an out-of-area agent.  
"I can't remember the last time I got 3 leads in one day!" Ramona said. 
How did that happen? What did … (3 comments)

the market: Use Social Media To Weather The Storm - 02/04/09 09:48 AM
Are your current marketing strategies not producing enough leads? Has income been sliding? Overhead exceeding income? Struggling just to make ends meet?No one adopts new strategies if the old ones are working. A quote from Abe Lincoln seems particularly pertinent to our current environment:   "The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew."What a great nickname: "Honest Abe" - especially coming from Illinois - home of impeached governors. Honest Abe, of course, was talking about the Civil War and preserving the … (10 comments)

the market: Obama's Marketing Magic - 01/16/09 04:50 PM
Whether or not you are an Obama supporter, his campaign proved one thing - his campaign's marketing strategies worked like magic!Obama literally came from "nowhere" to become Leader of the Free World.I don't know about you, but I've been working really hard the past 12-18 months - and making less. I'm all about using whatever will work. Aren't you?Einstein said, "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."In these challenging times, "business as usual" just doesn't cut it.  It's going to take a different way - a NEW way - of thinking about … (4 comments)

the market: "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?" - 01/16/09 04:34 PM
There is no question about it. We are a country in trouble. I don't like giving Sarah Palin credit for much of anything - but her infamous interview with Katie Couric was right on point about one thing: it is all about job creation. Is Obama the new FDR? Is he going to put everyone back to work on WPA projects? Will Congress allow him to put us further into debt (or print more money) to make that bold move? Will we as a nation give them the authority to do so? I was out showing property today. Every single property we … (4 comments)

the market: "Bail Out" Frenzy - What, Me Worry? - 10/02/08 01:35 AM
OK, I'll play: I'll throw my hat into the bail-out frenzy ring. I HAD been in favor of the "bail out" (not sure "bail out" is actually accurate terminology). However, it looks like the Senate has managed to throw in some of their pet projects - I suppose so they can go back to their constituents 4 weeks before election with some hope of actually GETTING re-elected. Those of us out on the streets meeting the consumer know that SOMETHING must be done. But after reading this "Open Letter to Congress" (see below), I'm having serious second thoughts. What? You mean … (0 comments)

the market: The Real Estate Boom - 09/21/08 07:30 AM
I was listening to a teleseminar last night on REO's (bank owned real estate). The speaker, (who is an REO specialist and has been doing REO's since 2000) cited a study done by Credit Suisse 1st quarter 2008 on foreclosure trends. In this study, they predict that 1 out of every 8 homes will end up in foreclosure in the next 5 years!He went on to cite a pool of loans made by Washington Mutual made in July '07. Out of nearly 1800 loans, by Feb '08 - 7 months later - over 6% were 30 days delinquent, 4% were 60 days delinquent, … (2 comments)

the market: Financial Markets Melt-Down - 09/19/08 11:58 AM
Well, there isn't a soul that I've spoken to that isn't scared to death of what's going on in the financial markets - as well they should be!!For those who don't panic and are prepared, there has never been a better time to fortify your financial fortress. Do you actually think for one minute that Barclays isn't utterly ecstatic about the deal they made on purchasing Lehman Bros! This is the kind of market where fortunes are made or lost. It's no time to run and hide. If you can keep your head about you while others all around you are losing theirs, you can truly lock … (0 comments)

the market: The Shocking Truth About Pre-Foreclosures! - 09/14/08 03:20 AM
A VERY hot "deal" that everyone is jumping onto these days is pre-foreclosure properties - also known as a "SHORT SALE". There are a ton of seminars, speakers, and classes on how to 'do' a short sale. Here's a news flash:
 The only people making money on short sales are the ones selling the seminars! 
Here's what happens: for whatever reason, the homeowner can't make his mortgage payments anymore. Ultimately, the bank will foreclose - but that's a long, drawn out process that can take up to a year. In the meantime, the homeowner retains control of the property and can sell … (0 comments)

the market: "Income For Life" - 09/08/08 03:59 AM
Over the past 5 years or so, I have noodled around with different notions on how to help my clients invest shrewdly yet prudently in real estate. Believe it or not, when the market was so hot, it was difficult to find a "good deal". Apartment buildings were just ridiculous expensive. The prices at which they were selling had no basis in the amount of rents they were getting. That's because condo developers seemed willing to buy them at any price. Yeah, the condo market was blistering. Even so, I don't know how those guys made money. You know - the old "supply and demand" … (2 comments)

the market: Navigating The Turmoil of the Financial Markets - 08/07/08 03:55 AM
It is difficult to find any bright spots in the economic news these days. How does that Rudyard Kipling poem go? "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs..." For those who don't panic and are prepared, there has never been a better time to fortify your financial fortress. Interest rates are still at historic lows. Now is the time to lock in those fixed rate mortgages. It seems certain that interest rates can only climb. And, even though housing prices may not have yet hit bottom, it also seems certain that we're hovering there. The … (3 comments)

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