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I have a little tip for those of you who want to add something different to you blogs.  It is a free Survey tool called  This is a pretty cool way to add a survey to your blogs and it is really easy to use.  All you do is set up an account, and start putting together your survey...
This is going to be a weekly series about the dirty little secrets the Internet may be hiding about you. This subject is so in-depth and interesting (at least to me) that I could write a a Blog a day about it. But who really has the time? Instead I am going to uncover all of the little known secr...
I received a phone call last night from a desperate and potential client who was beside himself about his SEO. In order to save a few bucks, he hired an SEO firm from India. It seems that SEO firm from India did more than redefine the SEO experience...they redefined the English language as well. ...
I recently received some email from a couple of "SEO Gurus" who took offense to a blog I recently did about the cost of SEO.  Now I am not sure who declared these gentlemen SEO Gurus but I know it was not me.  The problems they have with me are the statements I made about the cost of SEO. There s...
So by now you should have talked to your Broker and a few more experienced Real Estate Agents and have a good idea of how they came up with their marketing budget.  You should have been able to figure out how much you can budget each month and where each dollar is going.  Now comes the easy part ...
This is a question that can only be answered by you.  Like most hardworking Real Estate Agents I am sure you have a set dollar amount each month for advertising.  You may have a set dollar amount that does not change or perhaps you do a percentage of your income.  Either way you need to have a se...
How much should SEO cost?  I heard that question the other day from my friend Jim who is a local real estate agent in my old home town.  Now being the clever guy I think I am, I paused for a moment to give the impression that I was in deep thought, because Jim is very impressed by deep thinkers. ...
I ran across an interesting article today that made a very striking claim about the new web browser by Google called Chrome.  The author claimed that everything he typed into the address box while using Chrome was sent back to Google.  He was making the statement that it looked to him as though G...

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