selling a home: How To Prep For A Home Inspection - 05/21/24 10:34 AM
Are you getting ready for a home inspection?It’s a crucial step in the home buying or selling process.You can help the inspector out by doing the following:☑️ Make sure if you have a padlock on the electrical box, unlock it.☑️ Make sure side gates are unlocked.☑️ Make sure it Is easy to get into the attic access.☑️ Make sure if you have a crawl space, it's easy to access also.→ What to Expect:During the inspection, a qualified home inspector will thoroughly examine:☑️ The exterior, interior, roof, foundation, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and appliances.Additionally, the inspector will be on the lookout for any … (1 comments)

selling a home: What Happens If My Home Doesn't Sell? - 05/16/24 01:59 PM
First, take a breath. It will be okay!💻 You can reassess your marketing strategy💰 Also, consider adjusting the priceIt’s important to work with your real estate agent to address any potential issues.👉 Remember, the right buyer is out there, and with patience and perseverance, you’ll find them.Stay positive and keep working towards your goal of selling your home!If you are considering selling, 💬 comment “GUIDE” and I’ll send you my home selling packet with all the details 👇#realestate #sellertips #sellingahone #listingagent #elkgroverealestate ##sacramentorealestate #realtor 

selling a home: 5 Signs It's Time To Sell - 03/15/24 11:56 AM
If you’re considering selling but not quite sure, here are 5 signs that might indicate it’s time to take that next step 👇➡ If your current home doesn’t quite match your lifestyle anymore, it might be a sign to consider selling. Maybe your family is growing, or you’re now an empty-nester looking for something cozier.➡ Do you often find yourself bumping into furniture or wishing for more storage? If your home is starting to feel a little cramped, that’s a signal it could be time to move on to a bigger place where you can stretch out and breathe freely.➡ If … (3 comments)

selling a home: February Is A Great Time To Move - 02/06/24 11:37 AM
February is a great time to move for so many reasons! → Start before the Spring rush. The real estate market often picks up in spring, and having your home on the market early may attract more potential buyers. And if you’re a buyer – you’ll have less competition now!→ With fewer transactions occurring, the mortgage approval and closing processes may move more quickly. This can result in a faster and smoother transaction for both buyers and sellers.→ Some buyers may receive tax refunds in February, providing them with additional funds for a down payment or closing costs. While these factors … (1 comments)

selling a home: How To Deal With A Loved One's Real Estate - 01/25/24 12:43 PM

Your loved one has passed away and you are grieving and you have to deal with Real Estate. Now what? There's so much to consider and of course you don't feel like it. If you're the one that's left responsible for the estate you mostly likely have to deal with it. I had to do this twice in 2021 myself for my family. It's not easy, it's stressful and you need help .
Since that time, I have helped many, many families in the same situation. Things to think about...
1️⃣ Is the property in a trust? If it is, what … (2 comments)

selling a home: Mistakes to Avoid When Selling During a Divorce - 11/15/23 08:44 AM

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Yikes. Selling a house AND going through a divorce at the same time? You’d be surprised at how often that happens.
Here are a few tips to make this process as smooth as possible. Rushing to sell can be a big mistake: First and foremost, don't rush! Panic selling often leads to undervalued homes and a loss of money in your pocket. Give yourself time to understand the market and don’t push things too fast.
Don’t ignore emotional attachments: Remember, it's not just a house—it's your home. But letting emotions … (3 comments)

selling a home: 10 Top Deal Breakers For Homebuyers - 10/27/23 11:43 AM

By popular vote, here are the things that you absolutely will not stand for when buying a home.
The truth is, most homebuyers actually don’t mind buying a fixer-upper. They are okay with putting some TLC into a home they plan to stay in for a while. But they can only tolerate so much, which means there are some things when looking for a house that are instantly going to turn them off.
If you’re in the market to buy in the next several years, keep an eye out for these issues when house shopping. And if you’re selling, make sure your property … (2 comments)

selling a home: 3 Things You Should Expect From A Top Realtor - 10/02/23 12:48 PM

Selling your home is a big deal, and hiring the right listing agent can make a big difference!  You want to make sure and hire a top listing agent in your market, so you need to be able to tell the difference between a GOOD agent, and a GREAT one!  Find out what makes the difference in the video!
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selling a home: Just Sold this Elk Grove home - 09/11/23 01:26 PM
I just sold this Elk Grove home for 2 wonderful sisters.  They had inherited their mom's home when their home passed away.  Unfortunately, mom really hadn't done any cosmetic work on this home in the past 20 years.  She did have the HVAC system and water heater updated, but that was really it.  
We could have sold this home as a fixer upper and would probably have sold it for somewhere between $430,000 and $450,000.  However, I recommended we do some cosmetic work and they truly wanted to put their mom's house on the market in it's best light.  
They hired … (2 comments)

selling a home: An inspection BEFORE the inspection? Say YES! - 09/08/23 11:37 AM

Want to be confident that you’ll sell your home?
Here’s a hack... Get a pre-selling home inspection. This is an inspection that you get, as the owner of your home, before you put it up on the market. It gives you an insight into any potential pitfalls down the road as you begin negotiating with buyers. There are, of course, some pros and cons to this.
The pros? You get a really good idea of what the buyer’s inspection is going to look like. This means you can get potential repairs done on your house before you even put it up for sale, … (3 comments)

selling a home: Can you Trust a Zestimate? - 09/05/23 10:44 AM

Can you trust a Zestimate? We’ve all seen the Zestimate. It’s Zillow’s estimation of your home’s worth. You can look your home up on Zillow and see this number right now! But is it even accurate? Can you trust it, especially in a market as volatile as this? Zillow gets that estimation from an algorithm it’s developed that looks at many factors, including the recent sale of homes in your area. And, to be honest, it’s gotten a LOT better over the last few years, mainly because Zillow has amassed more and more data points on homes in every city. But the reality … (3 comments)

selling a home: Overlooked Details When Selling Your House - 08/30/23 10:10 AM
When it comes to selling a house, getting to closing day is like getting to the finish line of a full marathon. FINALLY! You are exhausted, but feeling accomplished because of all the hard work you put in for months prior.
There are plenty of BIG decisions and steps that need to be taken, but it’s the little things that often get missed. Here are a few commonly missed details when moving out of your house.
1. Switch your utilities.  While this won’t get missed for long, its important to remember that you need to initiate the process of switching some utilities about … (6 comments)

selling a home: The 3 Most Expensive Counties in the US - 08/29/23 09:28 AM
The 3 Most Expensive Counties in the US
Here are the 3 most expensive counties in the US.  #1 was actually kind of surprising! #3 is Marin County, California. Marin County sits just north of San Francisco on the Pacific Ocean and west of Napa Valley. It’s this geographic location that contributes to it being one of the most affluent counties in the country. Marin has a high-paying job market and a large retired population with significant wealth which makes it a very expensive place to live. #2 on the list is Santa Clara county, California. Santa Clara county houses the city of San … (11 comments)

selling a home: 2643 16th St. Duplex SOLD by Lori Mode - 06/21/19 10:43 AM

Duplex in Land Park!
SOLD in 6 Days!! Contact The Mode & Durham Team for a list of Active Properties
2643 16th St. Sacramento CA 95818
Duplex Each Side: 1 Bed | 1 Bath | 630 SF | 1932
Vintage charm pouring out of this duplex in the heart of Land Park! Each side has cozy family room with fireplace, large kitchen, full bath, and bedroom. Built-in's galore to fill with treasures! Gleaming hardwood floors, brand new windows, crystal door knobs, and so much more! The cutest back patio with shade, geraniums, and detached garage. Walk to a range of dining, shopping and … (0 comments)

selling a home: Listing your home during the holiday season - what you should know - 11/09/09 12:57 AM
The holiday season is quickly approaching and often times this time of year, sellers start thinking they should wait until spring to put their home on the market.  I don't believe that the holiday season is a bad time of year to sell your home.  Quite the contrary, it can be an excellent time to list and sell your home. 
Here are 10 very good reasons why the holidays are a great time to list your home.

•1.       Buyers who look for a home during the holidays are much more serious buyers.
•2.       Homes show better when decorated for the … (3 comments)

selling a home: The Questions Sellers Must Ask During a Listing Presentation - 08/12/08 05:05 PM
This evening I was showing one of our listings and the prospective buyer after deciding they are interested in my listing, started asking me about selling their current home.  They had their home on the market previously with another agent for 6 months and felt they had made a mistake.  They want to interview agents this time so that they do not make the same mistake.  I strongly encourage all buyers and sellers to interview agents before making a decision. 
This couple said that they didn't know what to ask the agents during the interview process, so I suggested that I … (7 comments)

selling a home: Google Maps Street View has come to Sacramento - 08/08/08 03:55 AM
This is so cool!  I remember when Google Maps Street Views were launched in other parts of the country, but now Street Views has come to Sacramento and Elk Grove! 
Street Views allows you to go to a particular street and see a 360 degree street view of any particular street that has been map enhanced in this way.  Once you put an address into Google Maps  You then input the address and of course, a map pops up.  If it has a street view button then it has been enhanced with street views.  Click on it. 
Here is the street … (4 comments)

selling a home: Are you succeeding in a buyer's market? - 06/20/08 06:32 PM
This was the topic of the day we spent with Rick Geha of Keller Williams Realty,
in an incredible class in Sacramento, CA.  The title of the class was "Seller Mastery: Succeeding in a Buyer's Market - Getting Listings Sold & Keeping Sellers Happy"; a Keller Williams University class taught by Master Faculty member Rick Geha, who teaches from knowledge and experience.
This was a great class and it amazes me that every time I attend one of Rick's classes, I gain so much more knowledge.  I just want to share a few of things I learned today or a … (6 comments)

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