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Successful Real Estate agents know that prospecting daily for new listings is an important ingredient to their success. In the Mojo Dialer Blog, we share new feature announcements for the Mojo Dialer, industry know-how and tips and tricks to make you as successful as possible on the phone.



Here are some statistics on Expired listings: ·    Only 28% will re-list with their current agent·    35% will leave their home off the market for a month or more (Statistics indicate that most of these will re-list with another agent within 90 days)·    37% will re-list with a new agent within 3...
Part III Which type of dialer is best for you? Now that you know how predictive and power dialers function, you should have a better understanding of the differences between them. Predictive dialers work based on algorithms that direct them when to dial someone and which agent to transfer the cal...
If you missed our previous blog post introducing this series about predictive dialers and power dialers, please check it out so you can get an idea of how predictive dialers work. Part II How does a power dialer work? Power dialing is also outbound calling but, unlike predictive dialers, the agen...
If you are a sales agent who has realized the value of using a dialer over manually calling your leads, you have most likely done some research to see what is out there. You have probably come across the terms predictive dialer and power dialer and may be wondering what sets them apart and which ...
A career in real estate is challenging and takes a lot of determination, especially if your sales are made over the phone. Below are some tips to follow to ensure your sales presence is effective and strong: ·         Take advantage of CRM technology Sales reps in every industry should utilize Cu...
We all know when calling Expired listings you want to be the first Agent to contact the homeowner. If you are in an area that has a large amount of vacation homes you know the worst thing to do is call someone at 5:00 am because you are on the East coast and they are on the West. The truth is tha...
 Got a great listing or just sold and you want to let the world know? Well, at least the neighborhood? Think about getting MOJO's Lead Store feature. This popular option lets you pull white pages phone listings for a street or several streets and import them directly into MOJO. Now you can easily...
"First hello" is a term used to describe the predictive dialing feature in which a dialing system connects the prospect to the caller as fast as possible so the caller hears the first "Hello?" of the answered call. "First hello" technology depends upon two main factors: the predictive dialer's de...
We all know that prospecting doesn't rate too high on the "fun" list. It probably rates in the ballpark of public speaking or getting poked in the face with a sharp stick. Sometimes, it feels more like a chore than a positive action for your business. You need to approach prospecting with "MOJO."...
Answering Machine Tips. Why Mojo Makes it Easy to Start Leaving Messages. Back in the "old" days, leaving an answering machine message was cumbersome, repetitive, boring, slow, and did not yield enough positive results. Nothing could ruin your sales MOJO more than hitting the answering machine "s...

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