mojo dialer: Mojo Dialer and PieSync Partner to Keep You Connected - 06/04/19 06:14 AM

Today’s busy Real Estate offices leverage multiple cloud applications to manage their contact data. Some, like Mojo, manage the front of your pipeline. Some maintain your database of contacts such as SOI and Past Clients. And others are used for marketing and transactional tasks.

The rub is that most of these apps do not communicate with each other, keeping your contacts and their place in your pipeline or workflows in sync. This means a mountainous, manual amount of work to keep all your contacts and activities in sync.

Two-Way Syncing puts a stop to duplicated data between apps. 

Our new PieSync … (0 comments)

mojo dialer: Why Dan Feuser trusts Mojo as his Ultimate Productivity Tool - 05/23/18 08:42 AM
Keller Williams Realty agent Dan Feuser says the demand is brisk for homes in Southwest Florida.Like many successful Realtors, Dan Feuser’s career path has taken some unexpected turns. Fresh out of college, he worked as an aircraft mechanic at United Airlines for 14 years and then started his own aircraft salvage business that became the sixth largest in the nation. With fuel prices skyrocketing and his clients having less discretionary income, Feuser auctioned off his company and pondered what to do next. That’s when his brother handed him a book.
“It was ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ by Robert Kiyosaki,” recalls Feuser, an … (0 comments)

mojo dialer: Nurture Dialing your Follow-Up's and Database with the Mojo Dialer - 05/23/18 08:32 AM
DAVIDENGLANDMOJO DIALER, POWER DIALER, REAL ESTATE DIALER What is your prospecting speed? For years Mojo has been the leading power dialer with both single and triple line auto-dialing options. Customers consider their prospecting needs and decide which speed works best for them.
Either way, the Mojo power dialer automates the call flow leaving users to decide whether they want to prospect at 85 calls per hour or up to 300. There are other efficiencies gained above just the dialing speed; our clients also benefit from full call automation. After each call, using both the single line power dialer and the multi-line power dialer, … (0 comments)

mojo dialer: Wise Agent is now powered by Mojo Dialer - 06/23/17 06:23 AM

We recently worked with Wise Agent on an integration to make connecting their clients databases with the Mojo Dialer seamless.
Like us, the folks at Wise Agent are always looking for ways to increase their agent’s productivity. Adding the Mojo Dialer to their integrations list was a force multiplier for our mutual client’s.
The drudgery of exporting and importing from Wise Agent is history.Our mutual clients can push data from Wise Agent to Mojo with a push of a button. Then, the system will automatically log them in to the Mojo Dialer to begin their call session. The integration also automates the push from Mojo to Wise … (0 comments)

mojo dialer: Mojo Dialer now integrates with Real Geeks CRM - 06/23/17 06:19 AM

 Real Geeks Mojo Dialer integrationWe’ve made it pretty clear that we’re focusing on integrating Mojo with the top CRM platforms, and we’ve delivered! Recently, we finished our integration with the folks at Real Geeks and we’re excited to tell you about it.
Their team reached out to us last year because of a common request they receive from their clients – to integrate with the Mojo Dialer. They didn’t just want some run of the mill integration though, they wanted it to be a fully integrated environment – not just a data push/pull . After several calls with our developers, the details became clear and … (2 comments)

mojo dialer: Mining gold nuggets from your database using the Mojo Dialer - 03/22/17 06:40 AM
Long ago, the Mojo Dialer was just a mere list dialer – agents would load their data files into Mojo, select which list to call and begin smiling and dialing. The Mojo Dialer worked superbly for this kind of lead generation and it put us on the map for salespeople looking to prospect with a hosted power dialer. Since then, we have evolved into something much more.
Mojo is no longer just a list dialer. It has grown into a suite of powerful tools including action plans, designed with one goal: Contact, Contact, Contact!
Over the years, our clients’ wants and needs have also evolved, … (0 comments)

mojo dialer: Realtor Jason Morris found his path to 100 listings - 11/03/16 12:16 AM

Prospecting time is precious, and if you don’t zealously protect that time, there’s no shortage of people who want to take it away from you.
That’s why Keller Williams Realtor Jason Morris developed the habit of not looking at his phone or email every morning, when he has a standing appointment with his Mojo Dialer. He sets his phone on airplane mode every night when he goes to bed so none of his emails, texts or voicemails pop up on his screen as a distraction.
“You have to teach yourself to protect your headspace,” says Morris, who sells homes in the Middletown, Delaware area. “You … (2 comments)

mojo dialer: We delivered: Mojo Dialer 2.0 is available. - 06/16/16 03:04 AM
Why does Mojo’s David England compare the Mojo Dialer 2.0 to a fighter jet? Read below to find out.
By Bob Montgomery
Over the past month or so, we have slowly rolled out a bunch of new features and improvements to small groups of customers to doubly make sure they all worked the way we originally envisioned. Today, I’m delighted to announce that the Mojo Dialer 2.0 is available to everyone!
Some of the changes are dramatic and you will notice them right away. Some of them are more subtle and may take a bit longer to appreciate. However, the overall goal of … (0 comments)

mojo dialer: Ask the Agent with Brett Tanner - Real Estate Prospecting with Mojo - 02/03/16 09:35 PM

Ask the Agent: Brett Tanner
With a total topping $170,000,000 Sold in 2013 and 2014 and more than 2,500 homes sold, it’s safe to say Brett Tanner and his team know a thing or two about real estate prospecting.
As a leader, innovator, investor, and top-selling real estate agent, Brett Tanner blends a unique marketing methodology with a result-driven approach for today’s real estate market. These days, Tanner owns a real estate brokerage with over 150 agents, multiple businesses, flips 30+ homes per year, and is a national speaker and trainer. And prospecting was one key to that success.
Tanner recently chatted with Mojo … (0 comments)

mojo dialer: Lead Generation Q&A with Bernie Gallerani - 08/18/15 04:15 AM
Real Estate Agent Bernie Gallerani has spent years building a successful real estate firm in Hendersonville, Tenn. One of the secrets to his success has been prospecting. In fact, Gallerani has built a team and tailored a business model that has him prospecting as much as six to eight hours a day, while the rest of his people handle the other aspects of the business. 
We were introduced to Bernie back in 2008 when he opened the doors for us in the Real Estate industry. It is rumored within the walls of Mojo that Bernie just might be the first Real Estate agent … (1 comments)

mojo dialer: Fearless Agent: "It's not who you know, it's who knows you." - 08/10/15 04:45 AM

 Four years ago, Realtor Colton Lindsay started recording himself while prospecting and posted the videos to YouTube, thinking sellers would be clambering to see him in action.
“And the reality is, sellers don’t give a crap,” Lindsay says laughing. “They just don’t care. But what it did was it created this following of Realtors I now have.”
Proving he truly is a Fearless Agent, Colton has recorded many prospecting calls for all to see!What happened, he explains, is agents from across the country started watching Lindsay and friend Deric Lipski, a Massachusetts-based real estate agent, and then reached out to ask questions and get tips.
“And … (0 comments)

mojo dialer: Call Reluctance Tips from Mojo Dialer Users - 07/31/15 04:15 AM
Call Reluctance is the number one reason agents give for not prospecting. It can be easy to get bogged down in the challenges, roadblocks and fears we build up around prospecting. We reached out to three of Real Estate's top professionals to get a few tips to help you get you past it.
Accepting 'No' and moving on
What if you start prospecting using the Mojo Dialer and everyone says no? What if no one wants what you're selling? What if they laugh, swear, scream at you?
This fear of rejection is by far the biggest reason for call reluctance. And the only way to … (1 comments)

mojo dialer: Millennials will be driving the next chapter of the housing recovery. - 02/16/15 11:25 PM
While nothing is a sure thing, industry leaders are confident that a perfect storm of factors is taking shape that will nudge millennials --at 77 million strong-- into the market. It's time to add Millennials to your Real Estate Prospecting Mix Since the end of the Great Recession, the market has slowly but surely started straggling back from the brink. However, noticeably absent from the table in recent years have been first time homebuyers. Yet, there's good reason to believe that's about to change. The biggest driver of that change? The Millennials are finally ready to leave the basements and Pretty … (4 comments)

mojo dialer: Recruiter Matt Broyles Prospects For Atlanta’s Top Real Estate Talent - 01/21/15 10:25 PM
Matt Broyles, Business Development Director for Metro Brokers in Atlanta, uses Mojo to prospect for motivated real estate agents to join his fast-growing company. Business history is filled with products that were invented for one purpose and wind up solving problems in a second unexpected area. Listerine mouthwash, for example, was originally envisioned as an antiseptic treatment for cuts and scratches. Coca-Cola was meant to treat headaches and anxiety. And believe it or not, the colorful children’s modeling clay, Play-Doh, was intended to be a new wallpaper cleaner!
Now, a savvy Atlanta real estate recruiter has found a new use for … (0 comments)

mojo dialer: LURING THEM IN: How Michigan Realtor Brian Kurtz uses the Mojo Dialer to bring his career (and fishing) dreams closer to reality - 10/29/14 06:28 AM
This four-bedroom Colonial home in Canton, Michigan, is listed by Re/Max Realtor Brian Kurtz, who says business is brisk in this fast-growing community.
Ten years ago, finishing up his service with the U.S. Marines and marrying his longtime girlfriend, Brian Kurtz was searching for the next phase of his career. He tried selling furniture, selling used cars and got his real estate license to partake in the “wicked stressful” practice of flipping houses in Metro Detroit. Feeling like he had no direction, he later took a few years off to get his bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of … (0 comments)

mojo dialer: You Don’t Achieve Success Sitting Down - 04/29/14 04:32 AM
How New York’s Ray Cooper minimizes stress and maintains his edge in an ultra-competitive real estate market
Ray’s customized Mojo workstation – he spends most of his 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. days getting energized at his treadmill desk, often logging up to 10 miles per shift.
When you know what you want, you don’t achieve it sitting down.
That’s the philosophy of Long Island real estate broker Ray Cooper, of Ray Cooper Realty, who keeps up his frenetic sales pace with the help of a treadmill desk.
“It’s hard to be on the phone making 150 calls a day if I … (2 comments)

mojo dialer: How Truck Driver-Turned-Agent Allen Smith Conquered Call Reluctance - 03/03/14 11:35 PM
Overcoming Call Reluctance As strange as it sounds, when Georgia real estate agent Allen Smith first tried prospecting, he refused to pick up the phone.
“I’ve never met a stranger face to face,” says Allen, who joined the Keller Williams West Cobb office (suburban Atlanta) last November. “I’ll strike up a conversation with anyone. Most of my leads came from talking to people in grocery stores, parks, restaurants and from open houses.”
“Do you know anyone interested in buying a home, selling a home or investing in real estate who I can talk to today?” he would ask, carrying a stack of business cards. … (0 comments)

mojo dialer: New Expired Lead Service Makes Mojo Your All-in-One Listing Solution! - 02/11/14 12:58 AM
So why are we the “Swiss Army Knife of Real Estate Prospecting?”
Over the past year, we’ve experienced a quantum leap in real estate prospecting technology. Consider our most recent upgrades:
* The Mojo Triple Line Auto Dialer, which one all-star Realtor credits for helping him list 83 homes in 90 days, shifted to a web-based platform.
* “Mojo On The Go!“ became the industry’s first and only mobile power dialer app for the iPhone and iPad, allowing you to instantly access critical database information when making and answering incoming calls.
* The Mojo Lead Store, which began as a Just Listed/Just Sold data service in 2008, added real-time FSBO … (0 comments)

mojo dialer: Mojo Momentum: Oregon Realtor Overcomes “Fear” of Technology to List 83 Homes in 90 Days - 01/01/14 10:27 PM
Realtor Craig Reger credits Mojo for “completely turning my business around.” His office specializes in “every neighborhood and every price range” in Greater Portland.
For more than 16 years in the Portland market, Realtor Craig Reger depended entirely on walk-in business and sphere of influence marketing for listings. Not once did he ever dial a cold call.
That approach dramatically changed this past May, when Craig and his team at theCraig Reger Group launched their “90 in 90 Challenge.” Inspired by Keller-Williams coach Tony DiCello, the team sought to list 90 homes over the next 90 days.  At the time, they were averaging … (1 comments)

mojo dialer: Past Client and Center of Influence calling with the Mojo Dialer - 11/11/13 05:35 AM
Making the most of Past Client and Center of Influence Prospecting 2013 is winding down and the holiday season is fast approaching which means this is a great time to reach out to your past client and center of influence contacts. You’re armed with great information from the last year in Real Estate and unless you’re Ebenezer Scrooge, you want to wish your contacts all the best this holiday season. Of course, you are not just calling to ‘keep in touch’, there is a deeper goal here: to either identify their own upcoming Real Estate needs or gain a referral from … (0 comments)

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