mojo selling solutions: Mojo on The Go! The Mojo Dialer lands on the iPad - 03/05/13 05:14 AM
 'The Mojo Dialer has finally made it to the iPad'
At Mojo, we have spent the past couple of years daydreaming of the day when we would put the power of the Mojo Dialer on to the iPad’s of every sales agent that owned one. It wasn’t until recently, when began developing our web-based Mojo Dialer platform, that we began production of the industries first and only, dedicated power dialing and lead management application for the iPad.
For most agents, prospecting requires them to be tied down to their desktop computers or their clunky  laptops. Clunky laptops certainly get you mobile, but … (0 comments)

mojo selling solutions: ‘Modern Family’ Morality Tale: How cutthroat is your real estate competition? - 04/02/12 03:36 AM

We last celebrated America’s funniest Realtor, Phil Dunphy, last fall when alter-ego Ty Burrell won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.
And that comedy would obviously be ABC’s “Modern Family.”
We’ve got absolutely no stake in ABC or parent company Disney, but we’re huge fans of the ongoing real estate agent storyline and thought you would enjoy the most recent episode, “Send Out the Clowns.”
In the episode, real estate agent Phil is about to score the biggest real estate listing of his career, when rival agent Mitzi Roth (guest star Ellen Barkin) swoops in on … (0 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Real Estate Out of This World: The Joys of Selling Lunar Property - 01/04/12 07:00 AM
How challenging would real estate prospecting be if you were selling barren lots on the moon?!
Sure, the golden time for giving gag gifts is now over — anyone get stuck with anything insane from your family’s holiday Yankee Swap?
However, there’s really no bad time to amuse your Realtor friends or employees with some MLS listings for extraterrestrial house plots.
In the same spirit of buying and naming a star after someone, the Lunar Embassy will sell you a one-acre moon lot for the bargain price of $22.49 (plus a $1.51 “Lunar Tax” and $12.50 for shipping and handling of … (1 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Howdy Neighbor: Making the Most of Just Listed and Just Sold - 05/06/11 08:18 AM
Two of the most powerful pitches any real estate agent can make are the Just Listed and Just Sold calls.
When you present someone with the opportunity to “pick their own neighbor” because you’ve just listed a property next door, down the street, or around the corner, it’s a proposition too good for most people to ignore. When you follow up “I just listed the Jones’s house,” with “Do you know anyone looking to buy a home in this neighborhood? Would you like to pick your own neighbor” you have everyone’s attention.
Similarly, nothing sells like success, especially local, close-to-home real … (0 comments)

mojo selling solutions: The Redx Sync: FSBO+Expired+REDX+Mojo=SOLD - 05/02/11 09:31 AM
The Redx sync was born over 7 months ago, today it remains a must-have efficiency tool for Realtors

Picking up listings from For Sale by Owners (FSBOs) and expired listings (Expireds) is common practice among real estate agents. After all, these often-frustrated home sellers are prime candidates for a good real estate agent. But, while they’re a sort of low-hanging fruit, FSBO’s  are sometimes just out of reach.
FSBOs, by their very nature, are out of the MLS loop. Expireds, well, like outdated milk in the supermarket, they’ve been taken off the shelf. So, where do you find these juicy … (1 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Hey Coach, Put Me In. I Know I Can Close the Deal! - 04/12/11 08:19 AM
Mojo’s New Pitching Coach Gives Your Sales Coach Seamless Access to Your Calls

As someone whose livelihood depends on communicating with customers by phone, you know how critical feedback is to improving your sales pitch.
After all, the prospects who don’t buy what you’re selling never tell you why they didn’t drop everything they were doing to listen to you, totally enraptured by your golden voice and irresistibly drawn to your offer. They just say, “Thank you, no,” and hang up. Ok, some just hang up. You’re left wondering what you did wrong, how you might have changed your approach … (0 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Make the Most of Your Leads: 5-Tips for Top Notch Lead Management - 04/01/11 04:41 AM
It’s true. Every once in a while someone calls you and says, “Let’s talk.” They want to buy a house, sell a house, take out an insurance policy, invest in their future via the financial instruments you sell.
But, no matter how good you are, how long you’ve been in the business, those calls are too few and far between to make a living at it. To succeed, in good times and bad, you’ve got to get up in the morning and start beating the bushes in search of those people who need your services but just don’t know it yet.

mojo selling solutions: 5 Common Traits of Failing Real Estate Agents - 12/13/10 04:37 AM
5 Common Traits of Failing Real Estate Agents We asked our friend Neil Schwartz to get candid with us about why some Real Estate agents prosper and why some flounder. We knew it took dedication and the willingness to ‘go after it’ but it’s more than that, Neil has passed us along 5 of the traits that don’t help you succeed in Real Estate and gives great advice about ‘Going to work to work’. ~Enjoy!
Most agents come into the real estate business with energy, enthusiasm, and high hopes; some do great, while others leave the business disappointed and depressed. It … (2 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Introducing Mojo Voice – your new personal secretary for inbound marketing - 06/11/10 04:37 AM
Mojo Voice is like having your own personal secretary!
If you’re running a successful business, chances are you have not put all your marketing apples in one basket.
In addition to prospecting for leads with outgoing phone calls, you likely have several other avenues to spread the word: brochures, face-to-face networking events, advertisements, Web site, blogs, etc. For those delightful occasions when people are knocking on your door, you naturally want to be there to answer it.
Now, no matter whether you are on a sales call, on the golf course or in the bathroom, Mojo has a tool for you … (5 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Power Dialer Insanity: Pushing the limits of human endurance - 03/30/10 01:14 AM
March 26th, 2010
Successful phone sales require the patience and endurance of a marathon runner
California real estate agent James Festini is a recreational runner, about to compete in his fourth San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon.
For Festini, cardiovascular exercise is a great way to keep in shape to counter the sedentary nature of making cold calls - an activity he feels comfortable doing up to 12 hours a day. And San Diego's R & R Marathon is more about fun than winning, featuring a course that runs through Sea World, that has up to 2,000 cheerleaders on the … (3 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Telemarketing sales ethics no different than face-to-face business eithics - 12/18/09 12:48 AM
One disreputable telemarketer tarnishes us all. The Federal Trade Commission is suing three companies that have been making automated recorded phone calls to sell "worthless" credit card interest reduction programs, charging customers an up front fee as high as $1,495 and delivering zilcho.
Here's a snippet from the official government press release:
"According to the three FTC complaints, Economic Relief Technologies, LLC, Dynamic Financial Group (U.S.A.) Inc., and JPM Accelerated Services (JPM), and related defendants made illegal pre-recorded robocalls to consumers, using names like “card services,” “credit card services” or “account services.” The robocalls allegedly claimed the defendants’ services could lower … (1 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Introducing Mojo's Resident Real Estate Blogger - 09/18/09 02:35 AM

Hi, I'm Bryan Washington, a Real Estate agent with Coldwell Banker Preferred, just outside of Philadelphia, PA. For some reason, the folks at MOJO find me amusing, entertaining, and information; guess I have them fooled. They've asked that I help contribute to an ongoing blog just kind of highlighting what I do, and how I do it. They just said, put what is in your head on paper, or... I guess, on cyberspace?
 So, to date, you've seen a few videos of me, one from my car talking about MOJO and how I use it, and the other a segment … (0 comments)

mojo selling solutions: NEW! Mojo CA$H Refer-A-Friend Program - 09/17/09 02:20 AM
At Mojo Selling Solutions, we get a lot of positive feedback from our customers and many recommend Mojo Sales Engine to their associates. Chances are that you also know other salespeople in your industry or another industry that could use our services. Now we've made it easier than ever for you to refer these people to Mojo. Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED Mojo CA$H Refer-A-Friend program. It's our way of saying "thank you" to our loyal fans like you who take the time to tell others about our software. You do NOT have to be a customer to qualify for referral rewards! 

mojo selling solutions: Expireds & Mojo - 08/31/09 05:04 AM
Here are some statistics on Expired listings:
·    Only 28% will re-list with their current agent·    35% will leave their home off the market for a month or more (Statistics indicate that most of these will re-list with another agent within 90 days)·    37% will re-list with a new agent within 30 days·    Over 70% chance YOU can get the listing·    Most that re-list will do so with the 1st or 2nd agent that contacts them(Source: The RedX)
Some facts related to Mojo:
·    Most agents do not leave a message when they call because it takes too long and … (0 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Don’t want to call too early? Zone Guard solves that problem - 08/14/09 08:50 AM
We all know when calling Expired listings you want to be the first Agent to contact the homeowner. If you are in an area that has a large amount of vacation homes you know the worst thing to do is call someone at 5:00 am because you are on the East coast and they are on the West. The truth is that you are probably the first person contacting them, but you probably aren't going to be the Agent re-listing for them. MOJO's newest feature, Zone Guard, takes care of that problem for you. You give Zone Guard the time frame … (3 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Got a Great Listing or Just Sold? Want to tell the neighborhood? Think About Lead Store! - 08/11/09 07:29 AM
 Got a great listing or just sold and you want to let the world know? Well, at least the neighborhood? Think about getting MOJO's Lead Store feature. This popular option lets you pull white pages phone listings for a street or several streets and import them directly into MOJO. Now you can easily call and tell the neighbors about your New Listing or Just Sold.
 Lead Store is available for a one-time fee (Unlike the other pay per month number look-ups), and it gives you unlimited access to all listed numbers in the US and Canada. You just enter in state, city, street … (0 comments)

mojo selling solutions: "First Hello" Technology When Prospecting With MOJO - 08/06/09 06:59 AM
"First hello" is a term used to describe the predictive dialing feature in which a dialing system connects the prospect to the caller as fast as possible so the caller hears the first "Hello?" of the answered call.
"First hello" technology depends upon two main factors: the predictive dialer's detection capabilities and the Telco pathway from the dialer to both the prospect and the caller. The second factor is crucial as the speed and reliability of the Telco pathways can significantly impact "first hello" capabilities.  The first pathway is from the prospect to the dialer.  When the prospect answers, the Telco … (2 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Finding Your “MOJO” - 08/05/09 07:02 AM
We all know that prospecting doesn't rate too high on the "fun" list. It probably rates in the ballpark of public speaking or getting poked in the face with a sharp stick. Sometimes, it feels more like a chore than a positive action for your business. You need to approach prospecting with "MOJO." MOJO means getting in your groove, getting into a flow where you are alert, enthusiastic, and on top of your game. Nothing is worse than calling 20 numbers in a row and getting an answering machine or no answer for every single one. It puts a damper on … (0 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Article On How To Leave Answering Machine Messages - 08/04/09 02:36 AM
Answering Machine Tips. Why Mojo Makes it Easy to Start Leaving Messages.
Back in the "old" days, leaving an answering machine message was cumbersome, repetitive, boring, slow, and did not yield enough positive results. Nothing could ruin your sales MOJO more than hitting the answering machine "speed bumps" ever other call.
Many agents do not believe in leaving messages. On the average, only about 5% of their answering machine messages ever get returned. So for every 100 people, 5 call back, and you may get one or two solid leads from it. But those leads were definitely earned. On the average, … (7 comments)

mojo selling solutions: Go Green With MOJO! - 07/29/09 09:12 AM
 In the past, it was normal to export your expired listings from your lead provider and print them off. If you live in a metropolitan area, that may have meant printing 100 pages or more. When you were going through your Expireds, maybe a handful were actual leads. So what happened with the other 97 pieces of paper that you printed? They most likely ended up in the recycle bin.
With Mojo, you can import your leads directly into the system and start dialing. When making calls, you put your notes right into the system. Mojo will not only help you … (2 comments)

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