real estate prospecting: We delivered: Mojo Dialer 2.0 is available. - 06/16/16 03:04 AM
Why does Mojo’s David England compare the Mojo Dialer 2.0 to a fighter jet? Read below to find out.
By Bob Montgomery
Over the past month or so, we have slowly rolled out a bunch of new features and improvements to small groups of customers to doubly make sure they all worked the way we originally envisioned. Today, I’m delighted to announce that the Mojo Dialer 2.0 is available to everyone!
Some of the changes are dramatic and you will notice them right away. Some of them are more subtle and may take a bit longer to appreciate. However, the overall goal of … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: Ask the Agent with Brett Tanner - Real Estate Prospecting with Mojo - 02/03/16 09:35 PM

Ask the Agent: Brett Tanner
With a total topping $170,000,000 Sold in 2013 and 2014 and more than 2,500 homes sold, it’s safe to say Brett Tanner and his team know a thing or two about real estate prospecting.
As a leader, innovator, investor, and top-selling real estate agent, Brett Tanner blends a unique marketing methodology with a result-driven approach for today’s real estate market. These days, Tanner owns a real estate brokerage with over 150 agents, multiple businesses, flips 30+ homes per year, and is a national speaker and trainer. And prospecting was one key to that success.
Tanner recently chatted with Mojo … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: Lead Generation Q&A with Bernie Gallerani - 08/18/15 04:15 AM
Real Estate Agent Bernie Gallerani has spent years building a successful real estate firm in Hendersonville, Tenn. One of the secrets to his success has been prospecting. In fact, Gallerani has built a team and tailored a business model that has him prospecting as much as six to eight hours a day, while the rest of his people handle the other aspects of the business. 
We were introduced to Bernie back in 2008 when he opened the doors for us in the Real Estate industry. It is rumored within the walls of Mojo that Bernie just might be the first Real Estate agent … (1 comments)

real estate prospecting: Fearless Agent: "It's not who you know, it's who knows you." - 08/10/15 04:45 AM

 Four years ago, Realtor Colton Lindsay started recording himself while prospecting and posted the videos to YouTube, thinking sellers would be clambering to see him in action.
“And the reality is, sellers don’t give a crap,” Lindsay says laughing. “They just don’t care. But what it did was it created this following of Realtors I now have.”
Proving he truly is a Fearless Agent, Colton has recorded many prospecting calls for all to see!What happened, he explains, is agents from across the country started watching Lindsay and friend Deric Lipski, a Massachusetts-based real estate agent, and then reached out to ask questions and get tips.
“And … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: Millennials will be driving the next chapter of the housing recovery. - 02/16/15 11:25 PM
While nothing is a sure thing, industry leaders are confident that a perfect storm of factors is taking shape that will nudge millennials --at 77 million strong-- into the market. It's time to add Millennials to your Real Estate Prospecting Mix Since the end of the Great Recession, the market has slowly but surely started straggling back from the brink. However, noticeably absent from the table in recent years have been first time homebuyers. Yet, there's good reason to believe that's about to change. The biggest driver of that change? The Millennials are finally ready to leave the basements and Pretty … (4 comments)

real estate prospecting: Recruiter Matt Broyles Prospects For Atlanta’s Top Real Estate Talent - 01/21/15 10:25 PM
Matt Broyles, Business Development Director for Metro Brokers in Atlanta, uses Mojo to prospect for motivated real estate agents to join his fast-growing company. Business history is filled with products that were invented for one purpose and wind up solving problems in a second unexpected area. Listerine mouthwash, for example, was originally envisioned as an antiseptic treatment for cuts and scratches. Coca-Cola was meant to treat headaches and anxiety. And believe it or not, the colorful children’s modeling clay, Play-Doh, was intended to be a new wallpaper cleaner!
Now, a savvy Atlanta real estate recruiter has found a new use for … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: LURING THEM IN: How Michigan Realtor Brian Kurtz uses the Mojo Dialer to bring his career (and fishing) dreams closer to reality - 10/29/14 06:28 AM
This four-bedroom Colonial home in Canton, Michigan, is listed by Re/Max Realtor Brian Kurtz, who says business is brisk in this fast-growing community.
Ten years ago, finishing up his service with the U.S. Marines and marrying his longtime girlfriend, Brian Kurtz was searching for the next phase of his career. He tried selling furniture, selling used cars and got his real estate license to partake in the “wicked stressful” practice of flipping houses in Metro Detroit. Feeling like he had no direction, he later took a few years off to get his bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: How Realtors are using our Real Estate Dialer, Mojo Voice and Mojo ID - 06/13/13 12:10 AM
June 13th, 2013
A popular question we receive from our Real Estate customers is: “How do I maximize your Real Estate dialer to make the most of my prospecting time”.
It’s a pretty easy question to answer, after all, using our Real Estate dialer is all you need to really maximize your prospecting time, but there are some things you can do to get the most out of it.
Change up your Caller ID If you’re going to put the effort in to making hundreds of calls per hour, it makes sense you display a real caller ID number so interested parties can … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: Getting Schooled on FSBO Prospecting Calls: “Mr. and Mrs. FSBO, I can absolutely get you more money than you can on your own.” - 05/01/13 04:53 AM
 “Mr. and Mrs. FSBO, I can absolutely get you more money than you can on your own.” May 1st, 2013
After listening to thousands of FSBO prospecting calls I’ve noticed agents don’t know how to deal with the single most important question in the mind of the FSBO family: “Can you get me more money than I can on my own?”  I heard it over and over again, real estate agents avoiding the debate or “using a line to get the appointment.”  Yes, I said debate!  Well the good news for most of the agents around the country in markets where the … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: To Become a Powerful Prospector or Not? - 04/10/13 01:08 AM
After 10 years of training prospecting skills and strategies, I find the success rates to be very bad.  Meaning the ratio of how many people decide to “try” prospecting and in the end quit, or the most common decision is the statement, “that’s just not my style”.  As my ratio of training created more and more successful prospectors I notice 4 fundamentals to someone making the transition from “trying” to “success”, becoming a powerful prospector.
First is the recognition of the long term pay off of becoming a powerful prospector, second is the significant difference between the two words “try” and … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: For Sale By Owner Data Has Arrived at Mojo - 03/27/13 01:30 AM
For Real Estate agents, a solid listing inventory can make the difference between struggling to make ends meet or hitting pay dirt in the one of the most lucrative sales industries there is. It is because of this that a great listing inventory is the goal, the holy grail if you will, of all Real Estate agents wanting more than just an average income.
It takes more than just the ‘want’ though to be a top producing agent with a great listing inventory, it takes a blend of tools and traits, that when combined, create the recipe for success, even in … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: ‘Modern Family’ Morality Tale: How cutthroat is your real estate competition? - 04/02/12 03:36 AM

We last celebrated America’s funniest Realtor, Phil Dunphy, last fall when alter-ego Ty Burrell won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.
And that comedy would obviously be ABC’s “Modern Family.”
We’ve got absolutely no stake in ABC or parent company Disney, but we’re huge fans of the ongoing real estate agent storyline and thought you would enjoy the most recent episode, “Send Out the Clowns.”
In the episode, real estate agent Phil is about to score the biggest real estate listing of his career, when rival agent Mitzi Roth (guest star Ellen Barkin) swoops in on … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: Real Estate Out of This World: The Joys of Selling Lunar Property - 01/04/12 07:00 AM
How challenging would real estate prospecting be if you were selling barren lots on the moon?!
Sure, the golden time for giving gag gifts is now over — anyone get stuck with anything insane from your family’s holiday Yankee Swap?
However, there’s really no bad time to amuse your Realtor friends or employees with some MLS listings for extraterrestrial house plots.
In the same spirit of buying and naming a star after someone, the Lunar Embassy will sell you a one-acre moon lot for the bargain price of $22.49 (plus a $1.51 “Lunar Tax” and $12.50 for shipping and handling of … (1 comments)

real estate prospecting: Celebrating the Emmy for America’s favorite Realtor - 09/20/11 02:12 AM
Real estate agent Phil Dunphy, aka actor Ty Burrell, won the 2011 Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. We're still waiting for an episode to focus on the challenges of real estate prospecting!
A hearty Mojo congratulations to actor Ty Burrell, who beat out some steep competition from his “Modern Family” colleagues to win a comedy Emmy the other night.
Why do we care about this on a real estate prospecting and lead management software blog?
Because Burrell’s alter-ego is Phil Dunphy, the funniest real estate agent on television!
Several memorable episodes of the hit ABC sitcom have focused … (2 comments)

real estate prospecting: Howdy Neighbor: Making the Most of Just Listed and Just Sold - 05/06/11 08:18 AM
Two of the most powerful pitches any real estate agent can make are the Just Listed and Just Sold calls.
When you present someone with the opportunity to “pick their own neighbor” because you’ve just listed a property next door, down the street, or around the corner, it’s a proposition too good for most people to ignore. When you follow up “I just listed the Jones’s house,” with “Do you know anyone looking to buy a home in this neighborhood? Would you like to pick your own neighbor” you have everyone’s attention.
Similarly, nothing sells like success, especially local, close-to-home real … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: The Redx Sync: FSBO+Expired+REDX+Mojo=SOLD - 05/02/11 09:31 AM
The Redx sync was born over 7 months ago, today it remains a must-have efficiency tool for Realtors

Picking up listings from For Sale by Owners (FSBOs) and expired listings (Expireds) is common practice among real estate agents. After all, these often-frustrated home sellers are prime candidates for a good real estate agent. But, while they’re a sort of low-hanging fruit, FSBO’s  are sometimes just out of reach.
FSBOs, by their very nature, are out of the MLS loop. Expireds, well, like outdated milk in the supermarket, they’ve been taken off the shelf. So, where do you find these juicy … (1 comments)

real estate prospecting: Hey Coach, Put Me In. I Know I Can Close the Deal! - 04/12/11 08:19 AM
Mojo’s New Pitching Coach Gives Your Sales Coach Seamless Access to Your Calls

As someone whose livelihood depends on communicating with customers by phone, you know how critical feedback is to improving your sales pitch.
After all, the prospects who don’t buy what you’re selling never tell you why they didn’t drop everything they were doing to listen to you, totally enraptured by your golden voice and irresistibly drawn to your offer. They just say, “Thank you, no,” and hang up. Ok, some just hang up. You’re left wondering what you did wrong, how you might have changed your approach … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: Astronomical Results: Realtor Mitch Ribak’s Got His Mojo Working - 04/06/11 05:44 AM
There’s the East Coast, the West Coast, and the Space Coast. The latter is Mitch Ribak’s territory, officially known as Brevard County, Florida. It’s home, of course, to the John F. Kennedy Space Center, dozens of Florida’s best-kept-secret beaches, and about two dozen golf courses, which Ribak likes to frequent in between closing real estate deals—which isn’t often enough because Ribak’s Tropical Realty of Suntree in Melbourne, Florida, wrote $8.3MM in contracts during March 2011.
Ribak is somewhat unique in the realm of real estate agents. Whereas most agents practice a seller-based, cold-calling approach, Ribak’s business, thanks in large part to … (0 comments)

real estate prospecting: Make the Most of Your Leads: 5-Tips for Top Notch Lead Management - 04/01/11 04:41 AM
It’s true. Every once in a while someone calls you and says, “Let’s talk.” They want to buy a house, sell a house, take out an insurance policy, invest in their future via the financial instruments you sell.
But, no matter how good you are, how long you’ve been in the business, those calls are too few and far between to make a living at it. To succeed, in good times and bad, you’ve got to get up in the morning and start beating the bushes in search of those people who need your services but just don’t know it yet.

real estate prospecting: Dialing for Dollars: Real Estate Impresario Jeff Silva Orchestrates a Winning Formula - 02/09/11 03:09 AM
When the going gets tough, it’s said, the tough get going.
Jeff Silva, nice guy that he is, knew that as the economy—and along with it, real estate sales, in particular—began to tumble, it was time to get tough and turn up the heat on cold-calling. If he was going to continue to produce listings and close sales anywhere near the volume he did in the ‘good old days’ when selling houses was more akin to shooting fish in a barrel than today’s challenging environment, something had to change in the way he conducted business.
One of the tools Silva enlisted … (1 comments)

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