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Wow the stock market has been on a wild ride over the last few months. At the same time the mortgage backed securities portion of the bond market has been on a wild ride as well. The volatility has had us see mortgage rates be almost a full point swing in a 60 day period. My question is what feed...
I was inspired by a great blogger today. A blogger local to my area has a great ability to bring people to his site and educate them on real estate and other items. So I started to think about gifts that we all have and if we use them to aid others. This blogger I thought could highlight some non...
I must recommend the ultimate gift. It is a book that forces you to review your own character and the life you live. In today's world of constant media and day to day events I think it is more important then ever to take time in our days to read for pure enjoyment. If that reading then adds value...
Well take a moment and think about the above statement. Then look at your week and your actions. Are you proud of the way you treated the people around you during the week? Are you proud of the level of effort that you put into your business this week? Are you proud of how much positive impact yo...
Have you ever thought about an Elastic? How you can pull or stretch it and it does not break but instead just snaps back. I have been doing a good deal of thinking about the Real Estate market that we are in. I personally think it is a great time to be in the business and even a better time to be...
Tonight is the 7th and deciding game of the series for the American league and the winner will be headed to the WS this year. What are you going to do in your 7th game of 2008? What I mean is that we are at the end of the year and we all have choices to make. The things we do now will effect the ...
It is family. It is freedom that my career choice has provided me and honoring and valuing it. It is a great love for helping others ensure they are on the correct path. It is things that are much great then I am like a child's overall benefit of having their father be active in their childhood. ...
If not my question is what are you going to do over the next 75 days to ensure that it ends in a more favorable way and that you start 2008 off well. The reality is my favorite team the Redsox are behind tonight and have been in the past. They always seem to find a way to come back. So what will ...
I have been in the mortgage industry for just under 6 years. I am still surprised at how few in real estate and mortgage industry actually build strong long lasting relationships with there clients. I have over the last several years asked people what they thought of their Realtor and mortgage pe...
Hello all. I have been an active member of active rain for about 90 days. The reason I joined was to learn from others about the market and what is going on in their business. I have always believed that we can all learn from others. I then started getting a bit more active. I started blogging an...

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