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SOWING THE SEEDS FOR TOMORROW When planning for this final post of the 31 Days of May Challenge, the photo came first...   I love this title "Sowing The Seeds for Tomorrow". Look at the photo and look at the title. It's perfect! I just wish I'd thought of it. Once Leslie knew which photo I wanted...
Yes, I'm feeling mellow tonight.  It's the end of a three day weekend and we actually took today off from working.  Working real estate anyway, worked plenty at the house. Tomorrow is the last day of the 31 Days of May Challenge. Boy, has that been a rewarding experience!?  I've met so many wonde...
At the beginning of any real estate client relationship for us, it is important to discover some common ground.   Usually, during our first meeting with someone new, we can identify common "values" during the initial review of the agency disclosure document.    Since I entered real estate 8 years...
Some days you might as well throw out the calendar.       I went to bed last night thinking I had the day all lined up today.  No appointments, no commitments, just the whole day wide open to get stuff done.  Important stuff, house stuff, yard stuff, laundry stuff...not real estate stuff.    The ...
Friday ends with a dance.   There has really been no down time this week...well, except for taking pictures of the little colt in Savannah Township. That was relaxing.    We've shown houses, met new clients, had clients disappear into the wind (do you suppose there is an alternative realty realit...
Did you catch the post a week or so ago called "Horsing Around Jackson County"?  On the way to showing our listing on Timbuktu Road, I encountered this little consequence of horsing around! The baby was very shy and really resembles the mama.  What a treat this was.  I'm going out again tomorrow ...
Yes, I've had the opportunity to take Advice from A Tree.    We visited with a friend early yesterday evening at the Sylva Vista subdivision in Jackson County and left an hour later feeling like we had been on the most relaxing vacation.  We do see these views often in our travels, but rarely tak...
How could I resist a sequel to yesterday's post? Even though I'm in my fabulous fifties, I still managed to remember a friend sending me this hilarious video. The responses to yesterday's post about the 30 Under 30 REALTOR magazine cover and article were thought provoking. I got the sense that ou...
  Just who is the face of NAR? It's not that I have an issue with people under 30 - I don't! Snappy dressers don't offend me either. It is hard to put my finger on just why the annual "30 under 30" issue always irritates me. While I do envy people who grew up in the age of tech and are able to em...
Had a Blazing Hot Time in Balsam, North Carolina today.  Balsam is located about halfway between Waynesville and Sylva off of Hwy 74.  It's a great place to live.  Our elevation is about 3400 feet above sea level, an entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway is right around the corner and our temperatur...

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