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A sad announcement transported me immediately back to my pre-teen years. Every young girl with a pulse at Gregg Rogers Elementary School in Chula Vista, California had an incredible crush on Davy Jones of the Monkees. It is so hard to believe that the Monkees television show was only on for two ...
There is challenge enough keeping up with the house you live in, but what about the house you or your family might have grown up in? Sometimes when I travel the roads of Western North Carolina and I see something like this “House on the Hill” on US 209 on the way to Hot Springs, I have to wonder...
Maria Morton from Kansas City turned on the light bulb over my head this morning reminding me of a pet peeve…mapping listings and lousy directions. So, thank you Maria for your inspiration. She wrote a very cool post with a graphic of a map of Outer Mongolia and some poor seller’s house getting ...
The orchestra and other musicians behind Boz Scaggs is just as intriguing as the soloist himself. The music wraps around him without engulfing or drowning him out. The song is sweet and what made me think of "We're All Alone" today? Hard to tell…I started out looking for something by Rita Coolid...
We’ve all been celebrating the milder winter this year this year in the mountains of Western North Carolina and soaking in the sunshine whenever we can. This little cousin to the Pouty Angel of yesterday’s post loves the attention the sun is paying to him. This sun and angel scene was photograph...
What on earth could this pouty little angel have done that he chose to sit in a corner on a cold concrete bench on a rainy day in Waynesville, NC?  Whatever he did, he looks like he regrets his actions and could use a little forgiveness...and maybe some hot chocolate!  That always makes me feel b...
Do you have a mentor on ActiveRain? This is indeed a generous community and I have several mentors, but for photography…whether he knows it or not…my mentor is William Johnson from San Diego, California. When I was really new to AR…holy cow…I missed my one year anniversary! February 22nd, 2011. ...
Yeah…going, going, gone. Okay, vanishing inventory might be stretching it yet but here’s what’s happening. I’ve been showing houses this week. Lots of houses with several buyers. Let’s all pause for a moment and send a mental Hallelujah Shout Out to the whichever powers are controlling this…oh w...
It only takes about 40 minutes from Sylva, NC to drive to the city of Asheville…our largest city in Western North Carolina. Here’s just a couple of examples of the beauty of Asheville, the fabulous Grove Park Inn with it’s commanding view of downtown Asheville and the mountain vista overlooking ...
Funny how this business works sometimes. Another agent used me and sent me a thank you text! What do you think about that? The other day I was researching some properties to show a couple from Chicago on Thursday. One of the houses had an intriguing exterior and was in the right area but had no ...

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