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It is almost that time again...colored leaf season in the mountains of North Carolina.  Everyday another small change occurs, a few more leaves blowing on the ground, grass growing is slowing down, dots of color among the woods in the higher elevations, temperatures are a touch cooler and nature ...
  We'll all get over this irritation I know and I'm sort of sorry to even post it...BUT....if I'm going to be edgy, I want some company. The day started out with Rambler who now has been diagnosed with a perfectly treatable urinary tract infection and is being difficult to dose with his antibioti...
  Real estate is mostly what we do, it's not always who we are and sometimes it isn't what we write about.  This morning it's about a Big Mouth Boy named Rambler.   Rambler loves, loves, loves to bark and he's great at it.  I'll bet he can bark 360 barks per minute...makes us crazy, we don't usu...
Our friend April who lives in Webster is an incredible gardener and always generous to share the bounty with us.  Leslie had washed the vegetables and laid them on a papertowel.  The colors were so striking that I put them in a glass op, right?      Raising our own vegetables is a go...
  MoonDancer Realty recently joined a second MLS group so that we would have better access to an extended area for listings and buyers.  Part of the change involved a reprogramming of our electronic key so that it would open the lockboxes of the new area.   The Office Manager was good enough to r...
  When life keeps tossing challenges at you from left to right, from behind and in front threatening to make you stumble - do you have images you keep in your mind to help you navigate these obstacles? Where do you go? Some people visualize themselves at the shore smelling salt air, listening to ...
  Autumn has been sneaking into the region over the last week here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The evenings have been in the 40s and the days have been startling free of humidity. Slowly, leaves are turning colors or beginning to slightly brown and crisp up. Hidden among the leave...
  Interestingly enough, the last post I read before turning in last night was by Karen Anne Stone (apologies for no link...I can't figure out how to put one in while in HTML) referring back to one by Greg Nino talking about whether or not ActiveRain is an appropriate public forum for speaking our...
  Where did Sunday go? Contract, listings, signs, lockboxes, photos, laundry, groceries and here it is ... almost 12:30.  Maybe that 10pm coffee wasn't such a great idea. Oh well, too late now.   When I showed property a couple of months ago out Cullowhee Mountain Road with another agent...also o...
  Just like humans, no two dogs are alike.  Some dogs have wise old souls from the time they are born.  Riddick is like that.  He's a thinker.  Not much is done impulsively.  He studies situations, ponders his options and resolutely makes his decisions.   Do you see it too?           The eyes hav...

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