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All's well that ends well.  For the buyer, sellers and Realtors of 1004 Tunnel Mountain Road just outside of Dillsboro, NC...this sale was a match made in heaven.  In real estate there is absolutely nothing that beats everyone walking away from the closing table with smiles on their faces and par...
  Just like in the history books, one chapter finishes and the next begins.  Tomorrow is closing day for the farmhouse at 1004 Tunnel Mountain Road just outside of Dillsboro.  I remember the day the buyer first contacted us about one of our listings.  She started out as an internet lead on anothe...
Most days, what I want to talk about comes to me immediately and other days, not until later in the day.  Since later today I'm going to be really busy, I wanted to get my writing in early.  All I needed was a spot of inspiration and I didn't have to look far!  Clicking on the "Home" tab in Activ...
  Does the nighttime affect your musical choices?  Usually when I'm thinking about Monday Melodies it is in the very early morning hours.  That wasn't an option this morning though and tonight I found myself wandering through more muted, jazzy and bluesy numbers.  It really is different at night ...
  We are pleased to represent for sale the highly successful Isis Cove Retreat Center, situated in the heart of Isis Cove, an intentional community for those seeking mind, body and spiritual connections for personal growth. Located in Whittier, NC -Jackson County, in the shadows of the Blue Ridge...
Well, actually it isn't so much that I've been framed as it is that I've been framing!  Lanise Warrior commented and lamented on one of my photography posts that she'd like to know how to do the framing, she felt that it really gave the photo a finished look.  I can help with that!   It's not tha...
  We've been introduced to buyers with interest in one of our listings.  It would really help if they could sell a property in Atlanta...a specific neighborhood in Atlanta. So, I called Richard Weisser of Coweta Fayette Real Estate in Newnan, Georgia.  Leslie and I have been big fans of his poetr...
  Not all listings are created equally, we all know that.  Just like parents who are hesitant to admit they have a favorite child, all Realtors have favorite listings and sellers.  There, I've said it.  And to our know who you are ;-D   We have a new listing that we can't wait to g...
  Sometimes if you don't go ahead and take advantage of a good photo op, then you might as well look at yourself in the rear view mirror, call yourself a horse's ass and just get it over with.  Some things won't happen more than once and you'll end up cussing yourself out later.   This photo was ...
  While visiting a new listing today in Whittier to get a few additional photographs of the Isis Cove Retreat Center, I was thinking about all of the snow yesterday and how not a trace of it can now be found in most areas.  What can be found though are new flowers peeking out from the earth.  Whe...

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