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  To any buyer who's seriously ready to buy a home in Western North Carolina and to any REALTOR wanting to offer the highest level of service to their buyers, the information we learned from Rick Balliot with Movement Mortgage yesterday at lunch was like the answer to a prayer and very good news ...
Ahhh real estate success. Do you have to work for it? Yeah, you really do. When I first started blogging I wondered if all this work would ever pay off in the form of real estate success referrals. I remember talking to Tammy Lankford very early on about this and she told me that it took her arou...
  Okay, so this isn't a Melody on Monday...can we call it a Tune on Tuesday? Sometimes I wonder if I'm interested in too many things. Each 24 hour cycle seems to run its course long before I get to delve into everything I want to.   Now the things I NEED to do always take precedence. Everything t...
When I first joined ActiveRain in February of 2010, I had more time on my hands and was able to devote lots of energy to creating and posting to my blog. I don't think its a coincidence that the longer I've been with ActiveRain, the busier MoonDancer Realty has become in real estate. Now the summ...
  We were so lucky to have mild weather when Mom and I went to the Montgomery Zoo. The animals were a bit more invigorated as well as the children.   Each busload of children were from different schools. The kids and adults all had matching t-shirts so it was easy to spot each other in a crowd. I...
This past Monday seems like three weeks ago. I flew into Asheville on Monday night and went back to work the following morning. Trying to get caught up on work has kept me from really getting any time to think about my time away. Finally, I started taking the photos off the camera. This was my s...
  When I packed for the trip with my mother I envisioned the daily routine I was accustomed to but with different scenery. I thought there'd be plenty of time for posting to my blog and facebook, for keeping up with LinkedIn and all those other sites, for responding to emails, texts, phone calls,...
  Apparently she has a routine and part of that routine includes me. I've just learned that when she's at home my mother gets up, checks the weather to see what she needs to wear for her bike ride. Temps under 60 degrees means a long underwear shirt and a sweat shirt in Port Charlotte. She rides ...
  Okay, here it is...the big day. Leslie is taking me to the Asheville Airport shortly and I'll be flying to Atlanta, hanging out there for a couple of hours and then continuing onto the Tampa Airport. I really like leaving from Asheville. There are only a few gates, it's friendly and very small...
  Whirlwind week this week and that calls for high energy music to kick it all off. It's all good....a closing this week and next, new listings, hopefully an offer, flight to FL, drive to Montgomery, AL, drive to NC, see my family, see some Shakespeare, a live performance of To Kill A Mockingbird...

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