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  Ducks must be really hardy birds.  The outside temperature today as I drove alongside the Tuckasegee River was about 31 degrees.  I don't even want to think was the water temperature was.  Tunnel Mountain Road runs beside the river and just before heading up the mountain towards the farmhouse, ...
  This morning I listened to so many different pieces of music, getting ready to post to Monday Melodies.  Nothing felt right, so I decided to wait until later.  As soon as Kelly Clarkston was in the middle of singing "My Country Tis of Thee" today at the Inauguration, I knew nothing else would m...
  Like a lot of people, I used to think that squirrels were cute.  Bushy tails, bright eyes and the little paws that handled food just like hands.  All I see now are bushy tailed little rats with buzz saws for teeth.  As I sit here grimacing with every keystroke, I am at least grateful to no long...
  Late on Friday afternoon was a good time to go out and collect signs from some sold listings and some that we didn't renew.  On my way out to collect the sign from the sold lot out at Conley Mountain Association, the moment I turned onto Sam Dills Road there were a number of rural scene photo o...
  What a difference a day makes.  After 5 or 6 days of dreary and rainy days, we felt like we were coming out of a cave entering a day of blue skies and glorious brilliant sunlight today.      When we left for the office, the sun lit up the ice on Rosemount Road.  It looked like a crystal fairyla...
  So, in our area the winter weather advisory was much ado about nothing...except a bit of a hassle.  Nothing beats days and days of rain followed by snow and an extreme drop in temperature.  Well, unless you add in blizzard strength gusts of wind which aid in plunging the ambient temperature eve...
  Only another REALTOR will understand that sometimes the less expensive listings can turn out to take the largest investment in time.  For the right sellers, it is worth the effort.   We've had the listing at 58 Shadow Ridge, off and on, for quite a long time.  I say off and on because our selle...
  You might recall this idyllic scene from a post earlier this year.  This is a portion of Scotts Creek that usually flows gently through the middle of Dillsboro. Nice, huh?           Due to the heavy and extensive rains over the last several we are predicted to get another 2.67" toni...
  It certainly feels like we've gotten the biblical amount of 40 days and 40 nights worth of rain.  If I knew what a cubit was, we'd start drafting plans for an ark!  It really hasn't been 40 days and nights but it has been 4 days or better of non-stop rain.  Some of it, like what I'm looking at ...
  You’ve seen the slogan on t-shirts and coffee mugs, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…It’s All Small Stuff”. What’s that supposed to mean? Don’t Worry…Be Happy? Or is small stuff supposed to be a bad thing? Or if you pay attention to the small stuff, do you miss out on the big stuff? The real estate...

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