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Some weeks, it seems that there is plenty of time to book everything I need to and no big deal if someone is late or grrrrrr a no show but not so much this week.Everyday I will have a couple of written in stone events to attend and they aren't all located within a city block.  This is the country...
Honestly, I feel pretty safe in what I do for a living and rarely get any twinges or spidey senses going off indicating possibly danger or harm.  Thankfully, those feelings are well tuned however if someone isn't serious about a purchase or sale of a property!A man left a message at the office pr...
Sellers often wonder if offering a "Selling Bonus" will work to get agents to sell their houses quicker.  Sellers can get antsy about attention level their house is getting by local real estate agents.  Locally, we still have a certain price point that there is more inventory than buyers.  This i...
You can barely turn on any of the local news channels or open the local newspapers in Sylva, NC and the surrounding areas without seeing headlines boasting about the Mountain Faith Band from Sylva, North Carolina.  They have successfully arrived in the play-offs of America's Got Talent and voting...
There are no plans to be lazy today but that's okay.  This is a great time of year in Western North Carolina.  The days are still warm, the grass is still green and more importantly the grass isn't growing as fast!Most of the garden has been harvested and the few cooler weather crops I wanted to ...
I'm thankful to be in a profession that with the exception of actually showing properties, can be handled anywhere there is a cell signal or an internet connection.  That is a real plus for Realtors.Most of the "business hour" time, I AM in our office but occasionally there will be a weekday that...
Our jobs as real estate agents is to try and keep the situation under control and emotions out of the negotiations so that the parties can work towards a harmonious conclusion.  Usually that is a sound strategy and works great. Well, it works great as long as both buyer and seller are interested ...
Most buyers, especially new buyers, rarely know in advance that lots of money may leave their account long before they purchase a piece of property. It's a difficult theory for some to follow, that your Due Diligence or inspection period is going to cost money, potentially lots of money.  Even mo...
More often than not, the best real estate agents manage their transactions so well that the clients never realize the drama and trauma happening behind the curtain.  It is the very rare deal that is absent of that excitement, most have some sort of issues to work out. Occasionally we make it look...
When most people think of pressure cooking or canning, all they can remember are mothers, aunts, and grandmothers stressfully saying "get the children out of the kitchen!".  My family dabbled in canning but I don't remember anyone using a pressure canner.  Still, the pressure canner is a little i...

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