buyer expenses: Are Home Sellers Entitled to a Copy of the Buyer's Home Inspection? - 06/21/17 04:39 AM
While I was perusing the ActiveRain Q&A section, I noticed that Kelyn Mills posted the question asking if buyer agents give the Home Inspection Report to sellers.  So many responses!  Different agents have different opinions (big surprise there) but what was really interesting in this particular thread was how different the laws are (or the agent's interpretation of the laws) in each state.
I can't speak to what happens in other states but I do have a handle on what happens in North Carolina.  In our state, while a home inspection is highly recommended it is in most cases not required when … (3 comments)

buyer expenses: Before You Buy a House, Count Your Pennies! - 05/05/17 04:21 AM
Counting your pennies is a kind of cute but pretty old school saying and hardly ever applies in house buying but the point is, there are a number of costs associated with the buyer's side of the purchase transaction.  Before any buyer starts to think the only financial obligation is the price of the house...think again. Before you even contemplate buying that house, you'd be well advised to count lots and lots of pennies.
Costs associated with your house purchase will be fees, appraisal fee, home inspection, pest inspection, radon inspections, survey, chimney, water, well, septic...and these are just the most … (5 comments)

buyer expenses: Professionally Speaking-Real Estate Costs More Than the Purchase Price - 08/13/15 11:01 PM
Most buyers, especially new buyers, rarely know in advance that lots of money may leave their account long before they purchase a piece of property. It's a difficult theory for some to follow, that your Due Diligence or inspection period is going to cost money, potentially lots of money.  Even more difficult to grasp is that the buyer may well spend this inspection money and then not even buy the house!
Sure enough, your Buyer's Agent may be able to negotiate some seller contribution towards these costs but the reimbursement happens at the closing table, not when you engage the necessary professionals.
In … (2 comments)

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