contacts: Real Estate Really Depends Upon Equipment and Contacts - 06/21/19 07:03 AM
One of the reasons my AR participation had slowed way down was the computer at home would sometimes work, sometimes not.  When I needed to work from home, I developed a work around the issues by using harsh language and just abruptly shutting the computer down.  Then, I'd give it time to consider the hardship it was causing me and would turn it on again.  Sometimes that would take care of the issue and if not, more of the same. 
With AR while I was trying to write a post it was like the Executrix IBM typewriters from the 80s.  Don't … (20 comments)

contacts: Reblogging! - Are Your Contracts Reflecting Your Professionalism? - 08/13/11 02:26 AM
Connie Goodrich from McKinney, Texas posted this terrific article about well presented offers.  I am as always honored to add these special articles to the Reblogging! sement.
Many agents do not realize that the best Offers aren't written on the fly.  As Connie points out there are a tremendous number of points to clarify before you even bring the contract software up.
Lenders are expecting and rightfully so to receive a professionally executed document.  Don't you think that is the least you can provide to make the whole process flow smoother?
Even though I am a long way from the agency … (9 comments)

contacts: There's Got To Be A Morning After - 04/01/11 01:21 AM
The morning after a good closing is always a little weird.  You've rushed and scheduled and coordinated and worried and phoned and emailed and...well, you get it.  I've never given birth, but it seems to be a good analogy.  Even though other showings, other deals, other contacts may be happening simultaneously, I still wake up the morning after at sort of loose ends.
Am I alone in this????? This is definitely NOT postpartum depression, just more like a drifty hazy foggy feeling.
One thing is certain, can't be floating like this for too long.  My business partner just asked "What's on … (3 comments)

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