faq: FAQ-What is Earnest Money & How Much is Enough When An Offer is Made? - 11/25/13 09:53 PM
What is earnest money and how much is enough earnest money when someone makes an offer? You aren't going to like the answer...technically, an offer doesn't HAVE to be accompanied with an earnest money amount but the real answer is whatever the two parties will agree to. (side note...in almost 10 years of real estate, I've never heard of an offer without any earnest money being accepted). Since that answer isn't very helpful perhaps understanding the purpose of what earnest money is and maybe knowing what some of the trends, patterns or habits of determining earnest money will be useful knowledge.

faq: Why Doesn't This Listing Look Like the Description or Photos? FAQ!!! - 08/09/13 09:57 PM
  In the long run, if the photos and description of the property for sale are "puffed up" for the consumer...everyone loses. As real estate agents, we can be masters of minimizing faults in our listings when we advertise them. Sometimes it doesn't matter since certain descriptions are open to interpretation and easily understood by the reader, such as "cozy", "adorable", "cute" and "doll house" aren't really misrepresenting the fact that the property is small. But, just about every time I take buyers out to show property we are all confronted with more than one listing that doesn't live up to … (14 comments)

faq: Beyond the Key...Information Buyer's Agents Should Have Ready for You - 11/20/12 01:17 PM
Okay, between you and your Buyer’s Agent you’ve come up with a list of houses that seem like they'll fit into the parameters of what you think you want. Now, you’re ready to meet with the agent and go take a look at those houses. Beyond a key to the house, what kind of information should your Buyer‘s Agent be ready to supply you?
At MoonDancer Realty, we’re prepared to give you a manageable packet of details. For each house that we are going to look at together you can expect to see the following:
Multiple Listing Service … (30 comments)

faq: FAQ~Can I Get Cash Back at the Closing Table? - 08/01/12 10:07 PM
  One question we frequently get asked is “Can I Get Cash Back at the Closing Table?”. It’s usually a FAQ that we get late in the process and by then if the answer is NO, it can be too late to do anything about it.
Once Upon A Time…four or five years ago when the litmus test for getting a loan consisted of breath fogging a mirror…all kinds of creative things happened with your house loan. No down payment was very common and it wasn’t unusual for the closing attorney to disburse money after settlement to the seller’s lender, the … (25 comments)

faq: FAQ ~ How Many Agents Do I Have to Pay to Sell My Property? - 06/13/12 09:52 PM
  The interesting thing about recently writing the series on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), is that all questions get even more attention and can be terrific blog fodder. Just yesterday I was asked a question that I realized I’d been asked by many sellers, “How Many Agents Do I Have to Pay to Sell My Property?”.
Most sellers realize that there may be more than one agent involved in the sale of their house. So, the question is understandable. Some may be concerned that the more “hands in the pot”, so to say, might mean that the compensation or … (12 comments)

faq: Real Estate ~ Everything Worth Knowing Starts With a Question - 06/07/12 12:36 PM
  Whether you are a first time home buyer
or seasoned real estate investor, live locally or will be new to our area, or getting ready to sell your home … there are always questions. Sometimes, you might not even be aware you have questions until the time or situation warrants it. Something I’ve learned over the years is that everything worth knowing, starts with a question.
Whenever I’ve gone online to get questions answered about different subjects, my goal is usually to get a phone number so I can ask my questions of a real live human being. The reason … (8 comments)

faq: FAQ ~ How Do I Know If the Neighborhood is Nice? - 06/06/12 01:11 PM
  The house seems perfect, just the right size with everything you wanted. The price is within your budget.  Just one thing, you are wondering “How Do I know if the Neighborhood is nice?” REALTORS have certain rules they must abide by and one of them is not characterizing a neighborhood. This is up to you.
Drive through the neighborhood at various times of the day. Observe the yards of the neighbors, do they seem to keep their trash cans in and their lawns cut? Are there noises that you think will bother you in the long run? Maybe the neighbor … (32 comments)

faq: FAQ ~ What's In a Residential Offer to Purchase and Contract? - 06/05/12 09:32 PM
  Congratulations, you’ve decided upon the house you want. Now is the time to (gulp) make the commitment and put the offer in writing. Over the course of looking at houses, your buyer agent probably made good use of the togetherness time in the car by explaining “What’s In A Residential Offer to Purchase and Contract?”.
The first thing to understand is that the document is a collection of mutually acceptable promises or terms. If both parties do not agree initially, then both sides counter offer and compromise until the contract suits both parties.
There is a lot of language about … (12 comments)

faq: FAQ ~ Should I Save Money and Skip the Home Inspection? - 06/05/12 01:05 PM
Once in a while, we will work with a buyer who will ask us “Should I save money and skip the Home Inspection?”.
The question obviously gets asked often enough that the North Carolina Real Estate Commission developed a brochure specifically to provide buyers called Questions and Answers On Home Inspections.
The only time it might make sense to avoid hiring a Home Inspector would be if you yourself was a General Contractor holding licenses as an electrician, plumber, chimney sweep and possibly were also a structural engineer…not likely, right?
For a cost of approximately $300-$350, it usually takes a good … (11 comments)

faq: FAQ ~ Will An Open House Help Sell My Home? - 06/05/12 12:27 PM
  As Realtors, we understand our sellers grasping at anything that might help get their house sold. During the listing presentation, we are often asked “Will An Open House Help Sell My House?”.
We can’t speak for the whole country, but we are pretty confident talking about our own area. Western North Carolina is so different geographically from other more urban areas, that is has been our experience that an Open House rarely can be determined to have been the reason a house ultimately sold.
Geographically speaking, our neighborhoods and communities are not laid out in grid fashion so it is … (12 comments)

faq: FAQ ~ I'm Moving, How Can I Find a Good Agent in My New Location? - 06/04/12 10:12 AM
  If someone is getting ready to relocate to a new city, state or even a new country, one major concern could be, “How Can I Find A Good Agent To Help Me Find a New Home in an Unfamiliar Area?”.
You have a couple of avenues available to you. If you are moving because of a new job, you can always reach out to your new employer for a referral to a couple of agents. If you are considering joining any groups that you are currently a member of locally, such as Rotary, National Organization for Women, an Animal Welfare … (7 comments)

faq: FAQ ~ When Is It Time to Change Agencies and How Often Should I Do It? - 06/03/12 09:22 PM
  Houses are staying on the market longer in this economic climate and this will sometimes lead sellers to wonder, “When is it Time to Change Agencies and How Often Should I do it?”.
There is no one “right” answer, but here are a couple of situations that might indicate changing is a good idea. If the answer is “YES” to the various scenarios…it might be time for a change.
Did your agent neglect to give you guidelines of fair and aggressive pricing plus tips on making your house “showing ready”?
Did your listing just expire and this is the first … (9 comments)

faq: FAQ ~ Is Calling the Listing Agent the Best Way to Look at Houses? - 06/02/12 09:52 PM
  “Is Calling the Listing Agent Always the Best Way to Look at Houses?”, is a question asked by many home buyers. It depends.
Are your interests in looking at houses sincere and likely the beginning of a true hunt for a purchase suited to you or are you more of a curiosity seeker? Most agents, Listing Agents and Buyer Agents, are only interested in working with clients who are serious about selling or buying real estate. With the price of gas, gone are the days of joyriding with agents to “kill some time”. Good agents rarely have enough spare time … (16 comments)

faq: FAQ ~ Should I Find a Good Real Estate Agent or Talk to a Bank First? - 06/01/12 09:44 PM
  “Should I find a good real estate agent first or talk to a bank first?”. If you know enough to do a little research about buying a house first, most professionals will suggest you talk to a variety of lenders before beginning your search. That would be us…the professionals. If you didn’t know to talk to a lender first, not to worry. We’ll provide that advice.
No one goes to the grocery store without knowing how to pay for their purchase? Buying a house is just like that but on steroids. Without knowing what price range and payments to expect, … (15 comments)

faq: FAQ ~ Do Home Buyers Have Out of Pocket Expenses? - 06/01/12 12:39 PM
  One question we are frequently asked by buyers is “Will there be out of pocket expenses for me when I buy a house or vacant property?”.
YES! YES! YES! Outside of loan associated costs, which are often rolled into the loan, buyers should be prepared to spend anywhere from $500 to $2,000 out of pocket BEFORE they ever see the closing table.
You’ve found the house of your dreams and are ready to make an offer on the house. Attached to the offer itself is an Earnest Money Deposit and possibly a Due Diligence Fee. There are no standards for … (14 comments)

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