first time homebuyers: Disrespectful Offers Never Work - Gimme Shelter, Monday Melodies - 08/16/15 10:31 PM
Our jobs as real estate agents is to try and keep the situation under control and emotions out of the negotiations so that the parties can work towards a harmonious conclusion.  Usually that is a sound strategy and works great. Well, it works great as long as both buyer and seller are interested in a "fair market" value outcome for both sides.
The strategy doesn't work so well however if one side or the other is either a "winner takes all" personality or if the buyer's agent has allowed the buyers to look at properties priced above their approved range in the misguided belief … (9 comments)

first time homebuyers: What Does It Cost to Buy a House? - 08/07/14 10:01 PM
Consumers might feel Realtors are being a invasive during initial conversations about buying a house, but we have good reason to ask hard questions.  We ask "have you spoken with a lender?" but that's just the beginning.  It isn't enough to know that your debt to income ratio suggests you might well be able to afford the monthly mortgage payments.  That's a good start but not enough to know what it might cost to buy a house.
What are out of pocket expenses?  These are expenses you'll need to be able to cover yourself plus the expenses you'll need to be able to prove to the lender that you … (31 comments)

first time homebuyers: More Reasons Buyers Benefit from Using a Buyer's Agent - 07/24/14 10:08 PM
  It wasn't where we started but we did close yesterday. It can happen but it is pretty rare that a buyer selects the first house they see. Also, it can happen that a buyer will go under contract more than once before they finally close on a home...but thankfully that is rare also. We just got done working one of those rare occasions and have another anecdotal instance to add to our many reasons buyers benefit from using a Buyer's Agent.   Our client originally called in to see one of our own listings that turned out not to be … (9 comments)

first time homebuyers: Buying a House is Real Business - Don't Fear the Home Inspection! - 07/13/14 01:20 AM
Buying a house isn’t for the faint of heart but it isn’t that scary either. If you are sincere and have chosen your team leader well (the Realtor), there should be no problem. You will be given ample opportunities to examine this house during your Due Diligence period. Use the time well and never, ever procrastinate until the last minute to get started. In particular, your Realtor will help you find a qualified and licensed Home Inspector to go in and give you a report of the findings with regards to the condition of the home. This is valuable information and … (0 comments)

first time homebuyers: Those First Steps in Buying a House? We Can Help With That! - 08/31/13 10:06 PM
      Really? You haven't been pre-approved yet for a home mortgage? You didn't know that was a first step? Don't worry, we can help with that.      We have so many fine lenders in our area with a wide variety of mortgage products to offer you.     What we really like about them though is that they'll make the loan process make sense. They are interested in the same thing for you that we are. Everyone on the MoonDancer Realty team wants a long term relationship based association with you, dedicated to helping you feel in control … (7 comments)

first time homebuyers: So...Do You Think You Are A Serious Homebuyer? Ask Yourself These ???s - 07/25/13 11:11 PM
  Real estate agents have many responsibilities to buyers who come seeking assistance in purchasing a home. One of the most important duties to both the buyer and ourselves is helping that individual determine whether or not they are a serious buyer.   It is completely possible for a buyer to be serious about purchasing even if the event doesn't happen for a year or more. That information though determines the most effective and productive use of everyone's time.   At MoonDancer Realty  in Dillsboro, NC we want to be on the same page as the buyer from day one. How can … (29 comments)

first time homebuyers: Bold With the Dream - 02/14/13 09:20 PM
    Another adventure begins with a new buyer. Our first time homebuyer, bold with the dream, will be undertaking a foreclosure.  We'll be with him every step of the way because the journey to successful closing on some foreclosure requires hyper vigilance and support.  Fortunately, he has experience in construction and was wise to select MoonDancer Realty Buyer Agents to watch his back with all the other inherent challenges.       Once it is all over, said and done...he will have a lovely home with a cascading creek falling along the side.   "waterfall Off the weathered rock,
The water softly … (16 comments)

first time homebuyers: They Said WHAT? Huh? Really? Come on...Really? - 10/08/12 10:13 PM
  They said WHAT? Huh? Really? Come On... Do you ever feel like laughing at reality...actually laughing at reality in realty? Thank goodness I've never run into all of these scenarios presented by TheResourceTVShow, but sure have had a couple of them happen.       How well do you vet your prospective buyer clients?  At MoonDancer Realty, we enjoy engaging prospective clients in conversation before we start working.  It's a great time to discover their motivation and let them discover ours.  We want them to know that we are professionals and while we expect to make the real estate purchasing … (67 comments)

first time homebuyers: BUYERS WANTED ~ Please Review Qualifications, Experience Not Needed - 09/07/12 10:24 PM
  Buyers we’ve worked with before are ready to look at investment property. They were awesome to work with. They bought a house through us a little over a year ago and are ready to move on with their vision for their future. We can’t wait to work with them again.
Who couldn’t use more good buyers? If we could place a classified ad for new buyers, what qualifications or experience would we be advertising for? Here’s a few I’ve come up with quickly and I’m opening the doors wide open for suggestions from the rest of the ActiveRain community.

first time homebuyers: Something We Don't Talk About Much ... Insurance - 09/03/12 10:30 PM
  We all have a file folder hidden in our house or office labeled “insurance”. Most often we purchase insurance because we have to. We pay for it and we file the policy but I’ll bet not many of us really understand it.
Jason Sardi announced a new direction in his professional life the other day and that got me to thinking about insurance products. Jason moved out of the mortgage industry and into the North Carolina insurance industry. I’ve followed him online enough to know that he has strong opinions and convictions, and is always able to back them up … (15 comments)

first time homebuyers: MoonDancer Realty's Commitment to Buyers - 08/13/12 10:29 AM
MoonDancer Realty’s number one commitment to buyers is to protect them during the real estate purchase process. Throughout the relationship with the buyer, our job is to advocate for them and to educate them about their real estate transaction, from loan pre-approval to closing day and the hundreds of steps in between. The first step is ensuring the buyer understands their rights as NC real estate customers and explain how real estate agents can work with them. In particular, we explain how it is in their best interest to use a Buyer Agent to work with them.
Price Range and … (2 comments)

first time homebuyers: Real Estate ~ Everything Worth Knowing Starts With a Question - 06/07/12 12:36 PM
  Whether you are a first time home buyer
or seasoned real estate investor, live locally or will be new to our area, or getting ready to sell your home … there are always questions. Sometimes, you might not even be aware you have questions until the time or situation warrants it. Something I’ve learned over the years is that everything worth knowing, starts with a question.
Whenever I’ve gone online to get questions answered about different subjects, my goal is usually to get a phone number so I can ask my questions of a real live human being. The reason … (8 comments)

first time homebuyers: Full Steam Ahead...It's Time to Get Back to Work - 05/26/12 10:13 PM
And just like that, I’m full steam ahead and ready to work! Yesterday was spent in the sun on my good buddy, John Deere the riding mower. Two weeks away from home meant some tall thick grass and other assorted varieties of green that passes for grass in the mountains of Western North Carolina.
Today I started out with a great cup of coffee and read Emily Medvec’s post about being handed one of the first “short sales” in Santa Fe, NM back in 2008. Since there really was no “how to” manual, she just jumped in, got creative and …full … (12 comments)

first time homebuyers: Reblogging! "Stop Renting - Busting a few myths about buying a home" - 12/19/11 12:13 AM
This is such a clearly written post and should be in your arsenal of easy to send links for those folks who are sitting on the fence about buying.  I'm bookmarking it for sending to those folks calling into the office who are "kinda sorta" thinking it's time to move on from their rental status.
I also clicked suggest because the article is written simply and that is the beauty of it.  Joseph manages to convey a great message without overwhelming the reader.
No more excuses. Go buy a home!
The housing market has changed dramatically, and everyone should be taking … (6 comments)

first time homebuyers: "I Feel Like I'm Living in a Dream Come True" - 08/11/11 02:49 PM

"I feel like I'm living in a dream come true", said our buyer after she moved into her new home.
The deed recorded late in the afternoon on August 3rd. By nightfall, our clients had moved many of their belongings and their 4 children from the life they'd always known in Cherokee, NC to a wonderful house just outside of downtown Sylva. When I asked her if she was happy, she couldn't believe how incredibly lucky she felt. "My kids are downtown at the swimming pool and park, and its just 5 minutes … (13 comments)

first time homebuyers: Reblogging! - If You Cannot Afford a Home Inspection Don't Buy The House - 08/11/11 10:36 AM
I love finding articles for my little REBLOGGING! theme and this one about "If You Can't Afford the Home Inspection Don't Buy The House" appeals to my penny wise pound foolish thinking.
Doug Rogers from Pineville, Louisiana authored a really good post about why the money a homebuyer will spend on a home inspection is a critical investment.
Personally, we have nightmares when buyers decide against a professional home inspector and opt to go with their Dad's buddy who works construction, or their friend who happens to be real handy, get it.
I clicked on SUGGEST when I was at … (6 comments)

first time homebuyers: Reblogging! - Do You Have Time to Meet with Me? - 08/08/11 01:14 PM
By now, many of you know why I occasionally like reblogging! especially interesting posts like Jeff's DO YOU HAVE TIME TO MEET WITH ME? It's an honor to share good writing with other people. Jeff Dowler introduces a good topic about pre-qualifying potential clients.  Not so much about financially pre-qualifying but more about a litmus test for determining the prospects' authentic motivation to enter the real estate purchasing process.
Jeff's article proves the point that many of us had to learn the hard way - those callers who want an agent to immediately meet them at a property are most often … (6 comments)

first time homebuyers: Reblogging! - Feeling Financial and Credit Stress? Return to Good Health Following These Suggestions ... - 08/08/11 01:29 AM
For many people these are indeed tough and scary financial times.   Gene Mundt offered this well ordered post to give people in those situations some guidelines to slay the dragon.
When we tell our clients to get with a lender BEFORE looking for a new home, it is so they can find out what shape their financial house is in.  We always hope they will get a clean bill of health immediately, but if not then the really good loan agents can also act as financial doctors guiding people towards fixing their credit.  Even if someone doesn't qualify right away for … (2 comments)

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