moondancer realty: Easy to Love and Ready to Move Into...108 Hardrock Road, Sylva, NC - 10/05/14 10:42 PM
"I have loved this house more than any other in my life", says the current owner. "The mountains can be seen through almost every window. There's a hot tub on our covered patio and the deck runs down the front and side of the house for great entertaining."   The houses that are the most pleasure to list and sell are the ones that the current owners have loved, respected and maintained. This is all that and more. "Ready to move into" is such a cliche in our industry but the house at 108 Hardrock Road is "turnkey" and "ready to … (7 comments)

moondancer realty: Does It Matter If You Hire a Part-Time or Full-Time Real Estate Agent? - 08/09/14 11:46 PM
  Does it matter if your real estate agent only works in this profession part-time? Well, it depends. People work part-time in real estate for many reasons. What really matters is how do you know if you are hiring a part-time or full-time real estate agent and which is in your best interest.     Is the agent part time because all they want to do is refer work? There's nothing wrong with that as long as they are active enough to know the caliber of agent they are referring their contacts to. If you know a friend from work who also happens to have … (8 comments)

moondancer realty: What Does It Cost to Buy a House? - 08/07/14 10:01 PM
Consumers might feel Realtors are being a invasive during initial conversations about buying a house, but we have good reason to ask hard questions.  We ask "have you spoken with a lender?" but that's just the beginning.  It isn't enough to know that your debt to income ratio suggests you might well be able to afford the monthly mortgage payments.  That's a good start but not enough to know what it might cost to buy a house.
What are out of pocket expenses?  These are expenses you'll need to be able to cover yourself plus the expenses you'll need to be able to prove to the lender that you … (31 comments)

moondancer realty: There's No Profit in Procrastination...Even if You Aren't in a Rush - 11/16/13 10:20 PM
One of the first questions we ask new home buyers is "When would you like to be in your new home?". The first time I met Megan she told me "I'm not in a rush". Sometimes those words strike a mental shoulder slump in many Realtors and its hard to explain how some of us have an innate sense of serious buyer vs tire kicker. Home buyers who are serious have a certain intensity about them.  If they ask questions about the Buyer Agency Agreement before signing it and have a list of specific needs with a definitive location range, then they … (11 comments)

moondancer realty: Real Estate in the Mountains...Someone Has to Do It! Monday Melodies - 09/08/13 10:16 PM
Even in Sylva, NC, real estate can be like a pressure regular downtime, we have to grab it when we can. That's where Van Morrison comes in.   It's been like that for more than a month now and its all good. The buyers have been plentiful, intentional and interesting. That's all good but everytime we meet a new buyer, we make sure they understand what they are getting into. That means sharing the lender's information, the Agency Disclosure, and the Buyer Agency Agreement. Then we have a thorough conversation to understand what they are looking for, knowing full well … (5 comments)

moondancer realty: So...Do You Think You Are A Serious Homebuyer? Ask Yourself These ???s - 07/25/13 11:11 PM
  Real estate agents have many responsibilities to buyers who come seeking assistance in purchasing a home. One of the most important duties to both the buyer and ourselves is helping that individual determine whether or not they are a serious buyer.   It is completely possible for a buyer to be serious about purchasing even if the event doesn't happen for a year or more. That information though determines the most effective and productive use of everyone's time.   At MoonDancer Realty  in Dillsboro, NC we want to be on the same page as the buyer from day one. How can … (29 comments)

moondancer realty: Buyer Agency Explained - Working With Real Estate Agents in NC - 07/23/13 01:08 PM
It is likely that for most consumers a real estate purchase will be the largest investment they will make during their lives.  Therefore, it only makes sense that it is in their best interest to work with a Buyer's Agent. 
 Working with a Buyer's Agent as opposed to a Seller's Agent or Seller's Subagent is a matter of higher levels of service & loyalty to Buyers.  All agents (Seller's Agents & Subagents included) owe Buyers honesty, fairness and material facts about properties.  In addition to those items though, when a Buyer's Agent is engaged the Buyer gains the promotion of THEIR own best interests, loyalty … (14 comments)

moondancer realty: Are Spiders Gathering Content or Just Spinning Webs at Your "Web"Site? - 06/26/13 10:30 PM
    When was the last time you visited your website and looked at it from a consumer's point of view? Are you harnessing all of the tools available to you that would make your site the "go to" place for potential buyers or sellers? Are you helping the spiders optimize your "web"site or just letting them set up spiderwebs to collect dust?     Between ActiveRain and IMSDesignation (Internet Marketing Specialist) plus local community college sponsored courses, I've been spending a lot of time learning what to do to make our website a much more effective real estate website. The … (33 comments)

moondancer realty: "While I Don't Expect Miracles, I Actually Do"-Realtors as Superheroes - 02/06/13 09:50 PM
  Inspiration for blogs come from the oddest places. William Johnson of San Diego, recently posted about the extent he goes to when staging a home.  That alone would be fodder enough for a great post but then, I'd sort of be hijacking his idea. Nope, my inspiration came from a comment back to his readers.  I thought it was brilliant..."while I don't expect miracles, I actually do"...   Isn't it the truth?  Buyers and sellers really do expect miracles and we move heaven and earth to accomplish that. LOLOLOLOL, sometimes in SPITE of our clients!  Use whatever analogy you want when considering the … (9 comments)

moondancer realty: Big Heads and Long Tails...AR University...Who Writes This Stuff? - 10/11/12 10:26 PM
  Last night I enjoyed a Bob Stewart/Kerrie Greenhalgh production...or AR Webinar. The subject was timely, "Unlocking the Secret to Keyword Phrases". We’re working with our web-dude to bring our website out of the industrial age and into the light of today. Without webinars like this and advice from people like Tammy Emineth…(gained during the AR Sensei/Grasshopper Challenge), we wouldn't be able to make...pardon the pun...heads nor tails of the process. One of Bob's first slides was entitled "Big Heads and Long Tail Keyword Phrases” - I'll admit my first thought was....who writes this stuff? But, it was after 7pm, I … (12 comments)

moondancer realty: They Said WHAT? Huh? Really? Come on...Really? - 10/08/12 10:13 PM
  They said WHAT? Huh? Really? Come On... Do you ever feel like laughing at reality...actually laughing at reality in realty? Thank goodness I've never run into all of these scenarios presented by TheResourceTVShow, but sure have had a couple of them happen.       How well do you vet your prospective buyer clients?  At MoonDancer Realty, we enjoy engaging prospective clients in conversation before we start working.  It's a great time to discover their motivation and let them discover ours.  We want them to know that we are professionals and while we expect to make the real estate purchasing … (67 comments)

moondancer realty: Do You Think Potato Chips Grow On Trees? Lot 93 in Cane Creek Ridge - 10/04/12 10:45 PM
  Do you think potato chips grow on trees?  No, this isn't a diatribe about the squandering of the spud snack or a lecture to conserve your supply...don't worry, there will be no potato politicking on this particular post.    So...anyhow...I was in the Cane Creek Ridge development two days ago.  Cane Creek Ridge is located out in the Blanton Branch area of Sylva, which is between Waynesville and Sylva off of Hwy 74 in Jackson County, NC.  My friend Eva was with me.  She also just happens to be the webwoman for the Cane Creek Ridge HOA AND knows the development like … (13 comments)

moondancer realty: "Members Only" Won't Cut It This Time ! - 09/29/12 05:51 AM
  We'll all get over this irritation I know and I'm sort of sorry to even post it...BUT....if I'm going to be edgy, I want some company. The day started out with Rambler who now has been diagnosed with a perfectly treatable urinary tract infection and is being difficult to dose with his antibiotic. Florence Nightingale I'm not. After almost losing my hand trying to just give him his pill, I went through what felt like $20 of "treats" to hide it in. Finally, I got the pills in him and went upstairs to calm down.
I navigated around AR … (22 comments)

moondancer realty: Surprise...Changes to NC's Offer to Purchase & Contract,effective 10/1 - 09/19/12 10:19 PM
    Even though, technically, NC licensed real estate agents can wait until June of any given year to take their mandatory CE(Continuing Ed), here at MoonDancer Realty - Leslie and I like to take it as soon as it's offered.  We want to be on top of any changes the NC General Assembly decides to assign as responsibilities to the real estate industry.  It never fails...there's always something.   There will be a number of changes to our NC Offer to Purchase and Contract (form 2-T) and they become effective October 1.  Say what?  Nothing like a sizeable chunk of … (14 comments)

moondancer realty: Fight Anger in Real Estate - 09/18/12 10:18 PM
  Finally, it closed…we have this to share...
First and foremost, good REALTORS are worth every penny they earn. Period. Second, be on guard constantly to restrain anger at the twists and turns deals will take. Anger is blinding to potential resolutions. It’s hard and often a daily struggle but anger has no place in real estate.
This deal began in May of this year. The whole contract’s been one of those “juggling jello” episodes. Fraught with drama, surprises, frustration, irritation, aggravation, suspense, secrecy, extension after freaking extension, delays and constant outside of the box thinking. Was it worth it? Yes.

moondancer realty: That Which Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger...And Smarter ! - 09/14/12 11:07 PM
  Four of the best buyers I’ve worked with I met in Leslie’s retail store in Dillsboro.
They were looking for vacant land…50 plus acres in the NC mountains. Price didn’t matter. They were hands on. No drive-bys, we walked land in blistering heat and freezing cold. We bonded and to this day they’re some of my favorite people.
We finally identified THE property, an old farmhouse on 100 plus acres in Barkers Creek. An agent with the company I worked with at the time was in the process of listing this estate. Six siblings and spouses ages 50 to 80. Everyone … (25 comments)

moondancer realty: Real Estate Isn't About Luck...But, The Buckeyes Didn't Hurt! - 08/27/12 10:43 PM
  Real estate isn’t about luck. It’s been so long since I’ve seen this that I’m not sure I’m seeing things right. Is that light at the end of the tunnel? What made the difference? Could it have been the Buckeyes? They probably didn’t hurt but what it really was IF indeed that IS light at the end of the tunnel, the thing that makes the difference is...
Real estate isn’t about luck, it’s about attention to the minutiae and there's a lot of it. It’s about keeping your … (7 comments)

moondancer realty: Meeting Self Imposed Goal - Fourth Quarter Challenge - 08/25/12 12:03 PM
  We are approaching the fourth quarter of the year and have been discussing which projects will be undertaken to expand service for our clients. Our goal is always the same…to continue to improve communication with present and past clients, prospects and our sphere of influence.   Here are three of our projects.     1. Leslie’s Flyers We anticipate great success with keeping our listings front of mind with the terrific flyers that Leslie prepares using our Publisher Program and photos we’ve taken of the listings. They give us a chance to break out of the MLS mold by giving … (17 comments)

moondancer realty: The Buyer Said "Thank You!"...That Got Me Thinking About Referrals... - 08/18/12 12:38 AM
Wouldn’t you agree that the most efficient business model is working by referral and that most of our buyers haven’t the slightest idea of all the things we accomplish for them? Wouldn’t it make it simpler for buyers to refer us to other potential business if they HAD a better idea of exactly what we do for them? Yesterday, I kept the buyer informed of the way my day was spent on their behalf…and they said Thank You!
We met with their surveyor early and reviewed the new survey and flood elevation certificate. Then I saw their attorney to … (29 comments)

moondancer realty: A Spoonful of Zydeco for the Work Week ~ Monday Melodies - 06/24/12 09:28 PM
  Hard to sit still when a Zydeco band is in the house. Funny about this music thing, I started out looking for mellow acoustic guitar and Mary Chapin Carpenter is a master performer with her guitar. On my way to mellow though, I found this high energy and quick stepping version of
“Down at the Twist and Shout”.
The next six days are loaded with real estate showings, cmas, inspections, negotiations and previews for new listings.
Bring on the week!

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