moondancer realty: Own a Mountain in Western NC - House At No Extra Charge! - 07/05/11 03:38 PM
Here is an opportunity to own a mountain in Western North Carolina, with a house thrown in! Perfect for someone seeking solitude, yet wanting to reside close to the glory of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Blue Ridge Mountains and the world class trout fishing waters of the Tuckasegee River. Located in Cullowhee, NC just 3 hours north of Atlanta, GA this property has easy drive times to Sylva, Franklin, Bryson City, Cherokee, Waynesville and Asheville, NC.

The design of the house is such that the new owner could live comfortably as it is, expand … (17 comments)

moondancer realty: Happy Horse Paradise on 37.14+/- Acres in Sylva, North Carolina - 07/05/11 01:11 AM
Make your horses happy!

Consider this 37.14+/- acre tract located far enough from Hwy 74 to miss traffic noise, but close enough to easily drive to Sylva, Bryson City or Cherokee in one direction or to Waynesville or Asheville in the other.

Just 3 hours north of Atlanta, Ga, this tucked away rural beauty lies in the mountains of Western North Carolina, not far from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Blue Ridge Mountains and Parkway, the world class trout fishing waters of the Tuckasegee River and all the outdoor activities one could ever hope to have … (14 comments)

moondancer realty: GoogleJuice Broadcasting - 07/02/11 05:32 AM
Somehow, I think some GoogleJuice has splashed on me.  I think the term "GoogleJuice" is probably synonymous with "effective broadcasting". Of course its only effective if I know how it happened!

My posts are showing up under the oddest search terms!  I did a search for Webster, NC and the post I did about gnomes showed up!  Have to admit, that's kind of funny if someone on the internet wants a little info on this historic town and then they learn there is a thriving gnome society.  I better check and make sure gnomes aren't a protected class.
I keep trying … (18 comments)

moondancer realty: A Reason to Smile - 06/30/11 03:39 PM
Here's a beautiful thing, I'm feeling lots of reasons to smile lately.  Certainly lots of personal reasons, but that's a different blog.  Getting featured was a surprise and definitely smile worthy!
In reading through blogs and articles this week it seems that lots of people are keeping really, really busy.  It's almost like working for a living again.

Sure, we are frazzled and frustrated by appraisals not coming in as expected and hoped.  But, hey, there are contracts out there which means there are appraisals being done.  Contracts, whether they are easy or difficult are a reason … (8 comments)

moondancer realty: Cheap House Near The Great Smoky Mountains--132 Licorice Lane, Balsam, NC - 06/27/11 02:27 AM
Here is someone's chance to buy a cheap house near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Balsam, North Carolina!  Who wouldn't love giving these directions to their guests?  Smoky Mountain Highway to Candlestick Lane to Cabin Flats Road to Licorice Lane?


This house has character, location, quirkiness and loads of potential.  I know the term "loads of potential" is usually Realtor speak for "needs lots of work", but in this case maybe yes...maybe no - but certainly a good opportunity for someone to get a good cheap house for only $58,000 right in the heart of the … (13 comments)

moondancer realty: Feature This? How Did It Happen? - 06/26/11 01:26 AM
Feature this? Me? Well, feature me head slappingly dumbfounded! By the way, as a brief side note - I typically can't stand Burger King commercials, but I love the term they've coined "head slappingly"...but I digress.
Anyway, rewind to yesterday morning. I posted a brief tirade based on actual events which continue to move agonizingly slow and will no doubt prompt ANOTHER tirade outburst later.  After posting, I got up from the computer to check on the meowing Lazerkitty and returned to the computer 60 seconds later to check email and discovered three responses.

Wow! Already, I thought?  Then I … (17 comments)

moondancer realty: Timing is Everything - - - Isn't It? - 06/25/11 01:20 AM

There have been very few times I've suggested an expiration contingency in any real estate contract over the last seven years - it rarely was an issue...and everyone knows that timing IS everything, don't they?
It seems like unless you are on a catamarran off the coast of Fiji during a monsoon, most people respond in a reasonable time frame to offers, counter offers, etc.  After all, you list a property because you ARE motivated TO sell, right?

I guess that's true, unless...there are several siblings, spouses, a trust and the world's most special property thrown into … (55 comments)

moondancer realty: These Are A Few of My Favorite Things - 06/23/11 01:02 AM
There's nothing I'd love better than to say I woke up today with a song in my heart just thinking about a few of my favorite things. But...that would be fibbing - my heart wasn't singing.
I woke up pretty much like every morning to a dog barking.  Looked outside and saw that it wasn't raining and decided this would be a good day.  I feel good, the temperature is cool and the household is in decent health - these are definitely a few of my favorite things.
After completing the usual morning routine, getting the dogs walked and started … (16 comments)

moondancer realty: Focusing on the Sunrises - 06/21/11 01:33 AM
It was a beautiful morning for an early drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I knew the night before that I wanted to focus on the sunrises in one of the most incredible places in the country.  As I was driving I was thinking how fortunate we are to have these vistas not even 15 minutes from the house.

I was also thinking about booking a flight to see my father in Florida and was trying to decide on which dates.  I hadn't flown in probably 20 years and was considering all of the changes I'd already seen in just … (11 comments)

moondancer realty: I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain - 06/19/11 12:57 PM
I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain in the last day and a half.  We had a couple of maple trees fall down during one of the ridiculously strong windstorms from a couple of weeks ago.  Every time the burning got going, we'd get a cloudburst!  Embers and coals stayed hot though and I kept on keeping on and finally got all the wood burnt. Since I've spent a lot of time burning wood, I've decided that burning wood is a lot like working real estate. 
Let's just take buyers. First there is the monumental task of prequalifying for … (13 comments)

moondancer realty: A Professional "Dream City" - 06/16/11 04:59 PM
I made a comment once to Leslie Rojohn that my activity with ActiveRain was like participating in a professional "dream city".  She suggested that the concept would make a great post and as usual, I think she's right.
The ActiveRain community is made up of citizens of a perfect professional dream city. 
All of the real estate agents I've traded comments with have a clear vision of agency and a strong moral compass with regards to their clients and fellow agents. There is no real estate issue that can pop up that can't be reasoned out by sharing with this group. 

moondancer realty: Stamp Out Sexist Stereotypes~Real Estate Professionals Can Make A Difference - 06/05/11 04:12 PM

Grrrrr. Nothing makes us madder than manufacturers hyping their wares by trying to perpetuate tired and untrue sexist stereotypes. Over Mother's Day the following Proctor & Gamble coupon and advertisement appeared in our newspaper.

Leslie immediately got on the internet to see what the most effective way to make a difference might be.
We are all in the business of helping people house themselves and their families.  No one knows better than REALTORS and lenders how the housekeeping and breadwinning "roles" of homeowners have changed in the last 30 years.
Will you help Leslie out? She needs … (31 comments)

moondancer realty: The Very Simplest Way to Add Colorful Fonts to Your Blog - 06/03/11 12:58 AM
The Very Simplest Way to Add Colorful Fonts to Your Blog
1.) Listen to some colorful music to get you in the mood.
2.) Get a free AOL email account.
3.) Open your ActiveRain "Write a Blog" Window. Resize so it only takes up half of the left side of your screen.
4.) Open your AOL email window. Click on "Compose". Minimize the mailbox window and resize the "Compose" window so it takes up half of the right side of your screen.
5.) Use your imagination, your desktop should look something like this:


moondancer realty: Feeling Mellow Tonight - 05/30/11 03:30 PM
Yes, I'm feeling mellow tonight.  It's the end of a three day weekend and we actually took today off from working.  Working real estate anyway, worked plenty at the house.
Tomorrow is the last day of the 31 Days of May Challenge. Boy, has that been a rewarding experience!?  I've met so many wonderful people on AR throughout this.  People who made a commitment and stuck with it.  Smart people, funny people and creative people.
Fired up the grill for the first time this year.
Got the house clean and burned up a ton of downed wood.
So, this isn't a … (13 comments)

moondancer realty: Finding Common Ground ~ Day Twenty Nine of the 31 Days of May Challenge - 05/29/11 04:25 PM
At the beginning of any real estate client relationship for us, it is important to discover some common ground.
Usually, during our first meeting with someone new, we can identify common "values" during the initial review of the agency disclosure document. 
Since I entered real estate 8 years ago and Leslie around 4 years ago, we were lucky to be in real estate school when the curriculum regarding agency was hammered daily. We've observed many agents who've been at this a lot longer than us really struggle with this first step.  I've even seen some agents who wait … (12 comments)

moondancer realty: Throw Out the Calendar ~ Day Twenty Eight of the 31 Days of May Challenge - 05/28/11 05:26 PM
Some days you might as well throw out the calendar.
I went to bed last night thinking I had the day all lined up today.  No appointments, no commitments, just the whole day wide open to get stuff done.  Important stuff, house stuff, yard stuff, laundry stuff...not real estate stuff. 
The weather was perfect.   Cool, breezy - high 50s and low humidity. No gnats or other skin munching creatures.  I was going to take the little chain saw and finally cut up all the branches from the fallen maples and haul them up to the fire … (13 comments)

moondancer realty: Friday Ends With a Dance ~ Day Twenty Seven of the 31 Days of May Challenge - 05/27/11 04:07 PM
Friday ends with a dance.
There has really been no down time this week...well, except for taking pictures of the little colt in Savannah Township. That was relaxing. 
We've shown houses, met new clients, had clients disappear into the wind (do you suppose there is an alternative realty reality where they all are?), negotiated a new contract, lunched with a lender, had a bonfire,  kept up with the 31 Day Challenge, blogged, blogged, blogged...
I have a score of topics to post about, but I think let's mellow out and celebrate Friday by ending this week with one … (11 comments)

moondancer realty: The Consequence of Horsing Around in Jackson County, NC~Day Twenty Six of the 31 Days of May Challenge - 05/26/11 05:25 PM
Did you catch the post a week or so ago called "Horsing Around Jackson County"?  On the way to showing our listing on Timbuktu Road, I encountered this little consequence of horsing around!

The baby was very shy and really resembles the mama.  What a treat this was.  I'm going out again tomorrow to get more shots.

Spotless and ready to move into!

Consider this attractive cabin as a perfect getaway spot or year-round home.

Located at 847 Timbuktu Road in the Savannah Township, the cabin has a spacious main living area and … (3 comments)

moondancer realty: Advice From a Tree in Sylva, North Carolina ~ Day Twenty Five of the 31 Days of May Challenge - 05/25/11 06:52 AM
Yes, I've had the opportunity to take Advice from A Tree. 
We visited with a friend early yesterday evening at the Sylva Vista subdivision in Jackson County and left an hour later feeling like we had been on the most relaxing vacation.  We do see these views often in our travels, but rarely take the time to relax and simply just "be". 
We soaked in the views and relished the gentle conversation with our good friend.  When you live in an area like ours, here in Sylva, North Carolina it is easy to be distracted from the realization … (13 comments)

moondancer realty: Are the 30 Under 30 Really the Face of NAR? ~ Day Twenty Three of the 31 Days of May Challenge - 05/23/11 04:00 PM
Just who is the face of NAR? It's not that I have an issue with people under 30 - I don't! Snappy dressers don't offend me either. It is hard to put my finger on just why the annual "30 under 30" issue always irritates me. While I do envy people who grew up in the age of tech and are able to embrace all aspects of e-social networking, the folks who really impress me are the ones who've mastered those skills without the benefit of those same opportunities.   Wouldn't it be far more interesting if in addition to the … (53 comments)

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