real estate advice: BUYERS WANTED ~ Please Review Qualifications, Experience Not Needed - 09/07/12 10:24 PM
  Buyers we’ve worked with before are ready to look at investment property. They were awesome to work with. They bought a house through us a little over a year ago and are ready to move on with their vision for their future. We can’t wait to work with them again.
Who couldn’t use more good buyers? If we could place a classified ad for new buyers, what qualifications or experience would we be advertising for? Here’s a few I’ve come up with quickly and I’m opening the doors wide open for suggestions from the rest of the ActiveRain community.

real estate advice: FAQ~Can I Get Cash Back at the Closing Table? - 08/01/12 10:07 PM
  One question we frequently get asked is “Can I Get Cash Back at the Closing Table?”. It’s usually a FAQ that we get late in the process and by then if the answer is NO, it can be too late to do anything about it.
Once Upon A Time…four or five years ago when the litmus test for getting a loan consisted of breath fogging a mirror…all kinds of creative things happened with your house loan. No down payment was very common and it wasn’t unusual for the closing attorney to disburse money after settlement to the seller’s lender, the … (25 comments)

real estate advice: Real Estate ~ Everything Worth Knowing Starts With a Question - 06/07/12 12:36 PM
  Whether you are a first time home buyer
or seasoned real estate investor, live locally or will be new to our area, or getting ready to sell your home … there are always questions. Sometimes, you might not even be aware you have questions until the time or situation warrants it. Something I’ve learned over the years is that everything worth knowing, starts with a question.
Whenever I’ve gone online to get questions answered about different subjects, my goal is usually to get a phone number so I can ask my questions of a real live human being. The reason … (8 comments)

real estate advice: FAQ ~ Should I Find a Good Real Estate Agent or Talk to a Bank First? - 06/01/12 09:44 PM
  “Should I find a good real estate agent first or talk to a bank first?”. If you know enough to do a little research about buying a house first, most professionals will suggest you talk to a variety of lenders before beginning your search. That would be us…the professionals. If you didn’t know to talk to a lender first, not to worry. We’ll provide that advice.
No one goes to the grocery store without knowing how to pay for their purchase? Buying a house is just like that but on steroids. Without knowing what price range and payments to expect, … (15 comments)

real estate advice: FAQ ~ Do Home Buyers Have Out of Pocket Expenses? - 06/01/12 12:39 PM
  One question we are frequently asked by buyers is “Will there be out of pocket expenses for me when I buy a house or vacant property?”.
YES! YES! YES! Outside of loan associated costs, which are often rolled into the loan, buyers should be prepared to spend anywhere from $500 to $2,000 out of pocket BEFORE they ever see the closing table.
You’ve found the house of your dreams and are ready to make an offer on the house. Attached to the offer itself is an Earnest Money Deposit and possibly a Due Diligence Fee. There are no standards for … (14 comments)

real estate advice: Buyers Are Liars and So Are Sellers...Doing Our Own Homework! - 05/16/12 10:07 PM
  Real Estate Schools sometimes give pre-licensing students a grim view of the profession they are about to enter. I clearly remember more than one instructor informing the class that “Buyers are Liars…and so are Sellers”. Do you think there is truth in that statement?
Until the last couple of days, I can’t say that I’ve run into any buyers who were blatant, out and out liars but certainly have run into a few who would “stretch” the truth a bit. Exaggerate a situation. You know, turn a dripping faucet into a scenario of the sink that is likely to fall … (37 comments)

real estate advice: I'll Light the Fire, You Place the Flowers...Monday Melodies - 04/29/12 09:31 PM
Got the funniest email this morning from those fricken buyers we love…“Loved the fricken blog! The weekend ended up great for us albeit plenty stressful. Just a side note I will never, I repeat never close on a Friday ever again!!!!”
I didn’t have the heart to tell him how often WE’VE said those very same words!
Bob also said “One of your blogger friends said they wanted a picture of the house I will send you my fav.”. Here’s Bob’s photo of his and Kathy's very cool new house in Franklin, NC…I had to get it framed for them ;-D

real estate advice: Friday Closings and the Waiting Game - 04/25/12 09:51 PM
  As REALTORS we do whatever we can to accommodate our clients whenever possible. I don’t know how other agents feel about Friday closings but to me they can introduce a whole new element of sssstressss to the process. Up to a certain point during the home search and contract phase, REALTORS have an element of control over scheduling, negotiations and inspections but once the Due Diligence period is over, to some extent we can feel like spectators to a waiting game until everything gets recorded.
Whether we’re representing the buyers, sellers or both…we are powerless to dictate when the processor … (52 comments)

real estate advice: In Research Mode...Holding Ourselves to the Higher Standard - 04/18/12 09:25 PM

Buyers may not realize it, but Sellers do not have a duty to disclose material facts about their property…however, REALTORS do. At least they have a duty to disclose material facts that they know about or might be expected to know about.
That means research. There is probably a huge segment of the population who believe that REALTORS write up Listing Agreements all willy-nilly, take a few lousy photographs, put a sign in the yard and wait for the phone to ring. Sure, we all know there are some REALTORS who do business that way, but not at MoonDancer Realty. … (30 comments)

real estate advice: The Public Doesn't Know...Safety First Always - 02/01/12 12:21 AM

The public doesn’t know what goes through the minds of REALTORS and real estate agents when they ask us before we’ve met them personally to meet them for the first time at the property. We (agents) always need to consider Safety First. 99% of the time there is probably nothing to worry about. That is more than likely because 80% of the people calling have no dastardly intentions to do us harm and 19% have no intention of buying anything. Thankfully the instances are few so we hardly ever see mention in the media about the agents who have been … (9 comments)

real estate advice: Standing Apart From the Crowds - 08/18/11 01:37 AM
Standing apart from the crowd is essential in real estate.  Do you pay attention to your personal branding?  Are you part of a company that encourages uniqueness among their agents or is conformity the name of the game?  What makes your professional personality stand out among your competition?
If you have a crystal clear concept of "Independent Contractor" vs "Employee" then you have the ability to be your own safety net when you are a real estate broker.  Those agents who seem to be successfully navigating the current market pay attention to their personal branding, making sure that their sphere of influence identifies with them … (8 comments)

real estate advice: Just Who Should Sign the Real Estate Documents? ~ Day Twelve of the 31 Days of May Challenge - 05/12/11 12:45 AM
Corporations, Etal, Trustee, Power of Attorney, Executor, Formerly Known As...Can any real estate agent ever "assume" that the individual sitting across the desk for them is just who should sign the real estate documents?

There is no room in real estate transactions for "assuming", that is "assuming" you want to keep your license and sanity intact! 
This will be a short and sweet post - do your research up front, get any uncomfortable questions out of the way early. 
If when you pull the deed up prior to taking your listing, the property is held in names like "insert any … (9 comments)

real estate advice: We Got Shoplifted...Again! ~ Day Ten of the 31 Days of May Challenge - 05/10/11 02:35 AM
My partner called while I was out showing to tell me we'd been hit by the shoplifters again. Yep, the advice shoplifters got us again!  Thank goodness it doesn't happen often.
Remember the post about hearing a mother and daughter freely exchanging cuss words in a conversational manner?  Well, here's what happened...
An acquaintance, in good faith, referred a friend of hers to us for a possible listing. The house had been listed, was now expired, seller very dissatisfied with listing agent, blah, blah, blah. 
This was a Saturday and seller wanted to meet with us that day. Not a problem if … (11 comments)

real estate advice: There's Got To Be A Morning After - 04/01/11 01:21 AM
The morning after a good closing is always a little weird.  You've rushed and scheduled and coordinated and worried and phoned and emailed and...well, you get it.  I've never given birth, but it seems to be a good analogy.  Even though other showings, other deals, other contacts may be happening simultaneously, I still wake up the morning after at sort of loose ends.
Am I alone in this????? This is definitely NOT postpartum depression, just more like a drifty hazy foggy feeling.
One thing is certain, can't be floating like this for too long.  My business partner just asked "What's on … (3 comments)

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