sellers: Sellers Aren't Created Equally & Yes, Some DO Deserve a Higher Yield! - 11/21/13 09:26 PM
   Yeah, that's right. Not all sellers are created equally. Fellow agents, you KNOW I'm telling the truth. There are just some sellers who deserve a higher return that others.   Of course, those would be the sellers who treated their homes like organic entities and went beyond simply mowing the yard and keeping the laundry up. Sellers, who from day one of owning their homes, decided to treat their real estate as the most precious of investments, absolutely should have the shortest time on market and the highest yield.   That becomes a little more difficult in a buyer's market … (4 comments)

sellers: Please Don't Sell "My" House! Bad Kharma Has No Place in Real Estate. - 04/08/13 10:36 PM
Please, don't sell "my" house! No, it wasn't the seller giving me that message...don't you love showing houses occupied by the renter? Is it ever in their best interests to have a great showing, an offer and a successful contract? I know they are under stress and I really do sympathize. It would be completely scary to have a month to month agreement rental situation, to pass a REALTOR's yard sign every time you pull into the driveway, to know that with little notice strangers could be walking through "your" home and commenting on your things and to always feel you are … (54 comments)

sellers: Meeting Self Imposed Goal - Fourth Quarter Challenge - 08/25/12 12:03 PM
  We are approaching the fourth quarter of the year and have been discussing which projects will be undertaken to expand service for our clients. Our goal is always the same…to continue to improve communication with present and past clients, prospects and our sphere of influence.   Here are three of our projects.     1. Leslie’s Flyers We anticipate great success with keeping our listings front of mind with the terrific flyers that Leslie prepares using our Publisher Program and photos we’ve taken of the listings. They give us a chance to break out of the MLS mold by giving … (17 comments)

sellers: Curbs Aren't Necessary for Great Curb Appeal - Friday Fotos - 06/14/12 10:03 PM
  It turns out it isn’t necessary to have curbs to have great curb appeal. Good thing, most of the communities in our area of Western North Carolina may have sidewalks but no curbs.
Just because you don’t have curbs, do not neglect your curb appeal! You only get one chance for a first impression from the buyer. If your shrubs are haggard and ragged, your front porch unkempt and peeling, your flowers fighting to survive among the weeds and your obviously unused garden tools scattered about the yard then you are running the risk of either turning off the prospective … (12 comments)

sellers: Real Estate ~ Everything Worth Knowing Starts With a Question - 06/07/12 12:36 PM
  Whether you are a first time home buyer
or seasoned real estate investor, live locally or will be new to our area, or getting ready to sell your home … there are always questions. Sometimes, you might not even be aware you have questions until the time or situation warrants it. Something I’ve learned over the years is that everything worth knowing, starts with a question.
Whenever I’ve gone online to get questions answered about different subjects, my goal is usually to get a phone number so I can ask my questions of a real live human being. The reason … (8 comments)

sellers: What Was the Owner Thinking? - 03/22/12 10:50 PM
As REALTORS, everyone of us at one time or another has wondered “What Was The Owner Thinking?”. We’ve all got our particular real estate irritants when out showing…mine is unreachable homes by normal modes of transportation…yet the advertising “come hither” shows jaw dropping outstanding views with only casual reference as to the access.
No doubt there are REALTORS in Florida, Ohio, Illinois and Louisiana wondering what I’m talking about. They have their own irritants that I’m not be familiar with. REALTORS in Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia and other mountainous states know exactly what I mean. During the building boom, people … (69 comments)

sellers: Reblogging! Andi Grant's Why My First Time Home Buyers Didn't Make an Offer on Your Home - 03/14/12 10:23 PM
How would you like to provide your seller with this kind of feedback?
Dark wood paneling with bulky overstuffed furniture(that made them feel closed in as if they've walked into a giant coffin - this was actually said by one of my first time home buyers recently!)  Ouch...that would hurt, wouldn't it.  We don't list houses like the ones that Andi Grant has so eloquently described in her blunt, honest but humorous post today.  Well, humorous to us agents anyway.
Even though we don't list them...we've definitely inadvertantly shown them!  Yuck ! ! !
Here's a List of Reasons Why My First … (8 comments)

sellers: Nothing Personal But Your House Isn't Even Priced Close to Market Value - 12/22/11 01:21 AM

Dear Seller, Nothing personal but your house isn't priced even close to market value.
On December 13th we put the finishing touches on an Offer to Purchase for a house in Franklin. Franklin, while only 20 miles away presents a completely different picture of a real estate market than here in Sylva and Dillsboro. There have been more short sales and foreclosures. I posted an article about this offer and being relieved that no matter what the picture presented, at least I had comps to work with. The article concluded that we felt we had given the seller ample data to understand … (14 comments)

sellers: Dear Seller, Are You Kidding? Listing Agent Must Accompany? Really??? - 09/15/11 04:58 PM
Dear Seller, Are you kidding? Listing Agent Must Accompany? Really???? 

Is this idea a throwback from prehistoric real estate days? Is it a request from sellers or a suggestion from insecure listing agents?  I spent the weekend showing lakefront property in Cashiers, Tuckasegee and Bryson City a couple of weeks ago. Several listings included the statement "Listing Agent Must Accompany". I get it if there are pets in the house. I don't get it for vacant or unoccupied houses! All I know is I have to carefully craft my buyers' schedule to accommodate the Listing Agent's convenience. … (20 comments)

sellers: What's In A Name? How Do We Define Ourselves? - 04/16/11 03:27 AM

This subject has dominated my thoughts lately. We recently decided we could better serve our clients and ourselves professionally with our own firm. Once we made the decision to open our own brokerage, we spent a tremendous amount of mental energy on naming the company.
Should we go with physical location, identify ourselves with our area? Include town names like Sylva, Cullowhee or Dillsboro? How about Jackson County? Maybe attach a location covering a larger area, like Western North Carolina, Great Smoky, Blue Ridge, or Appalachian Mountains? These names were frustrating us by the confinement they represented and the name … (4 comments)

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