waynesville: Local Politics & Primaries Matter - NC Senate Distict 50 - Jane Hipps - 04/28/14 10:02 PM
All across the country, communities are getting ready to hold Primary Elections.  In some cases, early voting is going on right this minutes but in any case May 6 is your final opportunity to participate in the Primaries.  Most people won't vote and what a shame that is.  One of the activities keeping me the busiest (after the whole making a living thing) is supporting our good friend of almost 30 years for NC Senate District 50, Jane Hipps.

Sure, she's a good friend but that in and of itself is not enough to win an endorsement from us.  … (3 comments)

waynesville: A Familiar Tail at the Vet's Office - 06/29/13 09:56 PM
For anyone with pets, this is a familiar tail tale. The Office Manager of MoonDancer Realty has routine bloodwork done at her vet, The Animal Hospital of Waynesville. She doesn't love the experience. When the vet isn't actually examining her, this is The Office Manager's usual position.         One of the Office Manager's companions, Zoey, also needed to see the vet so we took them both. Somehow I don't think that the Office Manager had to teach Zoey this lookout position.       After the visit to the vet, we ate lunch in the car and then … (9 comments)

waynesville: Mountain Cabin for Sale-2840 Cane Creek Rd, Cane Creek Ridge, Sylva,NC - 06/02/13 10:21 PM
  Many people have an ideal vision of what life in the mountains of Western North Carolina will be like and they can picture in their head what they would like their house to be like. Nine times out of ten, what so many people are looking for is the "cabin in the woods". The MoonDancer Realty Sylva, NC listing at 2840 Cane Creek Road in Cane Creek Ridge Estates could be exactly what they are dreaming of.   Cane Creek Ridge Estates is located between Waynesville and Sylva in Jackson County, NC off of Blanton Branch Road, making it easy to … (7 comments)

waynesville: Caramel Sundae at the Red Barn Greenhouse in Waynesville, NC - 04/20/13 10:54 PM
  Ice cream isn't something I eat often, mainly because I love it too much. It's much better to deal with an ice cream craving by buying a small cone instead of a half gallon. I'd gone into Waynesville yesterday to greet the new season for the Waynesville Farmers Market but had been mistaken about the hours they're open this time of year. I got there at 1pm, but alas they are only open from 8am to noon. Bummer. So, I headed out to Maggie Valley because I'd heard there was a Farmers Market out there too but I couldn't find … (10 comments)

waynesville: A Big Mouth Boy - It Isn't Always About Real Estate - 09/27/12 10:37 PM
  Real estate is mostly what we do, it's not always who we are and sometimes it isn't what we write about.  This morning it's about a Big Mouth Boy named Rambler.   Rambler loves, loves, loves to bark and he's great at it.  I'll bet he can bark 360 barks per minute...makes us crazy, we don't usually let him get to 20 seconds let alone a full minute.  Barking must make him feel good or he might just have a lot to say.  He always looks joyful during bark time, tail wagging while he holds court and how often have … (20 comments)

waynesville: Sometimes It Can Really Wear You Out-sort of Silent Saturday - 07/27/12 11:27 PM
  Sometimes a certain behavior by your dog can take as much out of him as it does you. Frosty started licking his feet obsessively and making us stark raving mad. Turned out that he had an allergy…who knows to what and who can afford to go through allergy testing? Dogs apparently react to allergies differently than humans. We are able to have runny noses, watery eyes, sneezing and most importantly can verbalize what’s going on. Not so much with dogs. The allergy runs through the skin of the dog and creates bacterial infections, in Frosty’s case he had yeast in … (15 comments)

waynesville: Cemeteries and Parking Lots ~ One REALTOR'S Perspective - 07/21/12 09:54 PM
  Don’t you think your perspective changes warps about the location of certain things when you are in real estate, for example - the locations of cemeteries and parking lots? The oddest things occur to me now and maybe it’s because I’m in the mountains and build-able property is at a premium.
Sometimes I walk down my driveway or look out my window and think, thank goodness back when Congress was working more for the people that the Blue Ridge Parkway Service property was preserved. That would be my logical brain talking, the REALTOR brain says…the grade on that property is … (33 comments)

waynesville: Looks, Feels & Smells New! ... 82 Barrett Road in Balsam, NC - 07/05/12 01:23 PM
  Looks New! Feels New! Even Smells New! You're gonna love this house!

Only if you are a listing agent can you understand the thrill when you list a really great house, one that given the chance you would move into yourself in a heartbeat. Our new listing at 82 Barrett Road for just $210,000 (reduced to $189,000!) in Balsam, North Carolina fits that bill perfectly.

This house has been impeccably cared for, thoroughly enjoyed and every square foot shows it. The location could not be better. Balsam is located halfway between Sylva and Waynesville, 10 minutes … (16 comments)

waynesville: The Color Purple in Waynesville, NC ~ Wordless Wednesday - 07/04/12 02:02 PM
  These purple blooms graced the border of some vacant lots I was showing this morning in Waynesville, NC.  I don't know what kind of flowers they are and it really doesn't matter.  They made me feel calm and reminded me of the movie "The Color Purple".      Working in real estate in the mountains of Western North Carolina and showing vacant land in the summer really exposes me to some of the incredible treasures this great state has to offer. … (16 comments)

waynesville: Pouty Little Angel - Silent Saturday - 02/24/12 09:10 PM
What on earth could this pouty little angel have done that he chose to sit in a corner on a cold concrete bench on a rainy day in Waynesville, NC?  Whatever he did, he looks like he regrets his actions and could use a little forgiveness...and maybe some hot chocolate!  That always makes me feel better.


waynesville: Looking Sheepish ~ Speechless Sunday (Almost) - 02/12/12 12:43 AM

Showing property or snowing property yesterday in Waynesville was a pleasant adventure in spite of the 25-30 mile wind gusts and the below freezing temperatures. If we had waited until today to look at houses, we would have been greeted by this morning’s temperature of 8 degrees with the wind chill taking us below zero.
Not only did we identify a few very good candidates for the buyers’ short list of homes but they brought their daughter, a professional photographer, with them. If the weather had been a tad more pleasant, I can see that we would have stopped far … (8 comments)

waynesville: In Real Estate, No Two Days Are Alike...Ever - 02/10/12 12:34 AM

In real estate, no two days are alike. For some of us, that’s one of the real draws to the profession. I’ve had jobs working for other people before when days just roll into each other with no significant difference from each other. In those kinds of jobs, for me, there is no challenge, no passion, no sense of advocacy.
Our day yesterday started with a seminar hosted by Oldtown Bank in Waynesville actually it started with taking Gigi, the 80 pound black and tan coonhound mix to the Animal Hospital of Waynesville for some much needed dental surgery. THEN … (17 comments)

waynesville: How Lucky Was This Day ~ Wordless Wednesday - 01/17/12 11:51 PM

How lucky was this day? Day three working with the nice couple from South Georgia and the forecast was 70 percent chance of rain. Not only did we dodge serious raindrops throughout the day but we also got to see several rainbows in different parts of Haywood County. I sort of felt like a tornado chaser pulling off the highway to get photos. It was worth it…all my life I’ve seen rainbows and never stopped to get photos.
Have I mentioned lately how much I love this area and my work?    Have a lucky day, but don’t forget to create … (16 comments)

waynesville: Winter Flowers in Western North Carolina - 01/15/12 11:54 PM

Funny how just one day of sunshine can perk a person up. We’ve had a solid week of grey days, rain and snow here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I’d begun to despair (okay, that’s kind of melodramatic) of ever seeing colors before spring. Granted the colors I spotted were sort of brown or golden but at least they weren't grey and they were in the sunlight!
Yesterday I worked with a really fun family from Alabama and we were looking at homes with large acreage. The land is important to them and I’d scheduled the appointments so … (11 comments)

waynesville: Not So Speechless Sundae ~~ Comfort Zone - 01/14/12 11:35 PM

They are just names in an article until you can see them laid out. We used to sell the dickens out of raised relief maps when we were in retail with Venture Out, our camping and backpacking store. We keep a framed raised relief map in our office and property hunters are as fascinated by the area’s layout as we are.
This is a small portion of our comfort zone. All the names I’ve posted about and more…to the west you can see Dillsboro, where MoonDancer Realty’s office is located, towards the east and kind of in the center of … (11 comments)

waynesville: Oh Deer, How Much Should Be De-Cluttered? - 12/30/11 12:24 AM

Oh Deer Me, how much should be cleaned out? When we help people get ready to list their houses, one of the suggestions we usually make is De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter (actually, is that three suggestions?) and minimize the amount of “personal” décor. The goal is not to hurt the seller’s feelings or pass judgment on how they choose to add focus to their walls, refrigerators or bulletin boards.
The goal is simple, some buyers have a great deal of difficulty visualizing themselves and their own decorative demons in a house if there is no place for the eyes to rest … (16 comments)

waynesville: Standing Sentry in Waynesville, NC - Not So Speechless Sunday - 12/17/11 11:19 PM

This massive oak has been standing sentry on Church Street in Waynesville for far longer than any of the 100 plus year old houses.
Wouldn’t you love to hear the history he’s witnessed? How many soldiers took cover behind his trunk? How many lovers kissed beneath his leaves? How many children scrambled over his limbs?

He is hale and hearty still, ready to stand sentry for centuries more.

waynesville: Blue Ridge Parkway is a Treasure - 10/19/11 04:28 PM

At least once a day I'm reminded of how lucky I am to live and work in a place that people dream of coming to. Having the Blue Ridge Parkway in my backyard is a treasure I never take for granted. Every changing season offers breathtaking views, but autumn always seems particularly dramatic.


waynesville: Little Known Fines Creek in Waynesville - 09/29/11 04:49 PM

Sometimes I can't believe our good fortune to live and work in these mountains of Western North Carolina.  Most people have never heard of little known Fines Creek in Waynesville and I suppose some of the neighbors there are just fine with that.  I'd heard of it of course, but had never had the chance to check it out.     Funny how opportunity will sometimes present itself.  For us, it came in the form of a referral in a very roundabout way.  We have listers who live in Asheville but own a historic farmhouse property in Dillsboro that we represent.  … (5 comments)

waynesville: Smooth Showings Thanks to the Efforts of Agents in Neighboring MLS - 09/26/11 04:30 PM

What a day!  I showed 11 houses near downtown Waynesville today.  They were all within a 4 mile radius and it went very smoothly thanks to the cooperation of the neighboring Haywood County MLS agents.
Living in Balsam, I am right on the Jackson/Haywood County Line.  We've owned a business in Waynesville and therefore are very familiar and comfortable with showing property in Waynesville.  Because we aren't members of the Haywood County MLS, we wouldn't dream of listing properties there but have had success with our buyers there.  Other agents in our own Northern Jackson MLS have complained that … (13 comments)

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