wordless wednesday: Photos Can Provide a Mini Vacation and The Price is Right - 07/22/14 10:14 PM
Sometimes it is good to just transport ourselves to another place mentally, even if only for a few minutes. We're grateful for a very good several months of real estate transactions but it sure has been a morass of details. The short sale that turned out to not have a right of way to the state road and the farmhouse with the 1933 power easement surprise took an amazing amount of energy. Revisiting listings taken in winter to rephotograph with fresher and more seasonally appropriate photos takes time. Catching up on business after an awesome two week visit with my mother … (7 comments)

wordless wednesday: Nature is Dramatic by Itself But Sometimes Photos Can Use a Little Pop - 12/19/12 01:13 PM
  There is nothing more dramatic than nature but a little drama can get added during the photo processing.  William Johnson of San Diego is a good one for introducing different process effects and from him I've learned to explore my options a bit.   If you haven't checked out Ribbet yet, you're going to wish you had.  It is by far the most user friendly online photo processing service available.  The "premium" features are still free and it is more than worthwhile to go ahead and create an account.  By doing so, you can upload up to 6 photos at … (8 comments)

wordless wednesday: The Beauty that Exists in All Seasons - 11/14/12 12:24 PM
  It is amazing how much the tone of colors can change in just a month here in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  A month ago we had vivid colors and most trees still had their leaves.  When I was showing the farmhouse on Tunnel Mountain Road a couple of days ago, I had a few moments to myself and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty that exists between the showiness of "Colored Leaf Season" and the starkness of winter.   These photos were included in a collage I created to accompany a post on how to make a collage … (9 comments)

wordless wednesday: My Bad...I Should Have Called First...I Didn't Know Anyone Was Home ! - 09/11/12 09:49 PM
  When the Office Manager and I were walking in Dillsboro yesterday, I noticed a home for the first time.  It was unusual enough that I thought I'd take a photo of it since the curb appeal was so...well...appealing.   The first shot of the front door appeared in the viewfinder and I was happy with it, so I snapped.  Since it never hurts to get more than one shot, I looked through the viewfinder again and there was the owner!  I'm guessing this owner doesn't get surprised by visitors often, more likely it is the other way around...lol.     … (19 comments)

wordless wednesday: Steeped in History ~ Montgomery, AL ~ Wordless Wednesday - 05/29/12 09:49 PM
  The RiverWalk area of downtown Montgomery, Alabama blends decades of history into just a few short blocks.  The day was overcast which just seemed to add a dreamlike quality to the surroundings making it even easier to imagine what it might have looked like during the Civil War, turn of the century, Prohibition and into the fifties.        … (13 comments)

wordless wednesday: Saving the Cat? - Wordless Wednesday - 05/22/12 09:48 PM
  The cat is probably wondering “Did I ASK to be saved?”. There are so many possible outcomes for this scene, none of them however what these kids thought would be the end result.

How many days have YOU started out thinking there would be a purring and content kitty in your hands only to find yourself reeling, hurt and confused by someone else’s misinterpretation of your well intentioned actions?

These kids had better hope their parents aren’t watching!

This is one of the phenomenal bronze statues surrounding the Shakespeare Theater in Montgomery, Alabama.

wordless wednesday: Smudging the Azalea ~ Wordless Wednesday - 04/25/12 12:52 PM
Which photo is the artier of the two?  I captured a photo of this azalea just at dusk, right before the rain started yesterday.  Since Picnik is no longer available I've been using PicMonkey to edit my photos.  Other than a little cropping, there are no special effects on this first shot.            Then I had a little fun with the editing.  This effect is called smudging.  I kind of like it.        What do you think? … (20 comments)

wordless wednesday: Orange You Curious? ~ Wordless Wednesday - 04/17/12 10:36 PM

Orange you curious? I know I am.

How could I not notice these flowers growing in Mayor Wilson’s yard in Dillsboro, NC?
I’ve never seen any quite like them and yes…you got it, unless someone in ActiveRain recognizes them…

the only name I’ve got for them will have to be “Mayor Wilson’s Orange Flowers“!

wordless wednesday: You've Been Told The Property is Vacant ~ Wordless Wednesday - 04/10/12 09:56 PM

It’s happened to just about every REALTOR at one time or another. You’re told the property is vacant, but still you knock and you call out before you enter. Even once you are on the property you’ve got the sense you aren’t alone. Then the unexpected encounter happens!

They didn’t hear you knock or call out because they were lounging in the hammock on the deck…it’s always a mystery as to who gets more surprised!

wordless wednesday: In Their Easter Bonnets...Wordless Wednesday - 04/04/12 01:40 PM

Dillsboro, NC has been very busy sprucing up for a visit from the real Easter Bunny this Saturday, April 7. The Easter Bunny will participate in the Easter Hat Parade on Saturday beginning at 2pm. Prior to the parade, the folks at Dogwood Crafters will have a workshop for people to create bonnet fashions to compete for awards before heading off on the parade.

All week long, some real characters have been popping up in their Easter finery and is … (19 comments)

wordless wednesday: Profusion of Pink in Dillsboro, NC ~ Wordless Wednesday - 03/27/12 10:27 PM

It doesn’t seem like pink was ever a color I gravitated towards when I was little…I’d have to ask my mother to be sure, but I don’t think so. There certainly isn’t a shred of it in my closet now. Shades of purple, violet, lavender or lilac…sure, but pink…not so much.

Except in nature, I love the profusion of pink that blooms this time of year.
This is some kind of tree that is in Dillsboro at the boat launch where Scotts Creek flows into the Tuckasegee River.

I wasn’t content to take just one photo.


wordless wednesday: This Picture's Got Legs - Wordless Wednesday - 03/07/12 09:08 AM

Do you watch a lot of crime television? CSI, Law & Order, The Closer, The Mentalist, NCIS? Have you ever wondered what your reaction would be if while you were out walking you came across a body?

The Office Manager and I were out strolling near the public boat launch in Dillsboro where Scotts Creek and the Tuckasegee River merge. We had just come out from under the bridge when I spied a pair of legs…no body…just legs. I’m here to tell you that coming across body parts where there usually aren’t any is a pretty bizarre feeling. … (23 comments)

wordless wednesday: House on the Hill - Wordless Wednesday - 02/28/12 09:22 PM

There is challenge enough keeping up with the house you live in, but what about the house you or your family might have grown up in? Sometimes when I travel the roads of Western North Carolina and I see something like this “House on the Hill” on US 209 on the way to Hot Springs, I have to wonder about the story behind it. Don’t you wonder if maybe someone inherited the property and didn’t have the funds to either fix it up or tear it down? Or maybe it wasn't in their heart to tear it down.  From a distance, it … (17 comments)

wordless wednesday: Asheville, NC...Just Down the Road from Sylva ~ Wordless Wednesday - 02/22/12 11:35 AM

It only takes about 40 minutes from Sylva, NC to drive to the city of Asheville…our largest city in Western North Carolina. Here’s just a couple of examples of the beauty of Asheville, the fabulous Grove Park Inn with it’s commanding view of downtown Asheville and the mountain vista overlooking the golf course plus a bronze statue of a young girl drinking from a fountain on the busy streets of the downtown area.
Asheville is a well-known haven of artists and musicians and touches similar to those in these photos are found everywhere in the city. … (10 comments)

wordless wednesday: The Season of Sprinter ~ Wordless Wednesday - 02/08/12 01:04 AM

When I was walking on the other side of Scott’s Creek in Dillsboro the other day appreciating the 60 plus degree weather, I was thinking…no way this is winter. It’s not really spring since the breeze is still slightly cool and it IS February. But…look at the flowers blooming in February. This is unheard of. Why can’t I create a new season? I guess I can…as far as I know there aren’t any season police to stop me.

I’m declaring that this is the season of “Sprinter”.

wordless wednesday: Monica's Gift ~ Wordless Wednesday - 02/01/12 02:11 PM

It was a simple gift almost 15 years ago from a favorite employee and friend. It hangs on the back deck and is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. In fact, there is a whole folder devoted to “Monica’s Gift”. She can’t know how much pleasure we get looking at this cheerful sun figurine during all seasons.
Because the weather has been so warm, it feels odd that everything is so brown. So, today’s Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to Monica and greener weather.

wordless wednesday: Favorite and Special Properties ~ Wordless Wednesday - 01/25/12 02:12 PM
We all have favorite properties that we represent. They can be special for many reasons…a great value, amazing view, beautiful land, awesome sellers or in the case of the historic farmhouse we have listed near Dillsboro, NC … the myriad of personal and surprising touches throughout the property.

As often as I’ve shown this farmhouse, I had never noticed the rusted cat art piece mounted on the gazebo by the creek. The sun was baking it perfectly when I was there yesterday and now I share it with you.

wordless wednesday: Surreal Landscape of Fog ~ Wordless Wednesday - 01/11/12 12:35 PM

Wordless Wednesday is so apt, because it’s been tough finding any time to put down words. Like a lot of the south right now, Balsam, NC has been socked in with fog. Funny enough though, when I was reading Gayle Rich-Boxman’s beautiful post about Fishawk Lake I looked up from the computer to see a brilliant red sunrise that I’ll post another time. I took the camera back into the house and looked up about 10 minutes later and found myself encased in a surreal landscape of fog with ghostly shaped trees.
"Fog in Color Balsam Jan 2012"Create a … (11 comments)

wordless wednesday: Storybook Scenery - Wordless Wednesdays - 12/07/11 11:52 AM

Isn’t it easy to imagine fairy tale characters in the storybook scenery created by the season’s holiday lighting?
Who can say whether or not sprites and fairies aren’t peeking through the pickets of this magic fence?
Just the right light can transform anything. Harsh lines are softened, cracked paint is hidden and minor flaws become unimportant. The adornment of festive lighting during the holidays turns all ordinary homes into magical and extraordinary dwellings with the possibility of fantasy creatures living inside.

wordless wednesday: "When You Least Expect It" - Wordless Wednesday - 11/29/11 11:58 PM

Don’t you just love some of life’s best “when you least expect it” moments? The loving note card from a friend during a tough week, watching a stranger help another stranger, kind words exchanged in the midst of a chaotic world, a first snuggly warm embrace and being witness to all of these wondrous events.

 Wishing you a wondrous day!

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