working by referral: Qualified Referrals Can Improve Our Odds For Success! - 10/18/12 09:37 PM
  We’ve all had them…buyers looking farther and farther from our comfort zone or sellers with property we just can’t move. Many agents try to hang on to the prospects, afraid they’re going to miss a sale. You know what? It might be best for ALL parties to just let them go…with a referral. It may be the only way to improve your odds in getting a portion of that sale.
Yesterday, Wednesday, we referred out a vacant land listing that we’ve represented for years. Sure, vacant land moves slowly in this economy but some agents still manage to sell a … (7 comments)

working by referral: The Buyer Said "Thank You!"...That Got Me Thinking About Referrals... - 08/18/12 12:38 AM
Wouldn’t you agree that the most efficient business model is working by referral and that most of our buyers haven’t the slightest idea of all the things we accomplish for them? Wouldn’t it make it simpler for buyers to refer us to other potential business if they HAD a better idea of exactly what we do for them? Yesterday, I kept the buyer informed of the way my day was spent on their behalf…and they said Thank You!
We met with their surveyor early and reviewed the new survey and flood elevation certificate. Then I saw their attorney to … (29 comments)

working by referral: All Referrals Are Welcome, Some Referrals Are Priceless - 01/16/12 11:28 PM

All referrals are welcome, some referrals are priceless! For example, this one we received yesterday in our email. I think both Kevin and Michele contributed to the composition of the email...
"Hi Mona,
I am very excited. Why you ask...I get to email you and instead of asking for help with something, i get to refer someone to you.
“Name Confidential” is another firefighter with us and will be in Franklin tomorrow evening. He will be in town for 3 days and is basically looking for something like what Mike and I have.
He said 2-5 acres with some … (13 comments)

working by referral: I'll Have Them Call You When They Get To Town - 10/05/11 01:30 AM

It happened twice last month. “I’ll have them call you when they get to town.” 
It’s exciting…people are considering second homes in the mountains of Western NC again. And we celebrate that personal friends have confidence in our real estate acumen to refer their other personal friends. We’ve done a great job of putting our names “front of mind”. When they think or hear about real estate, our friends think of us. We’re grateful for their trust.
We’ve decided the next step is to be transparent with friends about how we establish relationships with “leads”, “prospects” and the … (16 comments)

working by referral: Home Inspectors - Choosing the Best of the Best - 08/30/11 12:26 AM
A real estate transaction will involve many professional participants before we get to the closing table and we only choose to work with the best of the best. Our list of preferred service providers, such as Home Inspectors, has been carefully cultivated over the years.  We've been through many real estate transactions with them and in order to stay on our list they must provide detailed, consistent and non-inflammatory Home Inspection reports.  We want our Buyers as completely informed as to the condition of the house as the purview of the Home Inspectors will allowed, but we don't want the Home Inspectors recommending repair … (4 comments)

working by referral: ActiveRain Person to Person - 08/05/11 03:50 PM
"Hello Mona, it's Ray", said the friendly voice at the other end of my cell phone. I do know a couple of Rays, but the phone number wasn't matching up to the acquaintances I was familiar with.  Little did I know that I was about to meet an ActiveRain member person to person.
  Turns out it was Ray Waisler from Atlanta, an ActiveRain member who had just posted a really informative blog about what underwriters are looking for.  Before I reblogged his article, I'd left a question about FHA guidelines with regards to road maintenance agreements.   Can you believe … (5 comments)

working by referral: Buyer With Specific Tastes in Western North Carolina - 04/10/11 01:20 AM
We signed new clients yesterday and are really looking forward to working with them. Ms Buyer has been "searching" on her own for a couple of years for a certain type of property and is now ready to engage an agent to look in earnest. She was referred to us by friends.
So.....if anyone in Western North Carolina, from Weaverville to Robbinsville, can search their inventory and see if you have this type of property, I'd love an opportunity to show it. I'm curious to see if the ActiveRain Community will see this post and respond back. I've had great … (5 comments)

working by referral: Little Black Book in Sylva, North Carolina - 04/06/11 12:45 AM
I got a call last night from a friend and client. Turns out that the house we have listed for him is having gutter troubles. He didn't know who to call and said he was sure I had a "Little Black Book" for just those issues. He had a name in one minute and five minutes later, I had another call from the referral saying thanks.
Which am I more excited about - that yes, I definitely do have a Little Black Book...or that this client had confidence that I would have such a thing?
For seven years, I've carefully cultivated … (15 comments)

working by referral: We Love Our New Agency! - 03/11/11 12:40 AM
There's no such thing as a "perfect" fit when you are a real estate agent in any office. Especially now in these economically challenging times.
We took a brutally honest look at ourselves and the way we like to do business, then removed our ro$e-tinted gla$$e$ and examined (for the fir$t time!) the $obering co$t of $elf employment in the real e$tate indu$try. Our next $tep wa$ to compare our $plit$ with expected co$t$ if we were to $trike out on our own.  For us it was a no brainer. 
We opened our own office in the little town of Dillsboro, … (2 comments)

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