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The family I'm working with wants to live in or near Lake Junaluska just outside of Waynesville, NC.  The neighborhood should be like money in the bank for sellers...or so they think.  Doesn't it seem reasonable that all the seller should have to do is throw a sign in the yard and slam dunk, call...
Just like most of my Realtor brethren and sisteren, I've got a ton of stuff to get through this week. As always, I'm grateful for the superhero capes that hang in all of our closets as well as our ability to bend time to our will.   Yeah, right. It is called time management and many of us do okay...
Real estate agents have a wide variety of personality traits.  I've seen bullies, charmers, manipulators, counselors, agitators, matchmakers, schmoozers, control freaks, out of control freaks, educators and those in need of education.  The one thing I haven't mentioned but makes the best agent is...
All across the country, communities are getting ready to hold Primary Elections.  In some cases, early voting is going on right this minutes but in any case May 6 is your final opportunity to participate in the Primaries.  Most people won't vote and what a shame that is.  One of the activities ke...
Personally? I don't follow football, way too much of head bashing, injuries, gazillions of dollars and idolizing of individuals for me. I plain don't get it but it also doesn't offend me. My brothers and father were all big time football fans spending many Sundays yelling at the television. Thank...
Need to focus, need to focus, need to focus is a refrain bouncing around in my head a lot lately and I guess I have been focusing on a lot of stuff but impossible to focus on all!   The good news is (for those of you following our Wiggles the dog story on fb), she is doing superbly! Every other d...
I woke up thinking about the people in West Virginia suffering from the chemical spill that poisoned their water sources. The government says it should be cleaned up quicker than they originally thought. There are several friends on facebook keeping everyone informed about this catastrophe, far b...
    Those who know us well know that we've had a very long history with animal rescue, welfare, fostering and adopting. It is a huge example of yin and yang, give and take, a big mash up of love, grief, humor, love, tension, terror, love, stress and Those who know us really well and ...
Okay, shaking off the email this morning that might have put almost $6million dollars into an online account someone in China was ready to open for me... Phoebe Snow has been a favorite performer of mine since I was about 14 years old. Her voice is so earthy and her timing in the songs were perfe...
Do you ever wonder if anyone really falls for this crap? Do you think someone opens their email, reads this and says "oh no!, I'm going to miss the chance to get almost $6million!" Then after reading through they immediately provide all that sensitive information? If they do, then they have a dis...

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