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Feng Shui This - Stressful Holiday Gatherings Ok, here we go.  Holidays are fast approaching and here comes the family drama that goes with them.  Ever wonder what happens to some families during the holidays?  Why do people get cranky, irritable, stupid and rude?  Not your family?  HA!  HA!  Wha...
Feng Shui This - Ethics First, let me make clear that this post is about an IMAGINARY house.  No homes have been hurt in the building of this story...and no clients past or current have been represented.  What does Feng Shui have to do with ethics?  In my Feng Shui business I come across houses w...
They should have called me! Whether chains are rattling, the floor is shaking or there is simply the knowledge that an evil deed was committed on the premises, you could possibly be dealing with a haunted house, or a "stigmatized property" sale.  Since liability issues on these types of transacti...
My lovely daughter did some spelunking yesterday with her college geology class and after she returned home with her stories of "unending pits of death dropping into a black void" I realized I don't ever want to go into a cave.  And, I don't want her in one again, either!  But, alas...children gr...
Beautiful house, and I love the view out back.  There's enough room for everything in this house.104 Brentwood Dr Winchester KY 40391 - Home For Sale Awesome home for sale in Winchester KY! All brick, two story in Royal Oak Estates. Two story grand foyer entrance w/ an open floorplan, 4 bedrooms,...
Feng Shui This - Mercedes Benz - KY Map - Real Estate Lexington KY When I set out to become a Real Estate Mogul I decided that the 99 Neon with the cracked windshield and 229,000 miles would have to be replaced.  Believe it or not, I loved that little car...and I still think of it fondly.  But, t...
Now somebody tell me again how the government is qualified to "help".  No wonder the FDIC is running out of money.  They're giving it away hand over fist to their buddies.Is The FDIC Killing Short Sales? As some of you already know, I blogged recently about being interviewed recently by our local...
Feng Shui This Courthouse in Paris KY Last week I went on a little excursion to Paris without leaving the state.  Our Paris is in Bourbon county, KY.  You can't get more KY than that!  While driving to Paris you can almost feel your blood pressure go down as you gaze over the beautiful green fiel...
Why should I invest my savings in farmland? Banks are going down the proverbial toilet, Stocks can't be counted on anymore...who knows what the government is going to do next?  What should you do with your savings before its lost even more value?   Invest in farmland.  It's safe, it's secure, and...
The other shoe is about to drop.  More bargains are going to be showing up on the local markets.  I suggest that people with money start looking into investing that cash in real estate.  It may be more secure than the banks.  At least it will still be there down the road, even if the banks are no...

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