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Life can sometimes be a confusing series of forks in the road. Which way should I turn? Which is the best path to take? Of course, the only way to find out is to make the selection and proceed as if it is the only logical choice. I have taken many forks in the road throughout my life and based o...
 It's hay season in Kentucky.  It doesn't get much better than this for me!  I love the smells, the beautiful weather and all those memories.  When I was a little girl I worked in hay fields during the summer months, and up into fall after school and weekends.  I enjoyed lifting the big bales and...
When I was growing up in Kentucky I didn't meet many world travelers.  Sure, there were the soldiers who had fought in Korea, Viet Nam and even many who had fought in WWII.  Not much to enjoy about those trips.  Travel was something Kentuckians just didn't seem to care much about.   It took us fa...
While watching the news on North Korea, I was thinking of the people there and how much they have truly suffered.  All they need is a chance to grow and develop like their relatives in South Korea.  They will require a lot of help to get on their feet and the people of the USA will be there to he...
"We're picking out a lot in a new subdivision and we want help with the Feng Shui." Those are the calls I really don't like getting.  Not to say that I don't want to be consulted before the house is built...I most certainly do.  That's the best way to ensure that your home will have the best Feng...
   How many of us have degrees that have nothing to do with what we do?   For example;  My father was an air traffic controller and Navy pilot...with a degree in biology.   Is there value in an "unused" education?Well, I'm not sure there is such a thing.  Every bit of information we have will sta...
Karma?  Can it be transferred to another? Some would say yes, but what about the most important thing we are here to do?...helping each other make the world a better place.Let's say you buy a house with bad Feng Shui.  You realize the Feng Shui is horrid after a few too many disasters, so you hir...
Ah...noun or verb, the word, "spook", conjures up something scary!  Not good for anyone's Feng Shui for sure!  Unless...you make sure everybody has fun.  Then you'll see that happy children carry home happy energy.  Isn't that what Halloween should be about?  Sometimes it seems the scary is bigge...
Well, here's the latest Irma reading.  I'm getting that this storm will move northwest on the 7th, swiping up the whole east coast and smacking New Jersey.It should stay within the center green and red lines, at first, then when it turns it will hit something between the northern green and red li...
For two weeks I've been working on a blog post.  Staring into space at random times of the day hasn't created a darn thing.  I sit here and wonder what there is to write about and after a while I decide that there is nothing - or maybe there are too many things to choose from, which my brain seem...


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