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For two weeks I've been working on a blog post.  Staring into space at random times of the day hasn't created a darn thing.  I sit here and wonder what there is to write about and after a while I decide that there is nothing - or maybe there are too many things to choose from, which my brain seem...
Sometimes all it takes is changing the way you use your home to change your luck.  I have come across many homes with fantastic Feng Shui, where the people did not access that good energy because they were using basically the wrong door.  How many of us enter our homes through the garage, when th...
There's heaven luck, earth luck, and man luck.   Heaven luck is what you have no control over...it's what you have when you arrive on the planet.  Earth luck includes the land you end up on, the weather and your homes.  Man luck is determined by what you do with all this.  We've all heard how we ...
Rooster year doesn't start for Feng Shui purposes until February 4th.  How's that for weird?That's when the energy of your space will change, but in the meantime, we still have another month of the crazy Yang Fire Monkey Year to deal with.   That's right...more monkey.   And, he's still playing w...
December 7th brings in the Rat Month.   Are you ready?    Did you know that a group of rats is also known as a "mischief"?   This month is Geng (yang metal) Zi (yin water).  With metal to strengthen it, this rat month should be a doozie.If buyers and sellers are particularly cranky this month, co...
It's that time again!  Halloween and all its reminders.  Feng Shui isn't about moving the couch.  It's a study of the environment...and that includes parts of that environment that we just don't always acknowledge.  Feng Shui Masters don't just tell you the best place to put the couch.   Many of ...
What Holly’s shoveling is much more honest than what’s being shoveled in China these days.   Every now and then, the conversation turns to some strange activity that’s being associated with Feng Shui.   Years ago Master Yu warned us of what is now China’s latest “fad”.  Not Sheng Qi…but Sheng Ji....
Looking back at the history of this country is a passion of mine.  I like to connect the dots and see how time and space work together to influence people, and trigger world events.  When I look at July of  1776, I can’t help but see history repeating itself once again.July of 1776 was also a woo...
"Merely symbolic" is a term tossed around a lot, but we need to realize that symbols are a language.  They tell us stories, and they make us think.  They can tie us to our history, remind us of our path and help us to focus our energy. When we look at the flag of our country we salute those who h...
On "The Big Bang Theory" Sheldon Cooper has a spot on the couch he calls his own.  Its direction is perfect for the TV, the air flow, the lighting, and even the direction of the apartment door.  If anyone else dares to sit there we hear, "That's my spot." and they are expected to vacate it immed...

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