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    The Rabbit Hash General Store was built in the 8th period, 1831. This was only 32 years after the death of George Washington.   The state of Kentucky was still frontier and it hadn't been long since the last Indian attack.   The store sat near the Ohio River, just downstream from Cincinnati, ...
   Fire controls metal...and shapes it.  Well, the monkey is Shen Metal, so Fire on Metal is in conflict.   In a year in conflict with itself, we'll need a bridge of earth to ease it.  So, expect earth related industries to benefit from the Fire Monkey, and metal industries to benefit from the en...
Dr. Emoto's work with ice crystal photography has opened the door to the study of memory in water.  His work shows the photographic results of words, prayers and emotions on water.  If ice crystals show the effects of prayer on water, what about the emotions of the people it touched? Think of it!...
                                                     Sage Meditation  Did you know that some wind chimes seem to work better at calming down the energies than others?  And, sometimes we really need that energy calmed and cleaned.  A good wind chime can do both. Look for chimes with six tubes.  S...
I had been studying Feng Shui for many years when we bought our current house, so I picked one that was darn near guaranteed to be a winner.  It's what's called a "Three Parent House" -- said to be lucky in all periods, so I expected my career to pick up substantially. It was late fall of 2007 w...
A few years ago I was awarded an "Honorary Life Member" certificate by the Association of Feng Shui Consultants, Incorporated.  They're out of Australia and although I do not live there, or even plan on a visit, I contributed to their work and was a "cheerleader" for their founder in her work.  W...
Feng Shui cures are all over the internet.  You can buy fountains, coins, ribbons, little astrological critters, 3 legged toads sitting on money, dragons...whatever you want!  You can get so many of these little baubles that before long your home will look like a Chinese brothel.  But are they ne...
Do you have Asian clients?  Feng Shui is a big deal in Asia.  Even here in the states, it's becoming more and more respected as a serious consideration for home buyers.Before you pull out your list of houses to show your Feng Shui savy clients, check out a few tips.First, let's list the biggies. ...
The Middle Son, #1 in Feng Shui, represents water.   This guy loves to travel!   He’s a fortune hunter, flowing like water to every nook, cranny, every crack and every crevice!  Middle Son will help you move along whether you’re ready or not!  He doesn’t really care…just so you move!  He brings w...
Flying Star Feng Shui introduces us to nine separate energies that inhabit our homes and offices.   One of those nine is known as the 5 Emperor. The Emperor above is obviously well cared for and seems to be happy enough.  But, things can get tricky when he is disturbed. If he’s happy, he may brin...

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