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Feng Shui cures are all over the internet.  You can buy fountains, coins, ribbons, little astrological critters, 3 legged toads sitting on money, dragons...whatever you want!  You can get so many of these little baubles that before long your home will look like a Chinese brothel.  But are they ne...
Do you have Asian clients?  Feng Shui is a big deal in Asia.  Even here in the states, it's becoming more and more respected as a serious consideration for home buyers.Before you pull out your list of houses to show your Feng Shui savy clients, check out a few tips.First, let's list the biggies. ...
The Middle Son, #1 in Feng Shui, represents water.   This guy loves to travel!   He’s a fortune hunter, flowing like water to every nook, cranny, every crack and every crevice!  Middle Son will help you move along whether you’re ready or not!  He doesn’t really care…just so you move!  He brings w...
Flying Star Feng Shui introduces us to nine separate energies that inhabit our homes and offices.   One of those nine is known as the 5 Emperor. The Emperor above is obviously well cared for and seems to be happy enough.  But, things can get tricky when he is disturbed. If he’s happy, he may brin...
When checking the Feng Shui of a house, finding the correct facing direction is vital.  Sometimes we  have to check the history and match a chart, to determine the facing.  Most of the time, the house facing will be on the driveway side, but it's not always so simple.  The way people use a house ...
Did you know feng shui can have a profound effect on your sleep?   Have you ever suffered from insomnia?  Getting to sleep can seem like an impossible task when your mind is continually chattering in the background.  Feng Shui can make a big difference whether you sleep or don’t sleep at night.  ...
The study of Feng Shui teaches us that we have three types of "luck".  There's Heaven Luck, what we bring with us to the planet;  Earth Luck, where we land; and Man Luck, what we do with what we have. Our lives are nourished or stymied by each of these.    The most important of the three is the M...
A few years ago a new friend bought a house before I could do a feng shui assessment of it.  I had no idea they were buying it until it was a done deal.  When I found out, I immediately checked the chart and then sat down and cried.  I knew then that they were in for some very tough times.  I did...
I've been paying closer attention to nature lately.  And, it's become obvious that the birds and the bees are influenced by the energy of the year.  In other words...they abide by the rules of feng shui. Hard to believe, itsn't it? Check out this little "home sweet home".   See those sweet little...
Have you ever wanted to combine the Chinese art of Feng Shui with your real estate business?Just wish you knew enough about Feng Shui to tackle your own  home?  Now's your chance!   It is my pleasure to announce that I will be teaching Feng Shui Modules 1-4 for the Feng Shui Research Center, Nove...

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