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Something so many have,  yet few of us give a second thought to!  Tom's blog is an important reminder about how hot a light bulb can get, and  how easy it is to start a fire!  Lucky for us, we don't have this problem at home, but I will be checking listings for this fire hazard from now on. Inapp...
Well, here I go...sticking my neck out again and telling it like it is.  No names will be used...yet.   Once upon a time, long ago, I met an "experienced" Real Estate Agent.   Of course, naive as I was at the time, I just considered him a bit "crusty".   I also took the word of other agents who k...
Years ago I lived in Anchorage, Alaska.  Up there "Spring Fever" is common, and usually known as "Cabin Fever". People manage to survive the whole winter in their little cabins, while outside is dark and cold.  Then one day the sun shines, the snow and ice start melting, water runs off the roof ...
It sure looks like spring!  My crocus have been blooming, the pear tree has buds on it, the magnolia's buds are getting "poofy", and I've grilled out twice this week!   Of course, tonight it will be back down in the teens again tonight, and those little buds will just have to try to stay warm eno...
Ever think dust made a difference for your smoke detector?  I didn't!  Thanks michael Therriault.   We live in a dusty area of town, busy roads, lots of traffic, and we've had two smoke detectors fail.  I had no idea why, but now I have a pretty good guess!  It had just never occurred to me to du...
In Lexington, we love our animals.  All of them.  Neighbors have miniature horses in their back yard, and I have chickens.  It's so relaxing for me to go out on the back porch and watch the chickens interact in the back  yard.   I've always been a farm girl, but haven't always had the time to pay...
Did our founding fathers wonder and worry about how their political views would impact their businesses?  I'm sure they did.  Those who farmed knew where their markets were, and that by going against England, there would be troubled financial times ahead.  They knew the cost of war and the price ...
It's been a rough year for this REALTOR, and many others.  People are sitting on the homes they have, even though the interest rates are at an incredibly low rate.  Why?  The future is looking more and more frightening.  We're holding on to what we have, consolidating our homes and our efforts, a...
This is the sort of thing that makes real estate professionals look like scam artists.  There is no free lunch, someone pays, and it's not going to be the agent offering such a deal."I will sell your home for free." How many times have you seen this hook in the water? I asked my 43 year old neigh...
First off, let me clarify.  I love seeing the little ones wearing their costumes and interacting with neighbors. It's fun for them and fun for me.  They get to pretend they're something different, scary, royal, or even funny.  It's loads of fun. What I don't appreciate are those who show up at my...

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