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Really scary.  I  have suspected this for a while, but holy cow.  Finding out this sort of thing makes me even more concerned for the future of this country.  Just in time for Halloween, I want to tell you something scary that’s no ghost story. Over the last few weeks, I’ve laid the groundwork fo...
Some days I have so many things going on it interferes with my perspective.  This morning I was driving down the road, on the way to my first appointment with the home improvement store, and I realized that I had forgotten my phone.   First I was upset.  What if someone called and I wasn't there ...
Anyone else noticing that things are slowing down to a crawl lately?  It seems that the summer rush (such as it was) has been replaced by the more relaxed fall season.  Well, for the last three weeks or so, anyway. Sometimes I look around and wonder if times like these are to be used for other th...
How many times  has this happened?  We have to remember to follow-up on calls, emails and phone messages.  Sometimes I'll get a voice message saying "call me" and I have no idea which number it came from.  Holy cow, folks!  It's still proper to leave your number!"It takes to much effort to talk."...
There's Mr. Angry Agent, Mr. Angry Lawyer, and on it goes!  There's a time and place for everything...even anger, but if you find yourself listening to someone's diatribe and you know you don't deserve it....nail them to the wall.  If you deserve it, consider that maybe they were sent by the univ...
  When I go to a car lot I want to be able to read the price of the vehicle without calling out a salesperson.  (I know...I know...Haven't we had enough comparisons to used car salesmen already?)  Well, stereotypes usually start with some basis in fact.  We just have to rise above it.  I'm the s...
It also seems to me that the larger the homes, the more the trend for the family to be isolated and not so close.  We don't have to get along anymore...everyone has their own space.  No need to share.  Is that a good thing?  I don't think so.I have been licensed since 1992 and have seen changes i...
  When it comes to emails, I have to admit...I'm a pack rat.  I have a folder for my "sent" emails, a folder for my "deleted" emails and a folder for those I'm not quite sure what to do with "wth".  They're all stored at GoDaddy...a pretty decent place with a very unfortunate name and more unfort...
Do you ever wonder how much your choices have to do with your life?  How many times have you thought about destiny and if this or any stage of your life was predestined?   You were born with certain abilities...certain assets...and doesn't that in itself give you possibilities?   Of course it doe...
After finding out that I've been lied to, lied about and generally disregarded as a human being, I'm even more inclined to never, ever trust anyone, especially if they've ever been caught in a lie.  Oh, I know we all have our "lie" limits...those limits that allow us to only lie if it's "necessar...

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