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So, you’re house shopping…good for you!  Now comes the problem.  You know just enough about Feng Shui to know you might screw this up! Here’s where I come in.  I’ll be glad to help you find your perfect space.  All you’ll need to do is send me the address of the possible new home, and the birth i...
Cathy Bureau has put it all together and dang if it doesn't make sense!  I'm hoping this will be seen by millions of people.  I certainly have heard the awe in peoples voices when they figure a commission.  Little do they know...     Thanks Cathy!  You've done Realtors everywhere a huge service.I...
"The house is sold, I'm ready to move, and if they don't...______...I'm going to..._______..." What is it about a little pressure that causes some normally sane people to huff and puff and threaten to blow the house down?    Of course we have to wait on an appointment for the buyers to arrange an...
Oh dear...another way to get in big trouble with copyright stuff.  I've pinned a couple...but I just don't see the draw.  Maybe one day when some of the bugs are worked out I'll give it a try again.  Until then I think I'd rather be safe than sorry.  Danger Will Robinson! Think Before You Pin! Pi...
Recently my mother came to live with us.  This in itself is a life-changing event for anyone.  Our home is very small…big enough for my husband and myself, but strained at the seams when you bring in another person, her dog, and a big pile of their “stuff”.  We gave her the room I had been using ...
I was the bearer of bad news not long ago.  Nice neighborhood, sweet people, and they wanted to sell their home.   I'd be glad to help. It's in a great neighborhood with a river view.  But, when I arrived I couldn't help notice the condition of the house.  Paint was peeling, huge trees threatened...
Three weeks ago I abducted my mother from the home of another family member and took her to "visit" my aunt in another state.  As far as anyone knew it was a simple family visit.  I was hoping to find out that I was wrong about her relationship with her caretakers (family) and she could go back t...
Buyers are starting to stir.  We've had a couple warm days lately and the phone has started ringing.  Looks like spring is in the air, though it's actually quite a ways down the road.  My thoughts are that the buyers out now have been putting off buying for one reason or another and they're now o...
I'm ready for the new year!  2012 promises to be a good one for me.  My four pillars, Chinese astrology forecast is upbeat and so am I.  Finally I can get something done!   Ok, who said "phooey!"?  Those of you who don't believe in astrological forecasts have good reasons!  Most forecasts are don...
Julia has blogged a very important point!  I will remember this one!  Don't advertise children!  Watch how you take those photos...and don't advertise the children who live there!  There are some very evil people out there looking for just such an ad! And, don't forget to tell them that everyone ...

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